Best Beginner Snowboard to Buy in 2023

Snowboarding can be a kind of difficult sport but can be made easy by continuous practice and perfect gear that can be carried out during pro adventurous rides. Snowboards are the most important gear to be chosen for a premium quality ride.


Our Top Picks


STAUBER Summit Snowboard

STAUBER Summit Snowboard
  • Brand: Stabur
  • Screws: 8-14 mm
  • Size: 143 cm (Multiple)

System MTN Men's Snowboard Package

System MTN Men’s Snowboard Package
  • Brand: System MTN
  • Size: 138 cm (Multiple)
  • System With: APS Bindings

Emsco Group – Graffiti Snowboard

Emsco Group – Graffiti Snowboard
  • Brand: Emsco Group
  • Size: 110cm
  • Item Weight: 11.13 Pounds

Snowboards for beginners come with specific features making them suitable for the beginners to ride on them and suitable for the proper learning process. Although both beginners and pro snowboards are almost the same , it still becomes very important to choose the right one.

Choosing the correct snowboard before starting the process of learning fastens the process. It helps out to do easy handling as well as balancing. It gives correct turning and grip as well.

Best Snowboard 2023

Here is a list of tried and tested snowboards hand picked after doing a broad research in the market and testing them in the practical field.

1. System MTN Men’s Snowboard Package

The MTN is one of the foremost snowboards for beginners. These snowboards are designed specially for the men who want to learn the adventurous sport of snowboarding. 

System MTN Men's Snowboard Package

9.7/10 Our Score
  • Brand: System MTN
  • Size: 138 cm (Multiple)
  • System With: APS Bindings

I got these premium snowboards for beginners a few months back. These snowboards came in a package with dimensions of almost 56.5*13*6 inches and weighed almost 11.6 pounds. After trying these snowboards I found that these are a total game changer for beginners as I was able to take grip over the skills very fast.

The rocker profile of the snowboard with camber dominance makes the pro snowboard flow without any kind of hurdle. The pro snowboard for beginners has camber profiles on the nose and tail creating an explosive pop to ride easily by the beginners.

The beginners can easily jump with these best snowboards for beginners. The snowboards have a medium flex which enables them to absorb the small mistakes done by the beginners.

All these features make this snowboard a best snowboard for the beginners.

  • The snowboard comes with bindings
  • It comes with a three year warranty
  • The snowboards come in a good quality
  • The snowboard pays off for its price
  • It is a good basic snowboard
  • These snowboards would become better with a bit more tight end screw slots

2. Emsco Group – Graffiti Snowboard

Emsco is one of the companies which works for innovation, function, quality and service in the field of manufacturing of snowboard gears specially the beginners.

Emsco Group – Graffiti Snowboard

9.8/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Emsco Group
  • Size: 110cm
  • Item Weight: 11.13 Pounds

A few months back I ordered these for my ten years old. The pro snowboard for the beginners came in a great packaging. It came in a size of almost 110 cm and weighed almost 11.13 pounds which is great for my kid. The graphics on it make it attractive which looks cool while riding.

The snowboard is made with quality construction. The core of the snowboard is made with polypropylene which is good to keep the pro beginner snowboard settled even if it bumps into some kind of thing like a stone. This kind of composition increases the durability of the snowboard.

Being a medium flex snowboard it works great for the beginners as it can absorb small mistakes and result in a bump free ride. Its camber-rocker profile works great to make it a premium beginner snowboard as they are directional and move fast while maintaining the grip.

The step in and step out foot straps give a feel to your youngster. My little one could not maintain grip on the snowboard before buying these. As I bought these best beginners snowboards he was able to settle on these without any hurdle by using its premium quality foot strips.

  • The snowboard comes with an awesome graphic design on it
  • It can be customized according to one’s demand
  • It is great for snowboarders of all ages
  • It goes with any gear
  • These premium beginner snowboards are extremely durable
  • The stickers crinkled up soon

3. Grizzly Snow Deluxe Kid’s Beginner Freeride Snowboard

Grizzly earned its name by the production of premium quality snowboards. The company is famous for the production of good quality snowboards specially for kids who have just started to learn snowboarding.

Grizzly Snow Deluxe Kid's Beginner Freeride Snowboard

9.6/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Generic
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 95cm

I got this quality snowboard for my kid in red color. The package I received was well packed and the snowboard inside was great to look at and was about 95 cm long.

The snowboard is composed with good quality plastic with heavy duty blow molded design to maintain the durability of the snowboard. The plastic is added with a cold crack to add on in the durability of the snowboard.

The snowboard is specially designed for the kids of five to seven years who are eager to learn the skill of snowboarding. It works great on the snow in the backyard, roads and sledding packed snow.

The pro beginner snowboard comes with the adjustable bindings which make it easier for my little one to develop grip on it. The development of grip has enabled my son to learn different snowboarding tricks.

The snowboard has a camber-rocker profile which enables it for fluent and hurdles movements. The snowboard has medium flex which makes it a good snowboard for beginners as it takes over small mistakes.

  • The best snowboard is perfect for beginners
  • This snowboard is very affordable
  • It is a durable gear to ride on
  • The snowboard is very durable
  • It is good for beginners of very young age
  • The bindings are a bit bigger

4. STAUBER Summit Snowboard

Stabur is one of the best companies which offer quality premium beginner snowboards. I ordered these in order to learn the skill of snowboarding and got these within three days.

STAUBER Summit Snowboard

9.9/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Stabur
  • Screws: 8-14 mm
  • Size: 143 cm (Multiple)

The snowboard came in a packaging of 51*13.5*6 inches dimensions. It weighed about 10.8 pounds which is very light weight to handle easily. To my surprise the quality of the snowboard was great which made me go snowboarding for the very same hour I received the package.

The snowboard comes with premium construction of wood, ABS steel sidewall which enables the snowboard to become durable. The ridgid top with base sheet makes the snowboard scratch resistant. This snowboard is a feast to ride on. It made me enjoy the adventurous sport.

The snowboard is of All-Mountain style which makes it easier and comfortable to ride on for the beginners. It creates good grip for the beginner while snowboarding. It comes with medium flex so that it can easily overcome small mistakes of beginners.

The snowboard has a camber-rocker profile which helps to move around the edge with the comfort of riding. It enhances the pop and prevents edge catching.

  • The snowboard comes with matching bindings to create a good pair
  • The premium snowboard comes with a brand sticker
  • The aluminum alloy construction makes the snowboard durable
  • It is a great starter snowboard
  • It has a great slick design
  • The strips get a bit tangled sometimes

5. CAPiTA Paradise Womens Snowboard

CAPiTA is a snowboard brand which has always been working to provide quality snowboards. I got these snowboards as I was eager to learn snowboarding. The snowboard was light enough for a high speed and easy to carry.

CAPiTA Paradise Womens Snowboard

9.4/10 Our Score
  • Brand: CAPiTA
  • Color: Paradise
  • Size: 143cm

These snowboards came in a packaging of 1*1*1 inches and weighed about 12 pounds. The snowboard is composed of FSC dual core which makes it strong enough to take any weight and the use of Biaxial fiberglass increases the durability.

The bomb-proof bonding component keeps the layers of wood kept together and make it sustainable. ABS1000 side walls make the ends of the best beginner snowboard a fine finishing.

The V3 profile of the snowboard helps to retain a high edge which makes it directional and maintains the high speed of the best beginner snowboard. It makes it suitable to ride all the terrains.

The twin profile camber and rocker makes it the best snowboard for the beginners. The medium flex adds up in the list of making it the best snowboard for the beginners.

  • The snowboard is composed of high quality material
  • It comes with vibrant graphics
  • The beginner snowboard offers confident control that every rider loves
  • It is suitable for all terrain riding
  • The composition consists of dual core technology
  • The snowboard is a bit expensive but worth buying

6. BURTON Hideaway Womens Snowboard

Burton is one of the most well known companies which has earned its name of honor by providing quality snowboards for the people of all ages.

BURTON Hideaway Womens Snowboard

9.3/10 Our Score
  • Brand: BURTON
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Size: 148cm

As a beginner I was looking for the best snowboard for beginners which could make my learning experience easier. Somehow I found a Burton hideaway snowboard for beginners and ordered it. The package I received weighed almost 12 pounds and 148 cm, long enough for me to ride on.

The snowboard has a quality composition with 800G which makes it durable. Quality wood usage adds up to the sustainability of the quality snowboard. The correct positioning helps to maintain strength and edge-hold with response.

The use of a 5 mm taper makes easy turning and makes it a directional snowboard. The twin flex of the snowboard makes it symmetrical from tail to toe for a regular ride. It is equally versatile.The flat top bend gives stability, continuous edge control and tip to tail for a catch free ride.

The snowboard is best for the beginners which come in a directional shape that provides a plenty of float while maintaining the speed to help the beginner in riding.

  • The snowboard is symmetrical and great for beginners
  • The snowboard is loaded with pop due to being composed of a blend of hard and soft wood
  • The snowboard is versatile
  • The tamper tape helps in the finishing of the best beginner snowboard
  • The snowboard has a flat top with forgiving freedom
  • The snowboard is a bit stiff and aggressive

7. Cabin Mountain Tools Peregrine All-Mountain Snowboard

Cabin mountain is one of the companies which offer perfect snowboard gears. The forest green snowboard is one of the premium snowboards which offers easy learning for the beginners.

Cabin Mountain Tools Peregrine All-Mountain Snowboard

9.5/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Cabin Mountain Tools
  • Item Thickness: 10 mm
  • Size: 150

I got this premium snowboard for the purpose of learning since last year. I got these to learn the sport of snowboarding. The snowboard package was received in a dimension of 59.06*11.73*0.39 inches. It weighs about  150 and is almost 10 mm thick which is great for beginners.

These snowboards come with loaded features. It is composed of Carbon45 which enhances its features. It increases the pop and power of the snowboard. The sidecut enhanced the craving ability.

The best beginner snowboard comes in peregrine blended shape which delivers performance in every condition. This shape enables every skill level rider to crave through the snow.

The camber shape of the snowboard provides it to easily flow all over the snow with easy handling. The shape is directional hence is easy to ride. The medium flex level of the snowboard makes it good for beginners as it has capability to absorb small mistakes by beginners.

  • It helps to over perform the tricks
  • The snowboard comes in vibrant colors
  • It is a directional snowboard
  • The medium flex provides easy riding
  • The sidecut enhances the craving ability
  • The snowboard is a bit expensive but comes with premium features

Best Beginner Snowboard-Buying Guide

Before spending a couple of dollars on your very first snowboard, it is very important to keep some features in mind other than that of cool graphics.

Here is a detailed note on the things you must keep a note on before buying a very first snowboard.

The Best Snowboard Type For Beginners

Following are the best types of snowboards which work great for the beginners by maintaining their balance.

All-Mountain Snowboards

This is the best type of snowboard which works well for all types of terrain. These best beginner snowboards are also soft which help to absorb small mistakes. It can also work great during freeriding as well.

Freestyle Snowboards

These snowboards work well in bumpy terrains. These snowboards come with a stiffer flex level which helps out to turn precisely. These features help to boost the learning experience and also work great to enhance the skill level of beginners.

Choosing The Right Size

It is very important to ride over the right size of snowboard. To find out the right size of best beginner snowboards the most preferable rule used is known as the “Thumb rule”.

According to the thumb rule, place the snowboard on the upright position with its tail on the ground. The snowboard should reach the chin of the rider. If its size is appropriate to the chin it is the best choice for you.

If the snowboard is higher than that of the chin size it may be longer and can be harder to ride. But if it is smaller than that of the chin size the snowboard would become very small and will not be able to take over the weight of the rider.

The other method to choose the correct size of the beginners snowboard is to use the size chart offered by any of the best beginner snowboard brands. The chart is used to manipulate the right snowboard size by manipulating the size and the weight of the rider.

Tip: if viewing the chart you find out that you are a bit overweight choose a bit longer snowboard so that it is easier to take over the weight and make precise turns and easy floating as well.

Gender Specific

Are snowboards gender specific? Yes, they are. Snowboards are different for men as well as women and for kids too.

Mainly the width of the snowboards is different for the genders. Womens snowboards are a bit smaller in width than that of mens snowboards. They come with a less stiffer flex to compensate for the smaller weight and to absorb small mistakes done by the beginners as well.

Women with a larger shoe size can buy snowboards a bit longer than that of normal which can easily go through their height and weight.

Flex Level

Flex level of the best beginner snowboard is the main feature to be noticed while buying the snowboard for the beginners.The flex level is said to be the number which represents the stability and playfulness of the snowboard.

Soft Flex Snowboards

Snowboards with soft flex are the best for beginners. These snowboards have the ability to absorb small mistakes as well they also work great to act as a freeride snowboard gear.

Medium Flex Snowboards

Medium flex snowboards are great for the riders who have just started to learn. They have the ability to come over small beginner mistakes and also make the rider able to move at a high speed. These act great while all-terrain riding and in parks too.

Stiff Flex Snowboards

Snowboards with stiff flex are not good to ride over for beginners. These snowboards are not very much able to handle small mistakes and are very reactive at the same time , which can cause the beginner to fall or get injured. Due to their high speed only pros are recommended to use stiff snowboards.

Snowboard Profile

A snowboard profile refers to the specific shape of a snowboard which directly affects the riding quality.

Rocker and Camber are considered to be one of the best beginner snowboards, especially for the people who have just started to learn the sport. These two profile snowboards help to move around the edge with comfort of riding.

These pro beginner snowboards with camber and rocker profile are highly directional leading towards the correct position of riding and learning. 

Hope that you have learned to buy the best suited to your abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to make your purchase much easier as a piece of cake.

It is better to choose all-mountain or freestyle snowboards if you are a beginner. Mostly these boards come with a soft to medium flex and centered stance. These snowboards are more absorbing for small mistakes by beginners.

The profile rocker is a bit underfoot which makes it loose. These types of snowboards are not good for the beginners as they have no flat sections to provide stability. These snowboards are too loose for the beginners.

Hybrid camber profiles and flat-to-rocker profiles are more stable because of being flat and camber section underfoot. As having all these qualities these hybrid camber snowboards are considered to be the best for beginners.

All-mountain snowboards and freeride are directional which makes them able to give speedy carvings and advanced tricks. These directional snowboards are more flexible as well which makes it best for the beginners.

According to my thoughts it is not bad for a beginner to get an advanced snowboard. These snowboards may work great for all skill level types.


BURTON Hideaway Womens Snowboard is one of the premium snowboards which enable easier snowboard learning. This learning experience just becomes fun with pro beginner BURTON snowboard. Buy it before the stock ends.

Emsco Group – Graffiti Snowboard is a treat to buy. If you want to make your learning experience easier, buy it.

System MTN Men’s Snowboard Package is a snowboarding package which works great for beginners. If you want to learn how to snowboard, buy it fast.

Hope that till now you have found the best beginner snowboard. Stay tuned for the other snowboarding gear information.

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