7 Best Longboards in 2023 (Personally Tested) – Unbiased Reviews

Longboards are more specialized than that of normal skateboards. They offer a huge variety of skating styles, hence preferred by pros. Longboards are not that much different from skateboards. There are only a few things which create a difference.


Our Top Picks


Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser
  • Material: Wood
  • Deck Lenght: 44 Inches
  • Deck Width: 9 Inches

Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard
  • Material: Aluminium, Maple
  • Deck Lenght: 112 cm
  • Wheel Size: 70 mm

MBS All-Terrain Longboard

MBS All-Terrain Longboard
  • Material: Maple
  • Item Weight: 2676 Grams
  • Wheel Size: 100 mm

Longboards are available in more defined shapes and sizes than that of skateboards. These longboards come with loads of features. Some of the few common types of longboards are paintails, drop downs and dancing longboards. If being more specific the longboard’s types are downhill, freeride and pumping boards.

Best Longboards 2023

In such a huge range of variety, finding the right longboard can be a laborious task. Doing this onerous task can be strenuous for some time. To solve this tiresome and exasperating task I have listed a few very foremost longboards with overwhelming features after trying and testing them.

1. Arbor Fish Bamboo Collective Long Cruiser Board

Arbor is one of the pro companies which have earned their name for creating some of the premium longboards. The workers have done the perfect job, they have put the right parts at the right place to create a masterpiece. The skateboard comes in a size of 37 in length and almost 9 in width.

Arbor Fish Bamboo Collective Long Cruiser Board
9.3/10 Our Score
  • Material: Bamboo, Maple
  • Deck Width: 8.5 Inches
  • Wheel Size: 65 Millimeters

The longboard is specifically made in fish shape. The special fish shape saves the longboard from wheel bite and provides the correct ample foot space. The deck of the skateboard is formulated with a quality combination of Canadian maple and carbonized bamboo.

Maple gives flexibility and durability to the longboards without disturbing its strength and giving it the right shape. The bamboo material trailing behind it gives shock absorbance to save it from breaking. It makes the longboards stronger and lighter.

Wheels of Abror are made with environmentally friendly material. The composition is consistent with sucrose polymers and bio-urethane. Sucrose makes the wheel rigid while polyurethane makes the wheels shock absorbant to have a smooth ride. These wheels are soft and gripy installed in a size of 65 mm.

Phillips bolt pack is used in the process of assembling all the parts. These bolts give a tight attachment and reduce the risk of losing while having a fun-filled skateboarding experience. Quality grip pads are attached at the top of the deck.

These grip pads increase the  grip of your feet on the longboard and have an awesome safe ride. Special grease balls are attached to increase the speed of skating. Collectively it comes with all the premium features.

  • The longboard comes in a good packaging
  • It has an attractive design at the top
  • The longboard is thick enough to increase strength
  • It comes with a free T tool to help your ride
  • The materials used in it are made of pro quality
  • The surfboard may have small scratches in it

2. Globe Pinner Classic

Globe primer is one of the top-tier companies famed for its preeminent longboards. The company has worked hard throughout all these years to get fame. Gold Primer comes assembled in a box. It weighs about seven lbs and has a length of forty inches complimenting its nine inch width.

Globe Pinner Classic
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Material: Maple
  • Deck Lenght: 40 Inches
  • Item Weight: 6.9 Pounds

The longboard is very light weight and hence undemanding to carry. The longboard comes in a modified pintail shape which refers to its versatility. Pintails are the best one for cruising and reiterating. Their longer form pumps a flowy experience while craving. Due to its premium structure it is suitable for all ages.

Its mellow concave shape gives you space to move your feet and place them anywhere on your longboards and give an optimum ride. Longboard’s kicktail makes it a pro longboard for beginners. They can have a more natural and safer experience with it as it has the ability to absorb shocks and handle small mistakes.

The deck of the longboard is made up with the eight layers of maple interlaid with water based glue. This glue is water resistant hence maintains the stickiness. Maple makes the longboard convenient to clean, water resistant, UV resistant, strong and durable as well. All these features mean that we have the best in our hands.

Slant trucks are installed with a combination of Abec 7 precision bearings to make your ride super precise and are long lasting even at high speeds.

Seventy mm clear globe wheels are attached to the longboards to make the longboard long-lasting and give a smooth and fluent ride. The attachment of the wheel to the deck is done with keeping in view the point of avoiding wheel bite.

  • This longboard comes in an unbeatable price as no other longboard comes with all these features in this price
  • This best pintail longboard is suitable for all
  • You can buy it for you kid and your spouse either
  • The longboard comes in a half painted look and logo on it to look attractive
  • To give a smooth ride this premium longboard is designed to resist wheel bite
  • The longboard is durable and stable
  • The longboard is comparatively costly than other brands

3. Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Magneto gives pro quality skateboarding longboards manufactured by pro teams of skaters. Skaters are more likely to understand the needs of other skaters hence keep the points in mind while developing the design. The longboard comes in a size of 44 inches length and 9 inches width. 

Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard
9.8/10 Our Score
  • Material: Aluminum, Maple
  • Deck Lenght: 112 cm
  • Wheel Size: 70 Millimeters

The longboard comes with kicktails so that it may become versatile for showing off all the tricks and skating by different styles. The deck of the surfboard is made with a premium combination of maple and bamboo veneer. The upper layering of the deck is done by bamboo while the lower one is composed of maple.

Bamboo in the longboard develops its ability to become more strong, stable and take tensile strength while maple makes it water resistant. Both combine to result in a strong, stiff and pro longboard. The last finishing of the longboard is done by sand grit.

It helps to maintain the grip of the rider’s feet on the longboard and also saves from the hassle of grip tape. To make it the foremost longboard company has attached 70mm urethane wheels to the longboard. The wheels are pure transparent and more stable to absorb shocks with flexibility giving a stable ride.

Gravity casted aluminium is used in the manufacturing of trucks. These trucks are more stable and corrosion resistant hence more durable as well as are able to take good weight. All these pro features develop the ability to have a freestyle stable cruising along with speed through this longboard.

  • These longboards are very inexpensive
  • Gravity aluminium used in trucks does not fade out with time
  • The longboard is a great option for beginners
  • This longboard is pro at riding with different styles
  • The longboard gives an old traditional feel
  • Wheels should be a bit more stable

4. Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

ZED is one of the most famous companies known for manufacturing quality longboards. Their longboards are suitable for any kind of environment. The company offers both cruser and Pintail longboards. The surfboard comes in a dimension of  44″ x 9.5″ inches.

Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser
9.9/10 Our Score
  • Material: Wood
  • Deck Lenght: 44 Inches
  • Deck Width: 9 Inches

Longboard’s deck is composed of eight layers of Canadian maple and original bamboo. Maple is responsible for making the longboard waterproof and easy to clean. Bamboo helps to make it eligible for all day riding. Eight consecutive layers make it sturdy and reliable. It can bear weight  upto 220 lbs.

70 mm polyurethane wheels are attached to the longboard with rock finish. These polyurethane wheels are shock absorbant hence you can have a shock free ride on a bumpy track. It adds up to the fun of riding with smoothness.

These wheels are specifically designed to avoid wheel bite. Precision ball bearings are used so that the rider may gain high speed without any hurdle.

  • The deck is extra wide to give more space to the rider
  • The longboard is very durable
  • The wheels used in the longboard are soft so that the sidewalk cracks can be soaked up
  • The longboard has vintage hues and cues
  • The longboard is designed to avoid wheel bite
  • Trucks should be tightened before use

5. New Olym Longboard Skateboard

Olym is a well known brand that comes to meet all your expectations of a cool pro longboard. The longboard comes with a length of 104 centimeters and a width of 9 inches. The size of the longboard makes it fit for both beginners and professionals to perform basic initial stunts.

New Olym Longboard Skateboard
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Material: Aluminum, Maple
  • Deck Lenght: 104 cm
  • Deck Width: 9 Inches

It appears to be modern and cool with its ice blue color and ice patterns on it. New olym longboard comes with a deck made with canadian maple which is a pro type of wood. It makes the longboards water resistant and easy to clean.

The deck is also very durable and strong enough with eight layers of maple to take a weight of 660 lbs. The deck of the longboard is finished with grip tape to keep the skater stable on the board. The longboard trucks which are responsible to convert the whole weight from deck to the wheels are made with aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy keeps it sturdy and makes it reliable.

Drop decks are responsible to keep the point of gravity low for off roading and pushing to give a smooth start. High quality polyurethane wheels are used in the longboards to keep them durable with the ability of shock absorbance.

  • The longboard comes with free professional tools such as Allen key and sockets
  • The trucks of the longboard are very responsive
  • The longboard is very stable
  • It is aesthetically pleasing
  • The price of this longboard is very less as compared to others
  • Only a few tricks can be performed by this longboard

6. MBS All-Terrain Longboard

MBS is a pro company famous for its all terrain longboards. It has been working for years to serve the skaters with pro quality longboards. The longboard comes completely in a pre-assembled form. Its weight is about 2676 grams which is light enough to carry it easily and handle it conveniently.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Material: Maple
  • Item Weight: 2676 Grams
  • Wheel Size: 100 Millimeters

The longboard comes with a deck made with ten ply of maple. Maple is attached layer by layer with epoxy resin which is not harmful for the environment and sticks the layers till the end. Maple gives strength and durability to the longboards. Except that the maple material also makes the longboard easy to clean and save it from harmful effects of water.

The longboard comes with kicktails making it suitable for beginners and pros as well. 190 mm navigator drone trucks are added to compliment the premium longboard. These trucks are responsible for precise turning while maintaining the speed.

Good quality ABEC 9 bearings are installed to keep the longboard running at a good and non-stop speed. Super high bound urethane wheels are installed with the longboards which are shock absorbent and soft to work on a bumpy track.

  • These longboards come in a medium price range
  • Great quality bearings are used to provide a smooth ride
  • The longboard comes with huge wheels
  • Kicktails help to position correctly on the longboard
  • Craving is really easy with the longboard
  • Checkout the assembling before use, sometimes it is a little poor

7. Happybuy Mountainboard, 37L Cross Country Skateboard, All Terrain Longboard

The company offers pro quality mountboards with gigantic wheels to easily cruise over mountains and hilly areas. The package comes with a pre-assembled longboard,2 hand protectors, 2 knee pads, 2 elbow pads and a storage bag.

Happybuy Mountainboard, 37â€L Cross Country Skateboard, All Terrain Longboard
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Material:Metal
  • Deck Lenght:37 Inches
  • Load Capacity:440 Pounds

The longboard comes in a length  of 37 inches and a width of 7.9 inches. The longboard deck is composed of an eight ply maple layer to give it strength, durability and water resistance. The deck is covered with sandpaper to increase riders grip on the longboard.

The sand is further sprayed to maintain its consistency so that it may not even fall when it comes in contact with water. It also produces friction to easily climb over the mountain.

Kicktails are installed to give an easy ride for the beginners with space for adjustment. Instead of trucks aluminum frame is used to give the longboard a smooth ride with speed. The frame is installed with a sensitive steering system for precise turns.

Knobby tires with strips are installed in these longboards. These high performance tyres have high grip over the path to keep on moving or climbing with stability. Due to its lightweight bag it also becomes easy to carry.

  • This longboard has a wide application
  • The longboard comes in the market with free accessories
  • The longboard is easy to carry
  • It is good for both professionals and beginners
  • It is a long lasting board
  • The longboard needs while ripping

Best Longboards-Buying Guide

It is mandatory to know the perfect features of a longboard capable of fulfilling all your requirements and giving you a fun-filled ride.

Parts Of Longboards

A premium longboard is made with the combination of many pro parts. In order to find the best longboard for yourself, you have to know about the parts of a longboard. Following are a few very important parts of longboarding explained in detail to make your skating experience awesome.


The very first part which is most shown is the longboard’s deck. It is mostly made up with tough material like maple and bamboo so that it can take the weight of a rider. If you are a bit bulky buy one with more strength and agility to take weight. If you are a beginner you should buy a longboard with more space for your feet to settle.


Wheels of a longboard are generally a bit bigger than a skateboard’s wheels. Your longboard’s wheels are going to decide how your ride is going to be. If you are a skater of rough bumpy paths it is better to buy soft shock absorbing wheels. If you go on a normal track you can go on with any good wheels.


Trucks create a relationship between wheels and the deck. As the wheel and the deck size trucks are also bigger than normal for skateboards. It is recommended to always buy alloy trucks, so that they may not corrode and keep you giving smooth safe rides.

Longboard’s Types

Longboards have a versatile market. You can get a lot of longboard types with variation. Choosing the right one according to your skating style can be tricky at times. Here is a little sneak peak to the longboard types.


Commuters are the longboards with a larger wheelbase. If you want to travel on a long road this long distance cruiser would be the best as it moves smoothly at a good speed.


If you want to roam around in the city, cruisers are the right longboards for you. They come with kicktails and tight corners to make the longboard dodge the obstacles.


If you are passionate about longboard skating , freestyle longboards can be your best friends. They are designed with symmetrical shape and kicktails to help you in any style of skating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions by skaters and beginners as well.

A longboard and a skateboard are almost two same things. When it comes to the difference, the longboard seems to be a bit longer than that of skateboards. It also has plenty of added features.

Yes, buying a longboard is quite worth it. You can perform a number of tricks with a single longboard.

No, the longboards are not that much expensive. They come in all price ranges. You can buy the one with your preferences. But the thing to remember is that you always have to pay more for the best.

Yes, it is best for the beginners. They can have a convenient ride with more space for adjustment of feet.

A longboard almost costs about $150 to $450.


Globe Pinner Classic: is a longboard with pro qualities. It is chosen due to its versatility and due to being lightweight. If you are looking for a good longboard, this can be the perfect one for you.

Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard: is one of the foremost longboards. It comes with kicktails hence good for beginners. Putting your hands on this longboard would not be a bad option.

Happybuy Mountainboard, 37”L Cross Country Skateboard, All Terrain Longboard: is considered to be a pro mountain board. It comes with huge gigantic wheels giving it the strength to climb up. Spending your money on this longboard would not be a bad idea. It is going to pay for its worth by giving a fun filled ride.

Hope that now you are able to buy any of the foremost longboards to take your skating experience at a pro level.

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