Best Snowboard Boots in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Snowboarding has become the new normal. Since the sport was invented there has been a lot of innovation in it. Snowboard shoes also have been innovated from time to time.

In the unbelievable strides of snowboarding snowboard boots are not an exception. From easy lacing to double boa, technology has developed.


Our Top Picks


DC Phase Snowboard Boots Mens

DC Phase Snowboard Boots Mens
  • Brand: DC Shoes
  • Flex Rating: 5/10
  • Closure Type: Traditional

Vans Hi-Standard OG Men’s Snowboard Boots

Vans Hi-Standard OG Men’s Snowboard Boots
  • Brand: Vans
  • Sole Material: Lug-sole
  • Outer Material: Nylon

Symbolic Ultra Light Black Snowboard Boots Mens

Symbolic Ultra Light Black Snowboard Boots Mens
  • Brand: Symbolic
  • Sole Material: Foam
  • Color: Black

Heading towards a mountain or enjoying a country glide, snowboard boots play an integral role in the development of the snowboarding experience. Grabbing the one suitable to your style can be a bit overwhelming. To help you out we have researched and tried some boots, here are a few pro snowboard boots for you with a buying guide to make it easier to put your hands on the best one.

Best Snowboard Boots 2023

After a sheer research, trying and testing, the following are the top hand-picked foremost boots listed to enhance your snowboarding experience.

1. Thirty Two Shifty BOA Womens Snowboard Boots

Thirty two shifty snowboards are specifically designed for the women who admire adventures and are in love with snowboarding. These are one of the best snowboard boots. The weight of the package is almost 1.76 kilograms.

Thirty Two Shifty BOA Womens Snowboard Boots

9.5/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Thirtytwo
  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Sole Material: Foam

The premium snowboard boot comes in a packaging of 17.2 * 14.68 * 5.39 inches. For the fixed comfort the pro snowboard boot is constructed with dual density intuition which gives proper support to the rider’s feet while snowboarding and has a soft flex to keep the rider comfortable and fatigue free.

The flex level of the snowboard boot is kept low which makes it a lot more forgiving and easy for beginners. It saved my day during my learning experience as i made a wrong move which was absorbed by my flexible boot to correct my posture.

The inner layer of the best snowboard boot is lined with micro fleece which keeps the foot heated. Except that it also gives proper warmth. I used these boots in winter and they kept cold far away from my feet with the comfort of gliding.

The BOA lacing keeps my boot fitted to my foot so that i can stay comfortable resulting in a fun adventurous experience. The footbed is made of super soft material. Soft footbed keeps my foot away from fatigue.

  • The snowboard boot is not expensive
  • It is available in two vibrant colors
  • The soft fleece inner boot bed keeps feet away from fatigue
  • The special bedding keeps the foot warm
  • Lacing is perfect to give my feet the perfect closure
  • The premium snowboard boot is only designed for women

2. Rossignol Pure Heat Womens Ski Boots

This foremost Rossignol snowboard boot comes with an attractive design. The premium boot package came in a dimension of about 16.61 *14.26 * 5.43 inches. It has a very low weight of about 4.71 kilograms. 

Rossignol Pure Heat Womens Ski Boots

9.4/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Rossignol
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Outer Material: Polyurethane

I got these shoes in a size of 23.5 which perfectly fits my foot providing sheer comfort. The main focus is kept on the rider’s comfort. The boot fit is specially designed to give all day comfort. It is highly developed for an increased skill level.

Apparently the shoes look great  with a royal look. On wearing it it gives a feel of warmth due to its special Therm-IC boot heater. The technology is stimulated in the liners which keeps cold away from feet and the liner is still soft enough to give comfort to the feet. The liner is rechargeable with a USB port.

The lower sole of the pro snowboard is designed to have a proper gripwalk. Walking on soft snow is much easier by wearing these boots. I can easily grip even on the softest part of snow under my feet. It feels like having command on what you are walking on.

  • The snowboard boot comes with a pre-developed insulation system
  • The insulation heater is rechargeable
  • The company offers premium snowboard shoes in versatile sizes
  • The proper lacing maintains a good fit over the feet
  • Its gripwalk technology will never let you slip over the snow
  • The snowboard boot is a bit expensive but will definitely pay off for its worth

3. Vans Hi-Standard OG Men’s Snowboard Boots

Vans are snowboard boots specially designed for the mens. The premium snowboard boots come in a dimension of 17.48 * 14.48 * 5.79 inches. It weighs about 2.38 kilograms.

Vans Hi-Standard OG Men's Snowboard Boots

9.8/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Vans
  • Sole Material: Lug-sole
  • Outer Material: Synthetic leather/nylon

The snowboard boots are sepcially designed for All-miuntain terrain and park or street snowboarding. The flex level for the premium snowboard boot is almost 4-5 points. Higher flex level makes it good to be ridden by begginers and intermediates.

The harness is designed to its lightest to keep effective support and keep the heel holded with V1 liner. The fatigue level of the feet is decreaaed due to the Single-density popcush which is soft enough to keep the feet of the rider comfortable.

Special instep flex zone comfort worked well to keep my ankle at a natural flexion level. V1 waffle lug outsole works great to increase the traction level and make me walk on even the softest part of snow.

Steping into the shoes gives a feel of warmth as the premium snowboard boot comes with a specific heat retination technology.

  • The snowboard gives a tight lock
  • These snowboards give an awesome feel while gliding
  • The well managed warmth system keeps the feet safe from the cold
  • Laces are interchangeable
  • Laces help to keep feet seated downwards
  • The inner sock is a bit bad but you may change it with the one you want

4. Salomon Ivy Women’s Snowboard Boots Black 5

Salomon is a premium snowboard manufacturing company. It works great to give a special gliding feel. These snowboard boots are specially designed for womens.

Salomon Ivy Women's Snowboard Boots Black 5

9.3/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Salomon
  • Color: Black

The snowboard boots come in a dimension of almost 18 * 13 * 6 inches with a weight of five pounds making it comparatively lighter and easier to carry as compared to other brands.

These advanced snowboard boots are specially designed for freestyle riding, as they are more flexible so suitable for the beginner to intermediate level riders. It has the ability to come over small mistakes with an ease to posture perfection while gliding through hard or soft snow.

With a feel of comfort the rider has a much more developed grip over the snow while gliding through the mountain due to its pro grip sole.

A custom fit pro liner and an ortholite C2 footbed are combined to keep the foot of the rider away from fatigue and give a fresh feel. It also works well to fit the feet like a pro. The IVY snowboard boots are embellished with premium quality laces which are good to fit my feet.

  • These snowboard boots are easy to use
  • The snowboard boots are very durable
  • The inner lining of the feet keeps the feet warm
  • Quality lacing works great to become a good fit over the feet
  • The jet black color with a pairing of off white heel makes it attractive
  • These pro boots are only designed for women

5. BURTON Zipline BOA Kids Snowboard Boots

Burton works on the fact that the snowboard boots are different for every rider. The company has designed pro snowboard boots for every age group and gender. A few months back I got the Burton zipline boots for my kid.

BURTON Zipline BOA Kids Snowboard Boots

9.6/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Burton
  • Insole Material: PU
  • Outer Material: Polyurethane
  • Shaft Height: 9 Inches

The weight of the snowboard was 3.33 pounds and had dimension of almost 17 *13 * 6 inches. The boots are a proper fit for my kid and look great due to its leather finishing in a pure jet black color.

My kid enjoyed riding on the snow with these snowboard boots and was even comfortable and fatigue free even after gliding for hours.

DynoLite outsole cushioning around the feet worked great for a weightless feel so my kid did not have any hustle to walk. Heat moldable imprint liner gives a customized fit and works great to support my kids’ feet.

The snow proof foot bed does not allow snow to enter the shoes which is good for my kid as it saves him from the cold. It also works great to reflect back the heat of the foot and maintain the warmth. BOA fit system is used instead of traditional lacing which gives a grip fit at my kids feet.

  • The snowboard boots are great as they completely fit my kids feet
  • The zip gives good control on your foot
  • The heel does not raise above which is good so that foot movement remains precise
  • The premium snowboard boots are made with high quality leather
  • The BOA system has a good dial for fitting
  • The BOA system cannot be changed if it gets damaged

6. Symbolic Ultra Light Black Snowboard Boots Mens

Symbolic black mens is a premium snowboard boot which works great to give you a pro adventurous gliding experience. I got these shoes in the size of ten which were very light in weight with a royal look. 

Symbolic Ultra Light Black Snowboard Boots Mens

9.7/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Symbolic
  • Sole Material: Foam
  • Color: Black

It weighs almost 45 ounces. The boot is enhanced with custom fit technology which works great for each and every individual. Precise size gives stability to the riders feet.

The outside of the boot comes with an articulated cuff which enhances durability of the boot and makes it perfect for prolonged use. The snowboard comes with a medium flex which makes it a pro snowboard boot to be ridden by professionals.

The easy traditional lacing is perfect to make it tight over the feet. Evolution foam technology gives proper cushioning to your feet.

  • Quality material is used
  • Good for men of all ages
  • The boots are durable
  • The boots are not that expensive
  • The boots work great in every terrain
  • The boots are a bit expensive but work great

7. DC Phase Snowboard Boots Mens

These DC shoes are considered to be one of the premium shoes. These shoes are available ib black color and fits easily to all the mens of any age.

DC Phase Snowboard Boots Mens

9.9/10 Our Score
  • Brand: DC Shoes
  • Flex Rating: 5/10
  • Closure Type: Traditional

The shoes have a medium flex which works great for intermediate level riders. The boots come with a UniLite outsole which makes it lightweight and makes you move faster. The insole is a snow basic insole which works great to give comfort and durability.

The responsive one liner used inside the comfort bed is soft and responds greatly to the feet of the glider. Easy to use traditional lacing system gives a good grip over feet.

  • The snowboard premium boot is waterproof
  • The pro snowboard boot is easy to carry
  • It has the perfect flex level
  • The snowboard boots are effective
  • These boots are good for maintaining warmth
  • The laces may break but can be changed

Best Snowboard Boots-Buying Guide

Following are the options on which you should definitely keep a note on before going to buy your best snowboard boots.

Gliding Track

Snowboard shoes are also specific for the type of surface on which you want to glide on. Although there are no specific backcountry boots in the market, still you should look for some features to make your snowboarding experience easier. While you are moving through a backcountry terrain you may need to move both uphill and downhill. Manufacturing of specific boots hence becomes tricky.


Whenever buying normal shoes or a slipper, size is the top must feature to choose precisely according to your foot. Same goes for the snowboard boots. Snowboard boots are classified into many categories. Snowboard boots vary in size and style for men, women and kids as well. The anatomy of each and every boot is difference.

If you are a woman the shoe you will get will have a more streamlined shape, flex and a narrower heel. The change is due to the change in anatomy of male and female foot. Women’s feet have shorter calf muscles which make them fit into short cuff shoes. This is more relaxing and comfortable for them.

Although women with a bigger foot size can find mens snowboard boots comfortable and same goes for the men. For more refined and precise performances women can go for shoes with more precise fitting and streamlining.

Tip: The size or fit of the shoes can vary from brand to brand so it is recommended to try before you buy.

You can also go to a professional to get the best measurements for your shoe size.


If you are buying the best snowboard boots for the purpose of backcountry or splitboard mountaineering this would be an integral part to focus on. It is basically rubber located at the underside of the boot to create grip over snow and ice while gliding.

Every boot comes with a different design outsole for increased traction. While looking in the market it is good to buy a boot with outsole comprising of well-vetted material and aggressive lugs so that you may easily move over the mountains.


Although the comfort is based on every snowboarder’s preferences, still a few features should be kept in mind in order to maintain the comfort while gliding over premium snowboard boots.

Footbed, liner, midsole and overall support plays the role in determining the comfort level of the best snowboard shoes. The best snowboard boot decreases the fatigue level while having a fun snowboarding experience.

It is better to buy a snowboard with foam midsole and dual density eva insole for a soft feel. The articulated cuffs provide comfort . All the above given features might reduce the stability level, so it is better to try the boots on and get the best.


The Flex level of snowboard boots incredibly affects the performance of a snowboard rider. Higher the flex more the reactivity, lower the flex low the reactivity.

As other facts, the flex level of a snowboard boot is also dependent on the preference of a snowboard rider. If the rider is at beginner level he should use a less responsive snowboard so that it can absorb small mistakes, while if the rider is at pro level he can use stiff boots to show his pro-efficiency.

Snowboards come in three flex ranges. Soft, medium and stiff. The stiffer boards are strong, durable but costly while soft boards are less expensive but might break on even a little pressure.

Liners And Footbed

Liner or footbed is a boot-shaped layer placed inside the shoe. These liners are constructed from EVA foam and malleable polymer to keep the shoe lightweight.

These liners are used to keep the air moving through the foot and to give a cushion feel with an increased comfort level. These liners are removable so that you can upgrade them with the latest model or they might be removed for cleaning purposes.


Lacing is an important part to keep on a note while buying your premium snowboard so that they may fit perfectly to the rider’s feet and give sheer comfort to them while riding.

Traditional snowboards have a certain system of laces while the new ones feature a single or dual zone BOA system. Some designs come with a mixture of some laces and BOA system. The choice completely depends upon the rider.


Some of the snowboards come with pro features and updated technology. A few companies have now developed features to keep the feet of riders warm and fresh as well. You must find a snowboard boot fitting in your budget and have all the features suitable for your terrain.


It is very important to pair the premium snowboard boots with a good pair of socks. Good socks with a blend of wool would be the best to keep feet fresh and warm as well. Hope now you know how to find the best snowboard boots for an awesome snowboarding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are special boots for snowboarding. Without proper snowboarding boots, the snowboarding experience remains half. These snowboard boots have stiff construction specially designed for ankle support and binding fit. They provide comfort and safety.

BOA can be called as the modification of laces or might also be known as the modern laces. The BOA system is a smart and patented closure system to pull out the safety of boots. In BOA laces, steel wires are connected with a knob. On turning the knob you get proper control on the shoes and can easily turn it according to need.

Mostly the feet of riders get numb in snowboard boots. In some of the cases the boot bought is a bit big and tightened hardly with laces. Pressure is exerted on the foot which blocks the blood flow. Closure of blood makes the feet numb.

Snowboard boots normally do not tend to hurt. If your boots hurt, this means you have bought the wrong size. Probably the snowboard boots are misfit for you. They are a bit smaller. The problem is not that big. Just make a hole in the boot liner and use a tape. This will give your feet some space to rest on.

Yes, BOA laces can break. The system will break eventually. But the plus point is that it might be interchanged with laces. Often spare laces are available with BOA system boots.


Following are a few snowboard boots which work great to keep my feet comfortable and help me attain the sheer snowboarding adventure.

Thirty Two Shifty BOA Womens Snowboard Boots come in a low price with premium quality which is great for every woman to use. If you are looking for good snowboard boots these are the best one.

BURTON Zipline BOA Kids Snowboard Boots proves to be the best snowboard boot for your kid. Buy it as the stocks might end soon.

Salomon Ivy Women’s Snowboard Boots Black 5 premium snowboard boots which work great. You should definitely get them.

Hope you know the best snowboard boots to fit you by now. Happy Winter.

Stay tuned for more.

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