Best Electric Skateboard Brands in 2023 | Complete Guide

Are you finding yourself in the midst of confusion as to which brand is the best electric skateboard brand? We understand your worries. When you look at the e-market, you will find numerous brands that manufacture skateboards. There is a high probability that you will find yourself confused in such a situation. Buying a skateboard is a heavy investment and one must know which brand is the best so that the money does not go down the drain.

Choosing the best brand is highly crucial. We will tell you why. But first, you should know the brands that manufacture one of the best electric skateboards ever seen in the history of mankind. There are not many brands that fulfill the criteria. The ones that do are a bit heavy on the pocket so make sure that you save money. If you go for other brands that offer inexpensive skateboards, brands that are not costly and are very easy to afford, beware because whatever you will receive would be nothing but trash.

Yes, you heard me right!  Some brands are always keeping an eye on such customers who can get fooled easily. Here, we will make sure that you never get to face any mishap. We will ensure that your hard earned money goes into safer hands. Without any further ado, let us see who the top brands are and what are their specialties


Top 3 Best Electric Skateboard Brands

  • Meepo Boards
  • Exway Boards
  • The Teamgee Boards

We shall discuss each and every brand in minute detail. So, let us start.

1.The Meepo Boards

If you talk about durability and quality, the only brand that comes to mind is none other than Meepo. Their mission, as said by them, is:

œMake electric skateboarding accessible for everyone and encourage electric skateboard use as an ecological solution to transportation needs

Meepo is undoubtedly the first ever in this industry who made electric skateboards. Their skateboards speak of quality, durability as well as reliability. Kieran Mao – the founder of Meepo always thrived for innovation, quality, and permanence.  Each and every Meepo skateboard has been crafted by hand in the Shenzen factory of Meepo. These Meepo boards are currently being ridden by 50,000 people who belong from 70+ different countries!

The success story of this brand started in April 2017 when the founder of this brand – Kieran Mao, manufactured an electric skateboard for himself. He presented the board to the world with the help of Youtube. He was an engineer at that time and he hoped that this video would help him in getting some B2B business opportunities.

Little did he know, to his utmost surprise that this video would go viral all over the world and that he would soon be jam packed with hundreds and thousands of orders. The more the demand increases, the more he got inclined to build skateboards. There then came a time when he left his engineering job and dedicated his life solely to manufacturing these electric skateboards. His business has grown tenfold since then.

Fans absolutely loved it as soon as the owner launched his first ever product to the market. The board was labeled as Meepo Board V1.5. Within no time, it became the number 1 top seller in the U.S. This amazing response forced Kieran Mao to hire a bunch of people highly efficient and highly dedicated. The growth never stopped and today after a time span of 4 years, Meepo is one of the leading skateboard brands.

The main reason behind their success is their exceptionally great skateboards and their remotes.  These electric skateboards come with a digital screen which tells the speed either in miles each hour or kilometers each hour. Best of all, the board is exceptionally receptive to the far off and it doesn’t even lag.

Their top 2 products are as follows:

1. Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard

2. Meepo Mini2 Electric Skateboard

2.Exway Boards

The next electric skateboard brand on the line is none other than Exway Boards. This company was founded by two extremely energetic enthusiasts of X-Sports back in 2016. Their motto being:

œBorn for Freedom – dedicated to developing and manufacturing vehicles (mainly personalized smart ones) for short trips for users.

The best quality electric skateboard of Exway is famous and most well-known for the fact that they offer one of the safest, convenient, and coolest rides one has ever experienced. These top notch quality skateboards are perfectly made by incorporation of present day technologies as well as conventional craft.

The main idea behind manufacturing these electric skateboards was to ensure the fact that people ride with ease and comfort. They were designed in such a way that people can cover shorter distances without facing any difficulty. The owners of this company encourage riders to travel and discover the world on these Exway Skateboards.

If you have any queries, you can contact them on their official website, such as Here, they listen to your demands as well as your issues. Their customer care service is one of the best services a person could avail. Their promising statements such as making high-end top quality products are the reason why this company has gained so much popularity in such a short time span.

Therefore, you should not waste any further time and should definitely get one for yourself. These electric skateboards offer durability as well as reliability. This brand can be best crowned as the best electric skateboard brand.

Their top 2 best products are as follows:

1. Exway X1 Pro

2. Exway Flex

3.The Teamgee Boards

Initially, the Teamgee company used to manufacture multiple electric components. As soon as their business grew, the company did not stop there rather they invented new things, and finally, they made their first ever electric skateboard. They deliver skateboards, hoverboards, electric-scooter, and unicycles in the market. Their products are quite popular when it comes to better build and quality.

It was in 2016 when they launched their business of manufacturing electric skateboards and since that time, they have established quite a fair name in the Chinese market.

Mr. Sun is the owner of the Teamgee company. He is, however, not a skateboard rider but he is an advocate of sports and makes sure that wherever he raises his voice, no matter which platform, he is being listened to and heard to. Therefore, he thought to himself why not manufacture electric skateboards and convey the message of safe riding throughout the entire world.

Just like their motto says:

œWe want to build Teamgee, an innovative brand that is dedicated to making premium electric skateboard with minimalist design and offering skateboarding lovers a better experience.

Their mission is to manufacture œultra thin electric skateboards that offer comfort and ease during the entire ride. These boards are perfect if you want to run a few errands or travel to shorter distances. These boards offer great build and their customer care service is also one of the best of the entire lot.

These electric skateboards are often incorporated with 10 layers of maple ply wood and their remote control system is unarguably one of the best systems ever produced. If you have not gotten your hands over this companys product then you surely are at a loss.

The wheels of this skateboard consist of Polyutherane which has high-energy radiation resistance contains higher elements of elasticity, has good flexibility, and is even resistant to oils, greases, and numerous solvents.

The company makes sure to use great batteries while manufacturing these skateboards which is why they use Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries to give the user the ultimate ride of their lives.

If you want to enjoy the ride as well as be at ease then Teamgee electric skateboards would do wonders for you. Our best recommendation to you would be that you must at least experience the ride as this is something you do not want to miss, at all.

Their top 2 best electric skateboards are as follows:

1. Teamgee Electric Skateboard with Remote

2. Teamgee H5 37 Electric Skateboard


With everything said above, I hope you now would have gotten the point as to why we put emphasis on the fact that if you want to own the best electric skateboard for yourself, you must invest in it. This investment is the one that would bestow you with the best of the best. You can choose any skateboard from the above mentioned brands.

These brands work on innovation as well as creativity. That is the reason why they have made their way all the way up to the top 3. I hope this article has proven helpful to you in finding one of the best brands that manufacture electric skateboards. The information we jotted down will also aid you in purchasing the best product. Make sure you do thorough research when buying the best electric skateboard for yourself and you loved ones.

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