Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits (in 2023) – Unbiased Review

Do you want to transform your regular skateboard into an electric one? Are you looking for the answer to whether you can change your simple longboard into the new and latest electric one? Well, the answer is yes! You can now do the transformation right at your home. In this article, we shall tell you about the best electric skateboard conversion kit. Brace yourselves as this journey is long. Don’t worry, we will be right alongside you to guide you in every possible manner.

It is an extremely easy and pocket friendly process where you do not have to hustle much and everything eventually comes to place within no time at all. When creating it with your own hands, you will definitely feel a sense of satisfaction as well as a sense of achievement. You will feel as if it is something you made from scratch. You will feel pride while riding it and all of your friends would appreciate your efforts. Everyone will love it.


Our Top Picks


IWONDER Cloud Wheel Conversion Kit

IWONDER Cloud Wheel Conversion Kit
  • Brand: IWONDER
  • Diameter: 105mm
  • Bigger than normal PU wheel: 40%

PROMOTER Hub Motors Drive Kit

PROMOTER Hub Motors Drive Kit
  • Material: Elastic PU
  • Truck: 7 inch
  • Speed: 70KV

ZXMOTO Electric Longboard Drive Kit

ZXMOTO Electric Longboard Drive Kit
  • Power: 1500W
  • Speed: 270KV
  • Truck Size: 7 inch

With this eboard, you can travel to wherever you want whenever you want. It will cover longer distances and you would not feel half as tired, unlike the simple general skateboard which makes you tired and drains out all of your energy in a blink.

Some skateboards can be made electric by simple plugging methods while others require a kit that is used in transforming. We shall make you go through each and every product so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

In this article, we shall provide you with the ultimate buying guide to help you make a decision. Along with the buying guide, we shall list down the top ten best electric skateboard conversion kits. There will be some frequently asked questions in the end as well as a conclusion so that every issue gets sorted out.

Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit 2023

1. PROMOTER Hub Motors Drive Kit

The first thing to notice here are the wheels. First and foremost, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the new feature of these wheels is the deal breaker here. This new addition provides firmness and flexibility at the same time! Cool, isn’t it?

├é PROMOTER Hub Motors Drive Kit
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Material: Elastic PU
  • Truck: 7 inch
  • Speed: 70KV

It is done by using TPU (Thermoplastic Polyutherane) which has high-energy radiation resistance, contains higher elements of elasticity, has a good flexibility, and is even resistant to oils, greases, and numerous solvents. The engine is extremely powerful which results in greater torque and better power output.

You can use this kit comfortably as it is easy to start and there are little to none heating issues. It features a motor of 550 watts and the battery input is approximately 24 to 42 volts. It also supports 6S to 10S batteries. Therefore, without any further delay, you must get your hands on such a marvelous and commendable product as you honestly dont want to miss this golden opportunity.

  • Smooth ride
  • Durable wheels
  • Brushless motor
  • Efficient and fast ride
  • Does not overheat quickly
  • Misleading product photo

2. Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard

Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit is best for inclines and terrains. The transmission and the output of this product are worthy of appreciation as it is smooth and quite noise less. This kit comes with a high impact resistant feature which makes it super cool and excellent for rides.
 Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard
9.8/10 Our Score
  • Brand: VANPRO
  • Diameter: 18MM
  • Wheel: 56MM pu

This shock absorption feature is the one where if you have ever been met with an accident, this kit will make sure you feel as minimal as possible. It is very easy to take care of this DIY product as it is easy to assemble and easy to make. To make it friction less, surprisingly it does not need any extra lubrication. The only drawback, however, is of the fact that it does not come with wheels inside the package. You have to find the wheels that fit this kit by yourself.

  • Accurate transmission
  • Noiseless
  • Steady speed
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lacks wheels

3. ZXMOTO Electric Longboard Drive Kit

Moving on, we shall talk about ZXMOTO Electric Longboard Drive Kit as our another top recommendation and suggestion. The motor is a powerful motor of 1500 watts which makes it one of the best electric skateboard conversion kits available on the market.

 ZXMOTO Electric Longboard Drive Kit
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Power: 1500W
  • Speed: 270KV
  • Truck Size: 7 inch

The engines are extremely powerful still they do not overheat at all. The wheels, another great feature, do not wear off easily and are quite smooth. These wheels are of high durability. The engines of this product are incorporate with a belt drive and belt driven motors have extremely great torque as compared to HUB motors.

They are quite heavy than the HUB motors though, but that issue is minute and can be neglected. There is just one drawback that is, it is not budget friendly. It is quite expensive and if you want to buy it, you might want to save some bucks for it.

  • Smooth ride
  • Has 1500 watt motors
  • Compact design
  • Water resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Does not have a remote

4. Vanpro Electric Skateboard Kit

PROMOTER Dual Electronic Motor Drive Kit is another best one we have here. It also comprises of 1500 watt powerful HUB motors which are quite less heavy than belt driven motors. It is designed very professionally and has a great sleek as well as stylish design.

 Vanpro Electric Skateboard Kit
9.2/10 Our Score
  • Power: 1500W
  • Wheel: 83MM Dual hub motor
  • Brushless Motor Power: N5055 270KV

This product is long lasting, resistant to water, and even great when it comes to comfort and reliability. This kit is quite convenient and easy to use. The wheels are also super durable and of excellent quality. They are made up of PU materials which are the best materials the market ever had. Therefore, we recommend that you buy it and test it out for yourself.

  • Dust proof
  • Water proof
  • Easy to install stuff
  • Brush less engines
  • Great for longer time periods
  • None seen so far

5. Vanpro Electric Skateboard Kit

Another amazing kit is Vanpro Electric Skateboard Kit as it offers great torque and amazing speed with the price you pay for it. If you are new to skateboarding and you want to transform your general skateboard into an electric one then this product is best for you.

 Vanpro Electric Skateboard Kit
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Diameter: 18MM
  • Width: 10MM 
  • Balt: 5M HTD

Without wasting any much time, I would want you to get up from your laptop or tv screens, and go buy yourself this kit. You surely wont be disappointed at all. It works great with brushless motors, reduces friction, and is even noise less. This product does not even have overheating issues. The only drawback however is the lack of wheels in this kit. You have to purchase wheels yourself. Other than that, this product is great for you to buy.

  • Great speed
  • Excellent power
  • Comes with complete tools and parts
  • Reduces friction
  • Gives better performance
  • Does not incorporate wheels

6. Demeras Hub Motor Kit

The Demeras Hub Motor Kits design is water proof as well as dust proof. It would work like brand new for a lot of time and you would not even need to worry about its maintenance at all. These features and plus points make this product extremely reliable and durable.

Demeras Hub Motor Kit
9.1/10 Our Score
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Brand: Demeras
  • Item Weight: 3111 Grams

This skateboard kit is manufactured by using some top notch and high quality materials. Aluminum and iron components are resistant to wear and tear as well as are quite tough. The wheels are also made up of promising quality and can take you easily anywhere be it even bumpy roads or difficult roads.

They are elastic and can absorb the shock as well as the impact quite well. Their customer care service is extremely kind and affectionate. They will make sure that you are heard and listened to. So, we would say that this is another best electric skateboard conversion kit you must try.

  • Dust proof
  • Quite compatible
  • Durable
  • Great quality wheels
  • Good customer service
  • Power output is low

7. IWONDER Cloud Wheel Electric Skateboard Wheels and Pulley Conversion Kit

Another reliable and durable conversion kit, its name being, IWONDER Cloud Wheel Electric Skateboard Wheels, and Pulley Conversion Kit.  If you use this conversion kit on your general and simple skateboard, you will notice a rise in speed automatically.

IWONDER Cloud Wheel Electric Skateboard Wheels and Pulley Conversion Kit
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Brand: IWONDER
  • Diameter: 105mm
  • Bigger than normal PU wheel: 40%

You will also notice that the engine has great torque and power output. Along with power output, you will experience a much smoother rider and a calm ride as compared to the previous ones. The wheels are impact resistant that results in you being extremely comfortable while riding it and your balance would be more stable as well. Therefore, I shall suggest you to buy it if you are looking for durability and reliability.

  • Durable
  • Noise less ride
  • Reduces vibrations
  • Better wheels
  • Stable
  • Long belts

8. FFMT Electronic Longboard Hub Motor Kit

With FFMT Electric Longboard Hub Motor Kit, you can even go ride in hill climbing areas. The reason behind that is the fact that the engine is so powerful it features 1500 watt motors. It is a dual hub motor. This product does not quickly overheat which is another plus point.

 FFMT Electronic Longboard Hub Motor Kit
9.9/10 Our Score
  • Wheel Materia: PU
  • Power: 1500W each motor
  • Truck: 7 inch

The engines also are brushless which results in high efficiency. Its sleek matte black design looks heavenly to the eyes. Also, the wheels are made up of Polyurethane materials i.e. resistant to oils, shock resistant as well as longer life. What else do you need in a conversion kit? Go grab one right now!

  • Quite Fast
  • Efficient
  • Good Torque
  • Great Design
  • Excellent Material
  • None as for now

9. Puaida Powered Dual Hub Motor Kit

Another perfect electric skateboard conversion kit is none other than Puaida Powered Dual Hub Motor Kit. Like we discussed before, the PU wheels are highly resistant to corrosion as well as shock, and also impacts.

Puaida Powered Dual Hub Motor Kit
9.8/10 Our Score
  • Material: Elastic PU
  • Motor: 90mm Power
  • Speed: 26 mph
  • Voltage: 36V

This kit has the highest speed of 26 miles per hour. You can easily climb a hill with this product. The wheels reduce noise and also have an elastic memory. The assembly of this kit is quite quick and you do not have to focus a lot. You just gotta read the instructions step by step and you will be able to recreate and transform your simple general skateboard into an electric one. If you order this product, it will be delivered faster than you might have even imagined.

  • Dual HUB engines
  • Can go as fast as 26 miles per hour
  • Great wheels
  • Easy to install
  • Quick in shipping
  • Not the best so far

10. Focket Electric Skateboard ESC Kit

Last but not the least, the product we shall be talking about is Focket Electric Skateboard ESC Kit. This kit comes in with a remote which has been proven quite handy and useful.

Focket Electric Skateboard ESC Kit
9.2/10 Our Score
  • Power: 430W (36V)
  • Max Speed: 35km/h
  • Max Load Bearing: 120kg

With this remote, you can change gears, switch directions, accelerate, and even put your e-board to a brake. The assembly is easy and everything sort of comes together when you focus for a little bit. Every component is durable, long lasting, and is resistant to wear and tear. Therefore, it will be a good choice for you if you buy this one.

  • Has a remote
  • Installs easily
  • Simple wire management
  • Extremely safe to assemble
  • Components are of high quality
  • Not designed for a dual HUB engine skateboard

Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit-Buying Guide

There are a lot of considerations you have to look upon when buying a skateboard conversion kit. We shall assist you in choosing the one that best fits your requirements. Down below are the main features that should never be overlooked when buying an electric skateboard conversion kit:

1. Performance

The first thing you need to see in the electric skateboard conversion kit is its performance. You need to make sure that the kit offers you maximum range and speed. In do-it-yourself kits, it is hard to note the speed as well as the range as it has not yet been tested by the manufacturers. But with the conversion kits, everything has sort of been tried and tested therefore; go with the conversion kits that offer maximum performance.

2. Quality

Who would want a bad quality conversion kit? No one, right? You need to make sure that the materials used in order to manufacture these conversion kits are top notch. If the nuts are not strong and the cables are way too thin, you will find yourself stuck in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

Therefore, ensure the fact that the materials are of great quality. If it needs extra money, we would suggest you save some and then invest because your safety is dependent on these kits.

3. The Assembly

There are a couple of conversion kits that offer you to do just the needful in a couple of seconds. The e-board would be ready in no time. However, other kits require your time as well as your effort. You got to sit down and concentrate on what you are going to do and how you are going to assemble it.

It requires your focus, dedication, and consistency. Therefore, if you do not have much time on your plate then go for the simple ones. If you really want to give in your all, we would suggest you go for the extensive ones. 

4. Type of Wheels

One thing you need to make sure of while buying these conversion kits is that there should be sufficient distance between the deck and the wheels. Urethane is the material that suits best in the manufacturing of the wheels. This material is long lasting. You also need to make sure that the size of the wheels is according to your needs as this will prevent the changing of wheels every now and then.

5. Motor

You need to ensure whether your engine is a HUB engine or a belt-driven engine in light of the fact that these engines add up to big differences in an electric skateboard conversion kits performance.

In the event that you need to settle on adaptability you can go for belt-driven engines yet the new best thing these days is the HUB engine as it is more productive and more remarkable than belt-driven engines. Your conversion kit must have a powerful motor if you want to fly high and fast.

6. Battery

The main thing to search for while purchasing an electric skateboard conversion kit is its range. The normal scope of such electric skateboard conversion kits is anyplace between 12 to 20 miles.

7. Speed

Another significant component you should search for while purchasing an electric skateboard conversion kit is its speed. This speed is the principal segment that will take you flying across the town. The electric skateboard kits can cover a distance of 18 miles to 30 miles each hour. Some of them even go as quickly as 45 miles each hour. You should definitely be cautious of your safety when you select the conversion kit.

Frequently Ask Questions

The best electric skateboard conversion kit is definitely the  PROMOTER Hub Motors Drive Kit as the wheels are durable and it provides a smoother ride compared to other electric skateboard conversion kits.

You can convert a normal skateboard into an electric one by throwing in some batteries, motors, and wires. The product you are then left with is a brand new electric skateboard.

Yes, it is extremely easy to ride an electric skateboard once you master the art of riding it. If you are a beginner, you will face some difficulty at first but once you get to know the basics, it is as easy as learning ABC

Yes, many skateboards which are electric offer this added feature. If you run out of battery and there is nothing that comes into your mind, you can kick push your electric skateboard to wherever you want with ease provided that the skateboard is not heavy.

As said before, once you get to know the basic skills, you will love riding the electric skateboard even if you are a beginner. It is such a trendy and cool ride to own. Therefore, all the beginners must own one in order to experience the best ride of their lives.


Since we are at the concluding paragraph of this article, I would hope that everything has been sorted out. Every question you might have had in the beginning would have been answered by now. From our top ten best skateboard conversion kits, here are our top three:

  • PROMOTER Hub Motors Drive Kit mainly because it offers a smooth ride, is durable, has strong wheels, has a long life service, comprises of a brushless motor, gives an efficient and fast ride, and does not overheat quickly.
  • Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard due to the fact that it is incorporated with excellent wheels, has a smooth ride, provides accurate transmission, is noiseless, has a steady speed, is impact resistant as well as easy to maintain.
  • ZXMOTO Electric Longboard Drive Kit as it gives a smooth ride, is noise less, has no overheating issues, has 1500 watt motor, comes with a compact design, is water resistant, and lastly, is quite comfortable.

Therefore, I hope this information has proven helpful to you. We wish you all the best in buying the best electric skateboard conversion kits for you and your loved ones. Thank you!

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