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Looking for the best electric skateboard under $500 but still cant figure out which one is best for you? Did you spend a lot of time surfing the internet, going through each and every link to look for an economical and reasonable skateboard that is pocket-friendly and goes light on your budget, and even then got no fruitful results? Well, don’t you worry as this review is wholly meant for you. Here, we shall provide you with the 10 best affordable electric skateboards falling under the $500 category.

Most of you must know what a simple skateboard is. Even if you dont, there is absolutely no need to get disappointed because we are here for you, we shall provide you with enough details of what a skateboard is, whats the main difference between a simple and an electric skateboard and well also be telling you about the 10 best cheap electric skateboards under $500. By the end of this article and review, you shall be left with enough knowledge that you wont feel the need to search the entire internet any further.


Our Top Picks


APOLLO Longboard for Professionals and Beginners

  • Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Trucks
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Deck Lenght: 38 Inches
  • Wheel Size: 51 Millimeters

400W Electric Skateboard with Remote

400W Electric Skateboard with Remote
  • Material: Fiberglass, Maple
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Weight: 2.1kg
  • Load Capacity: 265 Pounds

MEEPO V3 Electric Skateboard

MEEPO V3 Electric Skateboard
  • Material: Maple
  • Load Capacity: 300 Pounds
  • Deck Lenght: 38 Inches
  • Wheel Size: 90 Millimeters

So, talking about a simple skateboard, it basically is a vehicle or one can say an equipment of sports which you can use in order to cover shorter distances. It is a vehicle you can use by pushing one foot against the ground so that it moves and takes you wherever you want to go.

Moving on, let me tell you what an electric skateboard is. If you incorporate some batteries, a remote control, and some motors in the simple skateboard, the equipment you are left with, is an electric skateboard. Cool, right?

In this particular review, we have short-listed 10 products that are super affordable and super budget-friendly. We have made a list of 10 inexpensive electric skateboards that you can buy and even gift to your loved ones. We will make sure that your money is invested in the right product. Without any further delay, let us get right into it.

10 Best Electric Skateboard Under $500 2023

1. Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard

If I say that Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard is an all-rounder, I would not be wrong. In terms of price, it retails for only $449, presiding under the category of œBest Electric Skateboard under $500. Alongside so many other electric skateboard making companies, Backfire does not seem to hold back rather, it has produced such a pocket-friendly vehicle that it has left behind its competitors for good, for once and for all.

Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard
9.9/10 Our Score
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Load Capacity: 240 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 17 Pounds
  • Wheel Size: 96 Millimeters
Speed and Power Output

It would not be wrong to say that the power and speed output of the Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard is quite impressive. It contains two 350-watt brushless motors which are very efficient. These motors can make this vehicle fly up to a maximum speed of 24 miles per hour.

Battery Performance and Range

It is equipped with a 5.0 ah 36 Volt battery. This battery can make Backfire G2 travel up to 11 to 12.5 miles per a single charge. The maximum time it takes to get fully charged is 3.5 hours which is still quite impressive considering its range as well as its price.

  • Extremely Affordable
  • Great Speed
  • Free from Maintenance
  • Provides a Smoother Ride
  • Large Wheels
  • No LED lights

2. APOLLO Longboard for Professionals and Beginners

Apollo Longboard can be termed as the second best electric skateboard hugely because it has a number of benefits. Those benefits are as follows:

APOLLO Longboard for Professionals and Beginners
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Trucks
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Deck Lenght: 38 Inches
  • Wheel Size: 51 Millimeters
  • Better Stability.
  • Easy Transportation
  • Improved Health
  • Improved Fitness
  • Helps you enjoy nature

Therefore, one can best conclude that this is the second most pocket-friendly electric skateboard that you can find for under $500. 


It doesnt matter if you are a beginner or an experienced professional, because this skateboard has been designed for both of these lots. 8 layers of Canadian maple wood have been used to construct this beauty whereas bamboo has been used for the bottom part.


The board is 36 inches in length, 8.5 inches in width i.e. 95 cm in length, and 21.5 cm in width.


Even though the weight of this electric skateboard is quite less, it can still hold up to a maximum weight of 220 lbs. Therefore, you need to worry about the load capacity of this inexpensive skateboard.

  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Excellent for Experienced Riders
  • Great Quality
  • High Build
  • Exceptional Deck
  • Not the strongest

3. MEEPO V3 Electric Skateboard

Meepo V3 is also such a vehicle that is suited for both amateurs as well as professionals. It is a very powerful skateboard that falls under the $500 category. China is the place where the board was originally manufactured. With the price you pay for it, this electric skateboard is a mighty all-rounder which can give you the ultimate fun experience you crave for. 

MEEPO V3 Electric Skateboard
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Material: Maple
  • Load Capacity: 300 Pounds
  • Deck Lenght: 38 Inches
  • Wheel Size: 90 Millimeters
Dimensions and Motor

The board is 96 cm in length and 22 cm in width. It is also made up of maple which makes the quality of this board extremely durable. It contains HUB driven two 540 – watt motors which result in noise cancellation as well as a smoother ride. 


Talking about the remote, it is quite good for the price you pay for it. It is incorporated with a digital screen which tells the speed either in miles per hour or kilometers per hour. The best part is that the board is very responsive to the remote and it doesnt even lag. Perfect, isnt it?


This electric skateboard comes with 4 speed modes as well as 4 braking modes namely Low, Medium, High, and Pro. The Low mode has a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour.


The board passes the 0 to 30 kilometer test in 4.5 seconds making us believe the fact that the acceleration is certainly very powerful. You can obtain a top speed of 28 miles per hour while riding the board.

  • Powerful Acceleration
  • Sharp Brakes
  • Smooth Ride
  • Extremely Stable
  • Not Waterproof

4. Cool and Fun Electric Skateboard

Cool and Fun Electric Skateboard is another extremely cheap product that falls under the category of œBest Electric Skateboard under $500. It has great quality and also a promising design. Let us get into the details of this product.

Cool and Fun Electric Skateboard
9.3/10 Our Score
  • Material: Maple
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Load Capacity: 265 Pounds
The Battery

Its battery is incorporated with 7 Lithium-ion cells that give a total voltage of around 25.5 Volts. The capacity of this battery is around 55 Wh or 2150 mah.

The Remote Control

The remote comes with LEDs. One green LED indicates power and three red LEDs show the battery level.  The remote consists of a lithium-polymer cell that has a higher density energy, high voltage capacity, and low self-discharge rate. All of this results in a better power efficiency.


This electric skateboard consists of a single hub motor. Its power varies from 200 to 400 watts. The torque of this motor is good and also makes sure that we experience a good and smooth start.

  • Good Quality
  • Powerful Batteries
  • Responsive Remote Control
  • Good Torque
  • Stores a lot of chemical energy

5. Youth Electric Skateboard

Want a great value for money product? We got you! This Youth Electric Skateboard has been specifically designed for those people who want to go light on the pocket but wanna get an exceptional product somehow. This one is the perfect fit for you. Let me elaborate on my points why. 

Youth Electric Skateboard
9.1/10 Our Score
  • Material: Maple
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 5 Kilograms
  • Age Range: 8 Years Up

This is an extraordinarily lightweight electric skateboard that weighs only 12 lbs. However, it can support weight up to 220 lbs, shocking right? This skateboard is a perfect pick for children of at least 8 years old.


It has three different modes of speed. The maximum it goes is up to 12.4 miles per hour which is a pretty good speed for when kids maneuver it. Beginners can easily drive this thing with ease due to the speed limitation feature. It can go as far as 7 miles in a single charge.


The board consists of a single 350 watt HUB motor which is perfect for kids and beginners. The price you pay for this is perfect because there can not be anything more affordable in the world than this Youth Electric Keyboard in particular.

  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to carry
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Has an automatic power-off feature
  • Contains handheld remote control
  • Low battery life

6. WeSkate Electric Longboard

If you love to skate and are a regular skateboard user, then you must want to keep one that is long lasting, firm, and durable. WeSkate Electric Longboard is of such type that is why we have listed this among the 10 best electric skateboards under $500.  

WeSkate Electric Longboard
9.2/10 Our Score
  • Material: Maple
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 6 Kilograms
  • Deck Lenght: 35 Inches

The board of this skateboard is made up of 8 layers of maple plywood that results in the board being super flexible and long lasting.


The remote is wireless and it comes with three different speed modes. It also consists of three LEDs that tell you the remaining battery health of the vehicle.


It consists of a 4000 mah built-in lithium battery that travels up to 10 miles in a single charge which is perfect for a vehicle in this price range.


Its 350 watt motor ensures you to travel with a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour with a maximum 10 miles range. The board can support weight up to 220 lbs.

  • Best for Beginners
  • Strong maple deck
  • Sleek design
  • Performance quality deck
  • Waterproof
  • Bad drive on hills and inclines

7. 400W Electric Skateboard with Remote

If you are looking for an inexpensive and cheap yet durable electric skateboard that is extremely durable, has a good speed, is highly stable, pocket-friendly supports good weight, is well-built, and is long-lasting, then 400W Electric Skateboard is definitely the one for you.

400W Electric Skateboard with Remote
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Material: Fiberglass, Maple
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Weight: 2.1kg
  • Load Capacity: 265 Pounds
Motor and Battery

This electric skateboard only needs three hours to fully charge and when fully charged, it can let you drive and skate it up to 10 miles. Its torque is exceptional i.e. its perfect even in 20% grade hill with ease. It is only possible because of its excellent and efficient 400 watt brushless motor. It is made up of 11 layers of fiberglass and maple.

These 11 layers can support and withstand a maximum weight of 265 lbs. This is all quite similar to the RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard. The only difference is of the price. You get the same quality and features in a less amount which certainly works for you in the best way possible in each and every aspect. 


This device comes with a remote control which has three speed modes to choose from. It has the ability to change the direction, gears, accelerate and change anytime anywhere.

  • Extremely durable material
  • Fast speed of 20 miles per hour
  • Good stability
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Good weight support
  • Comparatively expensive

8. Caroma 36″ Electric Skateboard

If you are looking for an economic electric skateboard under $500, then this product best fits your budget as it retails for only around $299. Down below are the specifications and features of the product.

Caroma 36" Electric Skateboard
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Material: Maple
  • Load Capacity: 300 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 5.7 Kilograms
  • Deck Lenght: 91 Centimeters

This powerful and inexpensive electric skateboard is made up of 8 layers of maple wood. These 8 layers constitute the fact that this skateboard is more flexible, has a good balance, and is quite long lasting.

Dimensions and Weight

This electric skateboard is 36 inches in length and 9 inches in width. Weighing only 12.5 lbs, it can withstand and support weight up to a maximum of 300 lbs. However, the optimum weight limit is under 22 lbs.

Battery and Range

This Caroma electric skateboard comes with a 29.4 Volts, 4000 mah lithium battery which will take a maximum of 3 hours to get fully charged. After being charged to the fullest, it can be driven up to 15 miles which is pretty spectacular if we look at the price range.

Motor and Acceleration

This skateboard is incorporated with a dual 350 watt HUB motor which results in acceleration up to 20 miles per hour and you can experience a safer, smoother, and peaceful ride with it.

Speed Modes

Caroma 36 Electric Skateboard comprises of three speed modes namely Low, Middle, and High. The low mode can drive up to 10 miles per hour. The middle mode for 15 miles per hour. And lastly, the high mode can go up to a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour.


This electric skateboard comes with a wireless remote as well. It is a 2.4 GHz wireless remote control which has a range of up to 14m. Forward, reverse, accelerate, and brake are its main remote controls. It even has 3 LED power indicators and 3 speed level settings.

  • Strong Battery
  • Dual HUB motor
  • High build
  • Very responsive remote
  • Takes a lot of time to charge

9. SagaPlay Electric Skateboard

SagaPlay Electric Skateboard is another great product when it comes to being budget and pocket-friendly devices. It is a device controlled via remote and can be used by both adults and kids. It is extremely lightweight and gives you a very smooth ride. 

SagaPlay Electric Skateboard
9.8/10 Our Score
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Deck Lenght: 26.5 Inches
  • Deck Width: 8.6 Inches
  • Item Weight: 16.5 Pounds
Design and Material

It has been designed keeping the age factor in mind. It is manufactured in such a way that it can reach uphill and inclines very easily. It is entirely made up of bamboo wood which makes it light and durable.


This skateboard has a dual motor with 2100 watt power. That is why it has a very high speed. In a single charge which takes up to 2 hours, it can also cover a distance of up to 12.5 miles.


The SagaPlay Electric Skateboard comprises two speed modes and can also go in reverse. The high Mode can reach the speed of up to 25 miles per hour and can also climb hills that are as steep as 30 degrees. 

  • Safe
  • Remote Controlled
  • Two motors
  • Top-notch material
  • Light-weight
  • A bit expensive

10. Hover-1 Switch 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard

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Hover-1 Switch 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Hover-1
  • Item Weight: 17.6 Pounds
  • Warranty Type: 90 days

The skateboard contains a single 90 watt brushless motor which provides a decent efficiency. Considering the fact that this product has been specifically designed for kids, the low watt motor issue is completely negligible. With this motor, it can provide us with a range of 10 kilometers depending obviously on the road conditions as well as the riders weight.


It is incorporated with a 2-in-1 design. It can be used as either a scooter or a skateboard. The transition has been made quite easy with its tool-less lock system. The handle is very adjustable when in scooter mode.


The engine of this electric 2-in-1 skateboard consists of a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The capacity of this battery is 25.2 Volt, 2 ah which lasts for about 40 minutes. The recharge itself takes almost 4 hours which is quite a lot of time when seen as a childrens device.

Speed and Weight

With its 90 watt motor, the board can reach a maximum speed of 9 miles per hour in scooter mode. With a battery thats fully charged, it can cover a distance of 6 miles.

Since this device is specially designed for kids, the maximum weight it can withstand is up to 132 lbs.

  • Two-in-one design
  • Great range
  • Powerful motors
  • Top speed
  • Designed only for kids

Best Electric Skateboard Under 500-Buying Guide

I know the hustle of choosing one product from a variety of products. It sucks up your energy to the point where you can not make a single decision regarding what to buy and what not to. Selecting one product from thousands might seem an impossible task to you but you need not to worry over this fact. What are we here for? Were here to make things easy for you. Were here to make decisions easy for you.

Here, we shall assist and aid you with the best buying guide so that you may get to choose the perfect best-value electric skateboard for yourself. We shall inform you about all the important key points you may need to consider while deciding on buying a valuable electric skateboard for under $500.

Below are the main and notable qualities you need to keep in mind while making a purchase. These points will help you in choosing the best product which suits your pocket and also fulfills your needs and requirements. 

1. Price

The first and foremost thing you need to consider while buying the best electric skateboard under $500 is its price. This factor should always be under your consideration while making this decision as this is the main pillar on which your criterion of best affordable electric skateboard stands. However, one thing that you should know is that everything has a price.

You will get whatever you pay for. Low price electric skateboard will come with low specs and features as well but that does not mean that choosing the expensive one will have all added qualities. That is not always the case. Before buying, you need to make sure that the reviews are positive and that the feedback of the buyers is also in a positively good number. Quality vs. Price is a component that goes side-by-side therefore; make sure not to compromise on the quality even if the price is cheap.

2. Connectivity

While most people overlook the factor of good connectivity, it is one of the most important factors which should not be neglected when looking for cheap electric skateboards under $500. It should be a priority as, without connectivity, your skateboard wont function. It will be good for nothing. Youll basically be wasting your hard-earned money if you dont put this feature into notice. One second of delay might lead to hazardous and fatal outcomes. So make sure to give this connectivity function a proper look. 

3. Long Time Warranty and Customer Service

If there is no long-time warranty, youre basically misspending your money. If you want to buy a great and beautiful product, a good warranty is one way to secure it. Without a warranty, if you face any kind of issue or problem, you would then have to make it go away by using your money. Youll be spending a lot of your money on these petty issues. Therefore, go for the one which has a long time warranty so that you spend your money once and enjoy the rest of your life.

4. Range

The range is also another important feature that should not be overlooked by any means. If you find one affordable electric skateboard under $500, the only question you need to ask yourself is whether this electric skateboard, in particular, takes you from point A to point B, If yes, go for it. If not, you might want to look elsewhere because this wouldnt do the necessary job for you.

5. Battery Capacity

If you want to opt for a cheap electric skateboard that falls under the category of $500, you may want to take its battery capacity and battery consumption into consideration. As it is said that, the better the battery, the better the ride would be and vice versa, this factor should never be left out. There are tons of inexpensive electric skateboards listen on Amazon but what you must look for is longer battery life in order to get the best of the products.

6. Weight and Portability

Another main thing to keep an eye on is the weight. Let us suppose a scenario. You are in the middle of nowhere and the battery of your electric skateboard goes out. What will you do? Carry it around, right? Now here comes in the factor of its weight. If it is heavy, it will give you a tough time to carry it around however, if it is light in weight, the problem has already been solved. Therefore, we can conclude that the easier it is to carry when the lighter the board is.

7. Powerful Motor

Moving on, another important feature would definitely be its motor. Nowadays, an electric skateboard comes with two kinds of motors, one being the wheel hub motor and the other being motor with the drive. In budget-friendly electric skateboards under $500, HUB motors are very frequently used. That is why, if you plan on buying an electric skateboard, we would suggest that you go for HUB motors as they are noiseless and are easy to maintain.

8. Wheels

There are two sizes of wheels depending upon the type of motor used. Obviously, we would suggest you the 100 mm in diameter sized wheels as the bigger the wheels in diameter, the smoother the ride is. However, there are 70 mm diameter-sized wheels as well but they would not be giving you the ride you want to experience.

9. Acceleration

To start off, you shall know what the rate of acceleration usually is. A fast rate of acceleration means that the skateboard can go from 0 miles per hour to its maximum speed using only a little bit of time. Therefore, it is quite necessary to see and make sure that the acceleration is perfect.

10. Braking System

Just as spaghetti and meatballs go side by side, the braking system and acceleration rate also work together. If the rate of acceleration is high you would need a perfect set of braking capabilities in order to put this vehicle on a halt when needed in times of emergency. Therefore, while looking for a good budget-friendly electric skateboard, one must make sure that these two factors are of the greatest quality.

Now that you have clearly understood the dos and donts of buying a cheap, inexpensive electric skateboard, we shall now talk about the best 10 electric skateboards under $500 in detail.

Frequently Ask Questions

The best budget electric skateboard is definitely the Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard mainly because of its affordable price. Furthermore, it has great speed, is free from maintenance, and also provides you with a smoother ride.

No one can say that with surety because different skateboards offer different battery range. If we talk about Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard, it can last for about 3 years due to the best lithium-ion materials used inside.

Yes!!! They definitely will be a good investment for you. They can take you anywhere anytime you want. Plus, they are super fun to ride as well.

Yes, if skating is learned properly, it will be safe for you. However, one must never neglect the fact that it is you upon whom the safety depends. If you drive it with caution and with safety, theres nothing bad thatll ever happen to you.

You can easily control an electric skateboard with the remote control that comes with it. The remote has the option to move the board forward, backward, apply the brake, change gears, and accelerate as well.


With everything said above, we have explained everything and every product in minute detail. Therefore, now it all depends on you whether which skateboard best fits your requirement. We selected the top 10 Best Electric Skateboard under $500 and down below are our top 3 picks:

All the products mentioned above are extremely pocket-friendly. Even if you do not find what suits you best, you can still go through our buying guide. This buying guide will help you in making a better decision for yourself. I hope this article has borne some fruitful results for you!  

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