7 Best Snowboard Helmets in 2023

Snowboarding is a hard sport to learn but can be carried out easily if you develop your skills properly and have proper gear. Helmets are one of the important parts of snowboarding gear.

Like other snowboarding gear, the best snowboard helmets are also different from the normal ones. They come loaded with a lot of features. These pro snowboard helmet features work great while having an adventurous snowboarding ride. They work great by not only protecting but also keeping the head warm.


Giro Ledge Snow Helmet

Giro Ledge Snow Helmet
  • Brand:  Giro
  • Inner Material:  Expanded Polystyrene
  • Item Weight:  0.91 Kilograms

TurboSke Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet

TurboSke Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet
  • Brand:  TurboSke
  • Inner Material:  Expanded Polystyrene
  • Outer Material:  ABS Plastic

MONATA Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet

MONATA Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet
  • Brand:  MONATA
  • Color:  Black
  • Inner Material:  Expanded Polystyrene

Tip: Wearing helmets is mandatory as it saves from snow injuries, keeps the body warm, saves from headache and also gives you a modest sportsperson look.


Best Snowboard Helmets In 2023

Here is a list of some snowboard helmets approved and marked by the pros and tested by me as well as many more snowboard riders as the best snowboard helmets.

1. Wildhorn Outfitters Highline MIPS Ski Helmet

Wildhorn is one of the foremost companies which provide quality and best snowboard helmets. Snowboarding is a passion for me but the fact safety comes first kept me searching for the pro snowboard helmets.  

Wildhorn Outfitters Highline MIPS Ski Helmet9.5/10 Our Score
  • Brand:  WildHorn Outfitters
  • Color:  Arctic White Silver
  • Item Weight:  1 Pounds

My search ended when I found these premium snowboard helmets by Wildhorn. The helmet is great to look at with its sleek design and lightweight to carry and wear which results in a more convenient snowboarding technology.

Secondly the pro snowboard helmet has MIPS technology to add up in the safety of riders head. This is good in case any external pressure is applied on the head. The helmet distributes the pressure so that it may not affect one specific part and cause serious injuries.

While I was snowboarding through a rocky and snowy track a few weeks back, I fell and bumped into a rock but due to the MPIS technology in this helmet I did not get injured.

The helmet fits properly due to the fidlock magnetic buckle. This buckle is soft to the chin and does not feel harsh to the neck. Its magnetic feature makes it easier to take off and put on even with heavy gloves on hands. The airflow technology helps to avoid overheating and sweat as well. In case of any sweat the XT2 liner absorbs it and makes you odourless.

The ear pads keep cold away from ears. Besides being warm these are also audio compatible which allows easy settlement of ear pieces making the adventurous snowboarding ride more fun with my favourite music. The special design keeps me warm while wearing this helmet. These are also fully compatible with the goggles.

  • This helmet comes with premium safety features to keep the rider safe
  • It is a warm helmet
  • Air vents are good to maintain freshness
  • This helmet fits nicely on my head
  • It has an amazing buckle with it
  • The helmet is a bit expensive but worth buying

2. Giro Ledge Snow Helmet

Giro is one of the famous brands which offers its best quality snowboard helmets to enhance the snowboarding experience. I bought these for myself and can bet that buying these helmets would be worth the money you will spend.

Giro Ledge Snow Helmet9.9/10 Our Score
  • Brand:  Giro
  • Inner Material:  Expanded Polystyrene
  • Item Weight:  0.91 Kilograms

The pro snowboard helmet is in a dimension of 13*10*9 inches which is a perfect fit for me and comfortable on my head as well. The self fit system makes it easy to wear and the adjustable soft strap holds the pro snowboard helmet in its place.

The outer part of the helmet is in bright colour to make it attractive and hard enough to keep my head safe from injuries. The inner part of the helmet is composed of polystyrene which makes the premium helmet capable of providing warmth and is soft and comfortable as well.

The helmet is compatible with my goggles. I have goggles of many brands, each of them goes perfect with this pro snowboard helmet. Not only the best snowboard helmet compatible with goggles but also its on-the-fly vertical turning makes it easier to put on and put off the goggles even while the helmet is on the head.

The stack vent is present on the front side of the helmet which maintains the atmosphere inside the helmet and keeps it fresh. Except that it also provides ventilation for the goggles and saves them from being foggy for clear vision.

  • The pro snowboard helmet is stylish
  • It is a warm helmet and feels like nothing on head
  • It is a great fit for my head
  • The pro snowboard helmet is very comfortable
  • It is very affordable
  • The buckle is a bit big

3. TurboSke Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet

Turboske pro snowboarding helmet is a treat for the snowboarding aficionados. It is best to provide safety during the adventurous snowboarding ride. I have been using this best snowboard helmet for the last few years and it is very satisfactory.

TurboSke Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet9.8/10 Our Score
  • Brand:  TurboSke
  • Inner Material:  Expanded Polystyrene
  • Outer Material:  ABS Plastic

The helmet is very lightweight and stylish to look at. Style and safety together, what a pair. The outer helmet is composed of ABS plastic which is lightweight yet very durable resulting in pro protection. The inner material of the premium snowboard helmet is composed of expanded polystyrene which gives comfort and warmth as well to keep you safe from cold outside.

All the helmets I used to buy were a lot bigger or smaller but the pro snowboard helmet has solved the issue with size adjustable dial. It easily tightens and loosen the helmet according to my choice. The magnetic buckle enhances the perfect fit with its easy insertion method.

The dual ventilation makes it an all season pro snowboard helmet. Using both vents maintains temperature while closing the front one and using the back one helps to keep sweat away while maintaining the warmth.

The preeminent snowboard helmet is goggles compatible and goes with all the goggles brands. It also has a goggle strap retainer which keeps the expensive goggles safe. The airpads used are not only there to maintain warmth but are also audio compatible to support the ear piece for my kind of music lovers.

  • The snowboard is adjustable
  • It has washable ear pads
  • It is audio and goggles compatible
  • It comes with a one year warranty
  • The product is durable with good quality
  • It is a bit cold if both vents are used

4. HUIONGS Snow Sport Helmets

Huiongs is not only a premium snowboard helmet but it can also be used for other sports such as skiing, cycling and skating as well. It is designed for both men and women. The pro snowboard helmet comes in all the vibrant colors to add up in style. 

HUIONGS Snow Sport Helmets9.3/10 Our Score
  • Brand:  HUIONGS
  • Color:  Black
  • Size:  Medium/Large

Mine one is jet black which I loved. The pro snowboard helmet has a quality construction with the use of ABS and EPS material making the helmet durable, shock resistant and double protective as well. The inner part is specially designed to provide warmth.

The pro snowboard comes with dual ventilation holes with a closer system. This feature has elevated my main concern. I used to get sweaty while snowboarding. Putting the helmet off was dangerous and cold as well.

With the dual closure ventilators I can easily open or close ventilation holes according to my choice even during snowboarding. The snowboard helmets are goggles compatible and pair well with all of my goggles. Ventilators also support the goggles and keep the fog away.

  • Premium material is used in the manufacturing of helmets to make it durable.
  • The best snowboard helmet is good to keep you warm and is sleek as well.
  • Its dual fit system works great to fit easily and safely.
  • The lining used is sweat absorbent and washable as well.
  • The helmet is very protective.
  • The helmet is a bit flimsy

5. Extremus Snowbound Ski & Snowboard Helmet

If you want to enjoy the winter sports with peace of mind that you are completely safe, Extremus would be the best option for you to choose. I got this helmet to elevate my safety concern and it proved to be the best.

Extremus Snowbound Ski & Snowboard Helmet9.6/10 Our Score
  • Brand:  Extremus
  • Color:  Black
  • Sizes:  All

The outer shell of this pro snowboarding helmet is made with polycarbonate material which makes this helmet shock absorbant and protective as well so that i don’t get any kind of head injury. The inner structure of the helmet is developed with the help of EPS foam which is helpful in maintaining the warm temperature inside the helmet and to give a comfortable fit.

The helmet was a bit bigger for my head. It adjusted my head but not that well, the size adjustment dial saved the day as it fitted the best over my head by it.The snowboard comes with special vents which are good to maintain warmth.

Earpads are removable which makes it easier to use the helmet in all seasons. The goggles also go well with this pro snowboard helmet.

  • All the linings and the pads are removable and washable for the maintenance purpose
  • The helmet is budget friendly
  • It comes in vibrant colors
  • The helmet is tough yet breathable
  • One touch strap buckle is easy to close and open
  • The helmet is not for kids.

6. TOONEV Ski Helmet – Snow Helmet

Toonev snowboarding helmet is pro safety gear while enjoying snowboarding and affordable as well. It focuses on the safety of people while maintaining the budget.

TOONEV Ski Helmet - Snow Helmet9.4/10 Our Score
  • Brand:  TOONEV
  • Item Weight:  500 Grams
  • Age Range:  Youth

The outer part of the helmet is composed of acrylonitrile polystyrene styrene which makes it hard, durable and shock absorbent as well. The inner layer of the premium snowboard helmet is made with fleece to provide warmth and polystyrene to add comfort effect while maintaining the warmth.

The front and back vents are good to adjust the temperature and maintain freshness. These vents also make the helmet to be used in all the temperatures.

The size can easily be adjusted with the adjustment buckle. The helmet is google compatible. I used to not wear goggles as they did not adjust with my helmet but now i can wear both due to the compatibility.

  • The helmet is certified
  • It is affordable
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • The helmet has removable air pads
  • It is adjustable
  • It is a bit bulky

7. MONATA Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet

Monata is a name of trust in the production of premium safety gear. I got their pro snowboard helmet to keep myself safe from any kind of injury. Buying this was never unworthy due to its pro protective features.

MONATA Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet9.7/10 Our Score
  • Brand:  MONATA
  • Color:  Black
  • Inner Material:  Expanded Polystyrene

The outer part of the helmet is composed of ABS material which is good at dividing the shock equally to all parts and saving from any kind of head injury. The inner part is made with expanded polystyrene which provides warmth and comfort at the same time making it a pro snowboard helmet. Polystyrene is further embedded with warm fleece lining to add up warmth.

For the purpose of micro adjustability size adjustment sung is used. This feature is a life saver. Wearing a loose helmet was always uncomfortable for me, this helped me and gave a secure feeling.

The vents make it breathable and temperature adjusted as well. The helmet is goggles compatible and has a retainer which acts as an anti loss agent. Before this I always used to loose my expensive goggles in the snow.

  • The snowboard is certified
  • It is lightweight
  • It is affordable
  • It is stylish
  • It can be carried easily
  • The strap is a bit bigger than normal

Buying Guide

Spending money on a perfectly fitted gear fulfilling all your needs would never be a bad choice. To get the best snowboard helmet as a rider it is mandatory to know the features and pick the one which suits all your aspects of riding and comfort as well.

To make this overwhelming task easier, here are a few features that you must look for before buying.

Composition of a Pro Snowboard Helmet

Snowboard helmets are typically composed of two parts. A shell and an inner liner. Use of premium material while composing the both is the key to get a good quality snowboard helmet.

The upper layer is called the shell of the helmet. The shell absorbs the shock and also spreads the outer energy. Its basic function is to give safety to the head from sharp edgy or hard material. It also protects the head from shocks and abrasions.

The inner layer of the helmet is made with an EPS foam. This foam plays a role in absorbing the shock. After a serious fall the helmet’s inner foam layer might damage so it is guided to change the helmet and discard the previous one.


The construction of a helmet is the most important feature to make it reliable and best for snowboarding as well. In the base of construction helmets are divided into two types.

The In Mould Construction is carried out in helmets resulting in a lighter weight but with less durability. In this type of construction the shell is directly attached to the foam in the single moulding process. Although the helmets have become much lighter, the durability has decreased.

The helmet made by the other way of construction is called the injection-moulded helmet. During the construction process the shell and the shock absorbing foam is made in two different processes and then attached together. These helmets are more durable but a bit heavy.

For making the warmth of best snowboard helmets adjustable according to buyer’s requirement an extra ear padding is given to be attached in case of need.

Perfect Size and Fit

For the utmost comfortable riding conditions it is highly suggested or you may say it to be mandatory to take the right fitted helmet. If the helmet is too tight that may not fit your head or if it fits might block the veins resulting in a foetal condition. In case it’s too big might slip down while having an adventurous snowboarding ride.

For the measurement of the correct helmet size the selling websites are aided with size charts. Follow those charts. Use measuring tape to measure by keeping the tape on the widest part. The helmet should never cover the eyes so that it may not block vision.

If you are visiting the store physically, it is better to try the helmets on. Trying these on with googles would also be best while the selecting process to compare the compatibility. The helmets should always come on the top of the goggles resulting in added warmth and to give clear vision with comfort.

The strap of the helmet should come closely tied to the neck so that it may not come off and should be added up with a comfortable fabric so that it does not pinch your throat. The strap should have a bit of space to chew or eat without any interruption.

Best Snowboarding Helmet’s Accessories

To add up to the comfort of riding a snowboard while wearing a helmet, following are a few accessories you must look for a best snowboarding helmet to have.

Hard Case

The quality snowboarding helmets should come with hard cases to keep them if not being used. This would save them from scratches, any kind of damage and from being dirty. It also makes it easier to carry the premium snowboard helmets.


Vents are the most important feature to look for before buying your best snowboard helmet. If you do not look for them before buying you will probably end up in continuous use of helmets for temperature adjustment. The main function of the vent is to throw out the warm air and let fresh air enter into the helmet for fresh air.

Camera Stands

A few helmets come with a stand for GoPro. These stands can also be used to adjust cameras to film your adventurous experience. These are a new addition to the family of best snowboard helmets.

Googles Compatibility

The helmets you buy should be compatible with goggles. To check it out it is better to wear both for a comfortable ride.


Some of the helmets come with special built in radios or mp3 speakers which can be easily connected to the cell phones and work great to enjoy music during a fun filled snowboard riding.


It is better to look for helmets with detachable liners so that you can use them to cover the ears in case of very cold weather.

Protection Assurance

In order to check out if your helmet is reliable enough to protect you from injuries and such other conditions it is better to put your hands on a helmet which is certified by authorities. It is better to check if it has ASTM F2040 or CE EN1077 certification stamps.

Hope now you have learned all the details about buying the best snowboard helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions so that the answers might help you out in the purchase of premium snowboard helmets.

Yes, it is very important to wear a helmet before snowboarding. It saves from almost 60 percent of snowboard injuries which occur during the sport. Safety comes first.

Snowboard helmets are traditionally designed to keep you warm and safe as well. If you are enjoying snowboarding in warm weather, it is still mandatory to wear helmets. So it is better to buy one which supports three seasons.

Technically snowboard helmets are designed to keep your body warm. If you have a perfect fit helmet it is not needed to wear a beanie underneath.

MIPS stands for multi-directional impact system. It is the latest technology introduced in the pro snowboard helmets. In this technology a slip plane is used inside the helmet which is designed to reduce rotational forces that result from external impacts.

A high quality snow helmet may cost from $100 to $300. Some of the specific helmets might cost from $50-$150.


Giro Ledge Snow Helmet: is a pro snowboard with great features. Buying this would never be a bad idea. Go before the stock runs out.

TOONEV Ski Helmet – Snow Helmet: is a helmet at an affordable price and great adjustment. It sells like hot cakes. Grab it before the stock ends.

TurboSke Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet: is one of the pro snowboard helmets to provide safety, style and comfort as well at a very low price. Grab yours now.

I hope that by now you have found your desired helmet. See you next time. Happy winters.

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