Are Electric Skateboards Safe? Tips to Minimize the Danger

As the world is progressing towards technology day by day new inventions are being introduced regularly. One of the most loved and used inventions is the one made for traveling.

The number of technologies used for traveling electric skateboards are the ones with a lot of hype. They are getting more and more popular with time.

In the race of style and technology electric skateboards are leading and winning hearts. People, especially the sweet sixteen, count it in their style statement. Folks around the globe are now seen traveling on them or carrying them.


Are Electric skateboards Safe?

With the increase in hype a question  emerging very frequently is that these electric skateboards are safe to ride or not.

The answer is very simple: any invention can be dangerous if mishandled, any invention can be worth it if used with proper attention. Riding a car , a bus or even doing any house chore can be dangerous if mishandling occurs.

Many countries have a ban on electric skateboards while some still have it under review. In a few countries, these electric skateboards are being used independently.The whole scenario depends upon the fact that how the rider is and how he or she is using the electric skateboard.

Safety lies behind the point that the rider is skilled or not. As the electric skateboards are hot cakes nowadays, every young and old person tries to have a ride which becomes dangerous at times.

The beginners should always start with normal, traditional and kick start skateboards. These skateboards are much easier to handle than that of electric skateboards .

E-skateboard comes with a blast of power which cannot be handled by an unskilled person.We cannot consider it a gadget, it can be called a proper one person car without any safety features.

It does not only accelerate but move at a high speed with a jerk. As the accidents are more connected with speed, a question is raised on the safety while riding an electric skateboard.

Always using a hard path is another mandatory factor while riding a skateboard and a point of concern too. Falling on a hard path if not properly being administered can be hazardous to your body. But if you wear the protection and go on after learning the skills the ride is gonna be filled with joy.

Some Risks Of Riding Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are new to the public. People have not properly learned to ride them and use protection resulting in injuries.However other sports have less injuries rate as people know more about them.

A few of the commonly caused and recorded injuries are listed below.

  • Head injuries are one of the scariest nightmares of riding a skateboard .Bumping into something or losing your balance might cause you to fall and make your head bump into a hard object. This may cause skin rupture, skull injuries, blood clotting, brain damage or even death in some extreme conditions.
  • Abrasions and bruises commonly occur to unskilled persons which are not able to maintain their balance and fall on the hard path. These are the most commonly occurring injuries and not that much harmful. They can easily be treated on the spot.
  • Hand, Wrist or shoulder injuries normally occur when you fall on one side putting the whole weight on part. These injuries may include fracture or breaking of bone. These are very painful sensations and do take time to recover.
  • Ankle and knee injuries are also a very common type of injuries mostly occurring due to the absence of warmed up bodies of riders. They occur in conditions when the rider is not able to jump from the skateboard on time to avoid bumping and falling.

The reports tell that the rate of death injuries occurring while riding a skateboard are very less. But those which have been reported are mostly due to head injuries which can be prevented by wearing a helmet.

Hazardous Situations While Riding Boards And Tips To Reduce Danger

There are few conditions which can be hazardous for you while riding a skateboard and you should be completely ready for them with protection measures.


A very important motto while riding a skateboard or any other traveling equipment is to see and be seen. Visibility is a very important factor.

It is very important to see the path you are moving on to avoid bumping into things and it is also very important to make yourself visible to others. Driving a car or a motorcycle without lights is a crime. The same is applied for skateboards.


Buy some good lights for your skateboard. Put them on both sides so that you may see and be seen to avoid bad conditions.


If it’s raining obviously the pavement is going to be wet outside. Wet means more slipping. Slipping can cause flying of your boards or falling. Turns will become more dangerous.


Firstly, it is recommended not to go out while it’s raining to save yourself from danger. Secondly if you live in an area with such weather conditions that are wet most parts of the year focus on the product you are buying. The wheels should be of good quality. Still keep yourself slow.

Battery On Fire

Some of the bad skateboards’ batteries are capable of catching fire. Lithium ion battery is the standard battery but sometimes the manufacturer uses a lithium polymer battery to reduce the expense. Both batteries are more dense to energy hence can explode.


Always buy skateboards with certified batteries. Do not overcharge your battery. Charge bunker can also be used for safety.


It is very important to keep an eye on the traffic. Most of the skateboard crashes occur due to traffic. You might be skillful but you don’t know the other person. Roads are full of idiots. You cannot determine their speed. Stray animals are also included in traffic.


As the electric skateboards are new to the family most of the people do not know much about them. It is better to stay away from traffic as much as you can.Drive on the biking paths. If you see a dog coming close, slow down so the dog does not get offended and start to chase you.

Brake Failure

Brake failure is one of the most dangerous issues. Auto breaks can fail any time due to ill maintenance and put you in trouble. Another condition for not stopping at times which is quite hazardous is the battery of the remote. If the remote battery is drained you will not be able to stop or change the speed which can cause accidents.


The best precautions for such a time is to learn to stop manually. In case of any kind of mechanical failure you will be able to stop or control your boards manually.

Keep your remote charged before use.

Irregular Paths

Irregular paths are one of the most dangerous reasons for falling or bumping. These  paths have small holes or bumps affecting the wheel of skateboards. These paths are designed for motorbikes or cars which do not get affected by small barriers.


Do not move at the speed of motorbikes, just slow down to save yourself from danger.


Wobbles are one of the most faced situations in speedy riding. When you are going at a high speed every movement of your muscles adds acceleration to your board. You can fly over the board if the wobble increases.


Keep yourself safe as playing safe is a lifestyle. Prevent yourself from wobble by driving slowly. But still if you face a wobble condition the following can help you to keep you safe.

  • Tight the back truck’s kingpins.
  • Stay relaxed and tensed muscles will accelerate the board.
  • Do more practice to stabilize your riding.
  • If it’s wobbling, turn to one side slowly to stop.


Skills are one of the most counted. If you have skills you can  ride as a pro. But if you don’t gain skill you can put yourself in danger by doing tricks.


Be trained before showing tricks. That will obviously save you from danger.

Precautionary Measures Before Riding A Skateboard

Here are some precautionary measures you should absolutely take before enjoying the skateboard ride to save you from a trip to hospital.

  • Wear a helmet. It will always protect you from head injuries which are fatal at times.
  • Wearing gloves would be a good choice. Gloves with safety pads inside will save your hands and fingers from fracture and other painful feelings.
  • Protect your elbows and knees with safety pads. These safety aids will give you a secure feeling and make you feel protected.

Do not forget the following points to.

  • Be skillful.
  • Learn to manage speed.
  • Avoid rain.
  • Practice more.
  • Keep things visible.
  • Don’t forget to charge your equipment.
  • Always wear shoes with good grips.


After having a look at the whole situation I found the answer to the question. Buying and riding an electric skateboard is not bad until you ride it safely. Have a fun ride and be safe.

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