Backfire G2 Black Review (2022 Guide)

Are you tired of putting all your energy into handling and moving your skateboard? Do you want to upgrade to the latest model, which might help you enhance your skills? Do not worry; we are here with the Best Beginner Electric Longboard for you. The skateboard will aid you in learning and developing your skills.

Backfire G2 is one of the most demanded brands all over the market. It is easy to operate yet comes with enhanced power. I have tested BackFire G2, which proved to be the best. Backfire G2 Review is compiled after expert advice and tests.

Backfire G2 Black

Backfire is one of the most well-known brands specially designed for beginners. The electric skateboard is more forgiving and absorbs the minor mistakes of the learner; hence is a pro for beginners. If you want to buy Backfire as a beginner, here is a review by the experts which might help you make up your mind.

What Will You Get In The Box

The Backfire package comes with an electric skateboard made with durable construction for long-lasting usage. A T-tool comes in the package to help the beginner learn to maintain the balance on the skateboard. An extra hex key is added up in the parcel if you need to tighten up any bolt for a hassle-free ride.

A hobbying remote in the box allows the user to control the skateboard by adjusting the speed, turning Off or On the device or applying brakes. Besides all this material, the package also has the USB cable for the remote, a battery charge cable and a couple of extra screws for maintenance.

The Deck Design

The first thing you will see when you open the package is the deck of the electric skateboard. The deck is well constructed with a sleek design signature backfire style. The deck is about 38 inches which is the best length we can have for a longboard designed for beginners. The deck comes with a specific shape which is a bit shallow and concave and hence is great to settle on the skateboard conveniently.

The deck of the skateboard is composed of the maple deck. Eight layers of maple are stuck with water-resistant glue for added sustainability. The use of maple adds to the board’s strength and increases its durability. The deck comes with a medium flex that allows you to cruise on a comparatively stable path. Going on a tough road might cause some vibrations. The deck is designed to take a weight of about 240 lb.

Powerful Motors

The skateboard comes with a dual hub motor. The hub motor is designed for a more compact design as it is directly attached to the wheels. The motor comes with a HOBBYWING motor. The motor is efficient and allows you to go at a good speed. The engine starts from 12.5 mph and goes to 24 mph.

The motor is designed to produce less noise and works to save 5 percent more energy than a normal motor. Each motor goes great with a 400 wattage power.


The skateboard is equipped with a lithium battery. The lithium battery provides a high speed while covering eighteen to twenty kilometres. The battery allows it to run at a 30km/hour high speed. The lithium-ion battery is highly efficient and works great on all terrains.

High-Quality Remote Control

The Pro Backfire longboard is connected with quality Remote control. The remote control has an LCD on the remote. The LCD makes it convenient to use the longboard as it can display the speed and the remaining battery. The remote controls the longboard with three-speed modes: an Eco Mode, Sanort Mode, and a Reverse Gear. You can adjust the methods of speed just with one click according to your convenience and skill level.

Wheels And Trucks

Wheels, trucks and bearings are some of the key features which add up to the quality of the longboard. The wheels of the longboard are composed of polyurethane. The polyurethane wheels help maintain more grip over the wheels and make the longboard capable of moving on the plain to rocky terrains.

The wheels are corrosion resistant and hence are long-lasting. The wheels are designed to fit load bearings and work fluently. The spins are noise-free and great for a convenient and comfortable ride.

The wheels are 83 A hard and are great for moving at high speed with stability. These wheels have more lifespan than normal wheels and hence are long-lasting. The wheels are in a size of 96 MM, which goes great for various terrains.

The longboard comes with quality trucks. The trucks are responsible for creating a relation between the deck and the wheels. A good truck increases flexibility and allows more free operating. The Backfire trucks are stable enough to take high speed and durable enough to go on risky terrains.


  • Durable with quality construction.
  • Long-lasting battery for unstoppable review.
  • It can take the weight with a durable deck.
  • Digital remote screen with easy control.
  • Economical with quality features.


  • Only available in black colour.



Load Capacity: 240 Pounds

Deck Width: 9 Inches

Item Weight: 17 Pounds

Material: Plastic

Wheel Size: 96 Millimeters

Deck Length: 38 Inches

Wheel Material: Polyurethane

Colour: Black

Durometer Hardness: 83 A

Range: 11 miles

Charger: 42V, 1.5A

Top Speed: 23 mph

Charging Time: 3.5 hour

Hub Motor: 400W * 2

Battery: 180 Wh


Backfire G2 is one of the best electric longboards a person can have to learn the skill of skateboarding. It works to enhance the skill and is the best to work with high speeds, and has the power to move over all terrain types.

Buy it before there is no left for you.

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