Best Snowboard Gloves 2023 (Our Top Picks)

Snowboarding is considered to be an expensive sport. To enjoy the whole snowboarding experience it is necessary to have proper snowboarding gear.

Snowboard gloves are one of the important gear required to have a pro snowboarding experience. It is used to cover hands during a cold adventurous experience. It is mandatory to buy snowboard gloves with good insulation and grip as well.


Our Top Picks


BURTON Gore-Tex Gloves Mens

BURTON Gore-Tex Gloves Mens
  • Brand: BURTON
  • Color: Bog Heather
  • Material: Blend

Slashome Skiing Gloves, Snow Gloves

Slashome Skiing Gloves, Snow Gloves
  • Brand: Slashome
  • Color: Red Black
  • Sport Type: Outdoor

Waterproof Winter Ski & Snow Gloves

Waterproof Winter Ski & Snow Gloves
  • Brand: ALISXM
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Nylon, Cotton

To help you out here is a detailed description of premium snowboard gloves you must try.

Best Snowboard Gloves 2023

The following brands are listed after hours of searching in the market. I have tried all of these and they surely result in a premium adventurous experience.

1. SAVIOR HEAT Upgraded Heated Gloves Liners for Men and Women

SAVIOR is a famous company known for the production of heated gloves. These gloves are designed with innovation. The package came with a pair of premium snowboard heated gloves, two lithium batteries, one dual charger, drawstring storage bag, user manual and a gift box for a good presentation.

SAVIOR HEAT Upgraded Heated Gloves Liners for Men and Women

9.5/10 Our Score
  • Brand: SAVIOR HEAT
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: XX-Small

On holding the gloves they give a premium royal feel. Before getting these pro gloves my hands used to get numb while snowboarding. Since the day i wore them i haven fallen in love with its built in heating system.

These pro snowboarding gloves come with a three mode heating system which works great and allows me to choose the temperature of my choice. The problem of my hands being numb is solved by its large heated elements throughout the whole glove until the tip.

The elements spread the heat equally all over my hand. It takes only thirty seconds to warm my hands after being turned on. Its rechargeable batteries are good for a whole day. The inner part of the glove has a fleece lining which gives comfort , making it light and comfortable to touch.

The glove has a long sleeve which keeps the hands warm and can easily fit over the coat. The sleeve is equipped with a buckle and rope which gives a perfect fit over my wrists and prevents cold entering my hands.

The palm of the premium glove has a silicone gripper which saved my precious cell phone from falling down as they used to fall down before buying these. It is easy to use touch screens with special touch pads installed on the tips of fingers.

  • These premium snowboard gloves can be worn as a liner
  • The heating elements are designed for the comfort of people with cardiac problems
  • These gloves are good for typing, driving and running as well
  • These gloves are good to keep the arma warm as well as the hands
  • The material used for manufacturing is of good quality and lightweight as well
  • The gloves are a bit more expensive but worth buying

2. BURTON Gore-Tex Gloves Mens

I have been using pro imported gore gloves by Burton since last year. I can bet using these pro snowboarding gloves would never spoil your experience. The quality of material used is awesome. 

BURTON Gore-Tex Gloves Mens

9.9/10 Our Score
  • Brand: BURTON
  • Color: Bog Heather
  • Material: Blend

My hands used to sweat and made my gloves wet due to which i caught cold before switching to these Burton gloves. The fabric used in the gloves is Dryride which does not allow water to enter or stay in it. Two layers of dryride also make it breathable.

The inner layer of the premium snowboard glove is lined with brushed microfiber which works great to provide warmth and comfort to hands as well.

The palm is made woth material that provides good grip. Best of all the tips of fingers of these pro snowboard gloves are touch compatable which allows to use my cell phone while wearing them.

A secrect vent pocket is installed to keep the hands ventilated and also gives space to install a heater. The leash on the wrist makes a perfect fit.

  • The gloves come with an adjustable closure type
  • The premium snowboard gloves are highly insulated
  • These snowboard gloves are breathable so my hands feel fresh
  • The gloves are totally windproof so that no cold breeze comes to the hands
  • The best snowboard gloves are durable
  • The vent sometimes allows cold to enter the glove

3. Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove

Hestra is a company famous for its premium snowboard gloves designed specifically for freeriders and patrollers. I got these few months back for a snowboard class of five weeks.

Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove

9.6/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Hestra
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyester

The best part of the premium snowboard gloves is that these are composed of goat leather which makes it durable and gives it a great look as well. The backhand is made with triton fabric which makes it waterproof.

Its G-loft insulation technology keeps it insulated and maintains its warmth even in wet conditions. It works even in wet conditions.

The palm comes with eagle grip design enabling to maintain grip over things. The five finger design is specially made for increased dexterity on material. The wrist is fitted by the help of an elastic strap enclosed by a volcano strip.

  • The gloves are not that expensive
  • These pro gloves come with a safety leash
  • The gloves are designed to be water-proof
  • These gloves are terrific and warm
  • They fit perfectly over hands
  • The gloves provide less warmth

4. AstroAI Ski Gloves,Winter Gloves Men & Women Kids

AsroAi are gloves which are designed to give a comfortable ride for snowboarders. I bought these for me this snowboarding season and their use made me feel that buying them was worthwhile.

AstroAI Ski Gloves,Winter Gloves Men & Women Kids

9.4/10 Our Score
  • Brand: AstroAI
  • Sport Type: Cycling
  • Sole Material: Faux Leather, Nylon, Cotton

The gloves come in a jet black color and are good for its ergonomic design. The outer shell is composed of nylon which does not even allow a drop of water to enter it. I played with kids while making a snowman, my hands did not get even a bit of cold or moisture due to snow.

The palm part of the premium snowboard glove is made with reinforced leather which is durable, water-proof, wind resistant and adds to the style statement as well. The palm is further embolished with special anti-slip wave designs to have good grip over the ski poles. It helps to improve the safety of the snowboard rider.

The tips of the glove’s fingertips are embolished with touch screen pads. These touch screen pads make the gloves compatable for use with touch screen devices. The backside of the finger is embolished with a reflective logo to add up in your style statement.

A thread-tightening cuff is added to the wrist of the glove to ensure that no air enters towards the hands. These thread knitted cuffs also play a role in the fitting of the gloves. It creates a proper wrist band.

  • The pro snowboard gloves come with an anti lost buckle so that you do not lose you precious gloves.
  • The pro snowboard gloves are thick and water-proof as well.
  • The gloves are soft from inside and comfortable.
  • These gloves are warm enough.
  • The touch pad allows me to play games even with my gloves on.
  • These are a bit expensive but buying them would be worth it

5. Slashome Skiing Gloves, Snow Gloves

Slashome is a foremost snowboard gloves manufacturing company which works hard to provide quality snowboard gears. I got these for my sister and she loved them. The outer layer of the gloves is made with nylon. 

Slashome Skiing Gloves, Snow Gloves

9.8/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Slashome
  • Color: Red Black
  • Sport Type: Outdoor

This outer shell further has water-proof coatings to help the hands be safe from snow and water as well. It also keeps the snow away from hands.

The inner part of the snowboard glove has a TPU bag and arcyclic fiber cotton. The inner layer has further micro linings to keep the inner side of the glove comfortable for the rider.

The hand palm area is composed of high quality leather material and embolished with non-slip material to maintain dexterity. Combinig both it gives a great fine look.

The tips of the fingers are made with touch compatible material. This helps out in using touch screens while wearing gloves which helps to keep people safe from cold. These work with great efficency.

These pro gloves have a zipper pocket in which the rider can keep keys and other small essentials. The wrist area is fitted with drawstring closure to enable a perfect fit.

  • These gloves are wind and water-proof.
  • The gloves are touch compatible.
  • These gloves are made with premium workmanship.
  • These can be used for both skiing and climbing.
  • The gloves are awesome.
  • These are expensive but worth buying

6. Waterproof Winter Ski & Snow Gloves

I got these gloves a few months back and since then I have been trying them. Till now they have proved to be worth buying. These gloves are well known for their five layered designs. The outer shell is composed of the outer shell. 

Waterproof Winter Ski & Snow Gloves

9.7/10 Our Score
  • Brand: ALISXM
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Nylon, Cotton

This outer shell has a special coating which makes them water-resistant. The inner layers are designed to make the gloves maintain the insulation. The involvement of the TPU layer increases the resistance of gloves against water.

These layers are breathable and hence keep the hands of the riders fresh. Fluff lining has insulation and micro linings at the inner side.

The gloves are designed to meet the technology needs. The fingertips are touch compatible to operate devices with super ease.

  • The pro snowboard gloves are super fit
  • The gloves give a comfortable fit
  • These are thick enough to keep hands warm
  • It comes in a good jet black color
  • The pro snowboard gloves come in at a very low price
  • The gloves are a bit heavy

7. HighLoong Kids Waterproof Ski Snowboard Gloves

HighLoong has presented its foremost snowboard gloves which are premium due to their design and good making. I ordered this for my kids. 

HighLoong Kids Waterproof Ski Snowboard Gloves

9.3/10 Our Score
  • Brand: HighLoong
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Faux Leather

The snowboard glove is made with Faux leather and high quality ripstop to make it water and windproof as well. Pu leather is present on the palm area and provides good grip to the hands. The vent hole nearby in the glove works great for maintaining the freshness.

The gloves have a perfect design and are easy to put on and take off as well. The back side of the glove is reflective and easily visible.

The pro snowboard glove can be used for the following:

  • Sleeding
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Winter Cycling
  • Snowmobiling
  • Building snowman
  • Snow-fighting
  • The gloves are unisex
  • The product is durable
  • The product has a good lining inside it
  • It can be used for multiple purposes
  • The gloves are not expensive
  • These gloves are a bit smaller in size

Best Snowboard Gloves-Buying Guide

Before buying the premium snowboard gloves it is very important to know the features and then choose the correct one. Here are a few necessary details you must know before going to market for the purpose of buying a pro snowboard glove.

Gloves Or Mittens

Gloves and mittens are two different things with different usage results. Here is a comprehensive description on the features of all such gears. This would make it easier for you to choose the right one according to your snowboarding style.


Mittens are a bit different from gloves. The upper finger part is not separated, all the four fingers go in one compartment. Mittens are hotter than gloves due to the heat sharing of all the fingers but the drawback is that they have reduced grip over things that still go well while snow skating at very low temperature areas.


Gloves come with separate finger sections. They have a little bit of ventilation in them which acts great while skating at any high temperature area to avoid sweating. Due to good grip these should be used in sports where fixing boots or goggles is needed from time to time such as snowboard riding.


Lobsters are a combination of mittens and gloves. Two pairs of fingers fall in the same compartment which help to maintain grip over things and also works great in colder areas.


Some brands produce three in one products. These are types of gear which can be adjusted according to the rider’s choice. These work great in all weather conditions.

Size And Fit

It is very important to find gloves with a proper fit. The only solution is to try them on before buying. If the gloves are bigger than the hands they will become useless as they would not stop cold from entering towards hands.

It also decreases the dexterity which is the grip of hands over the things. If the gloves you buy are very tight, they will affect the movement of hands and will not cover the wrists.


If you are a phone addict it becomes very important to buy touch screen compatible gloves so that you can get rid of hazzle to taking off the glove before using any touch screen device.

These gloves are designed to maintain enough dexterity to operate a smart screen.These are much lighter than normal gloves.

Heating System

Some premium snowboard gloves come with a built in heating system equipped with a lithium ion battery. These gloves have an adjustable heat option to keep your hands warm while snowboarding and work great in very cold temperatures.

These gloves are a bit bulkier due to the inner installments and also expensive but are worth buying.


While snowboarding it is very important to resist water from the hands or any other body part. For this purpose, pro snowboard gloves are designed to be water resistant.

These gloves mostly come with a membrane of water proof material attached to the fabric which does not allow water to enter inside the glove. But the thing is that if your hand is sweating continuously the glove can get wet due to sweat or if snow enters in it. It is highly prescribed to be aware of snow or wet things to enter the hand.


Gloves are designed to be insulated so that the temperature does not enter the premium snowboard gloves during any cold or damp conditions. Two types of insulators are used in the manufacturing of pro snowboard gloves. Synthetic and Down. Both have versatile usage and different features.


Down is a lightweight material and maintains its insulation for more time. It is more costly than that of synthetic material but the only drawback is that it loses its insulation if it gets wet.


Synthetic insulators are a bit heavier than that of down insulators but are a bit cheaper. They  are good to have in damp places as they dry out fast.

Additional Features

Wrist Cinches are the type of locks held around the wrist to make a good fit with a secure feel. Some of the premium snowboard gloves come with Wrist leash instead of wrist crunch to offer the same function.

Leather Palms are used by some of the companies in the manufacturing process of pro snowboard gloves. These provide good grip and abrasion.

Thumb Wipes are installed in some of the best snowboard gloves for ease in cleaning purpose.

Some of the pro snowboard gloves come with long gauntlet cuffs which move over the whole hand so that hands are saved from water, snow and cold as well.

Hope now you know which gloves are best to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mittens are a type of gloves but are designed in a different way. These gloves do not have separate sheaths or openings for fingers but do have a separate sheath for the thumb. Mittens come with less dexterity but have more warmth. Snowboarders do not need that much grip so they enjoy warmth with mittens.

The gloves should not be too tight or loose. If they are loose the dexterity level becomes low while if they are tight they can be a barrier to the free movement of your hands. The gloves should be a proper fit to your hands. It is very easy to measure the right size at home with the help of measuring tape.

A nose wipe is a soft part of cloth designed on the gloves to clean the runny nose on a cold snowboarding day. Although it feels to be a bit nasty but is still better to use than that to find a tissue from pockets while snowboarding. It is a great feature added in premium snowboarding gloves.

Mittens are warmer than gloves. Gloves separate every finger from each other. While using mittens all the four fingers are closed in one sheath to make it more warm as the fingers keep each other warm.

Yes it is easy to ski with mittens. Skiing does not demand more dexterity hence it is better to enjoy a snowboarding ride with warmth.


SAVIOR HEAT Upgraded Heated Gloves Liners for Men and Women is one of the premium snowboard gloves and can also be used as a liner. It comes with heaters attached to justify the price. Be fast before the stock runs out.

AstroAI Ski Gloves,Winter Gloves Men & Women Kids are premium gloves with a soft feel which is waterproof as well. It is designed to be the best. Buy it to get quality experience.

Waterproof Winter Ski & Snow Gloves are super and come with good fitting. These should be a must buy in your Christmas wish list.

Hope you have ordered the best. Meet you in the next article.

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