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Everything expensive or cheap works on the fact how much they are protected. Keeping things secure increases their life.


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OCEANBROAD Surfboard Longboard Bag

OCEANBROAD Surfboard Longboard Bag
  • Size: 60 x 22
  • Sport Type: Surfing

UCEDER Pool spa Part Lightweight Board Bag

UCEDER Pool spa Part Lightweight Board Bag
  • Brand: UCEDER
  • Size: 60
  • Color: Black and White

DORSAL Board Bag Travel Day Surfboard Cover

DORSAL Board Bag Travel Day Surfboard Cover
  • Brand: DORSAL
  • Size: 8²
  • Color: Black/Gray

Surfboard bags are a mandatory accessory. They are important while traveling. Besides keeping the board secure they also make it easier to carry it and its accessories.

The surfboards bag can be used to protect the board from sun rays, scratches, sun damage, and minor dings.

Best Surfboard Bag 2023

After thoroughly researching the market I have found a few bags meeting all the needs and are also good at the quality for you people.

1. Pro-Lite Wheeled Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag

I was exhausted from switching bulky boards from here to there until I discovered a Pro-Lite wheel bag. The bag comes with wheels making it much easier. Now you can pull the weight easily instead of carrying it.

Pro-Lite Wheeled Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag
9.3/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Pro-Lite
  • Size: 66
  • LxWxH: 30x30x13 inches

Hence this surfboard bag is counted to be one of the pro bags. High-quality tough roller wheels are added up for an easy pull. The board has a dimension for 3-4 short surfboards. It comes in a depth of 10″ and a width of 25″ enough to even support a guest board.

The bag itself weighs almost 26-30 lbs when empty. The weight may vary with a change in size. The bag has a precise cutting from inside to support three equal-sized boards. It also comes with a free surfboard separator inside to keep your surfboards organized.

The inner side of the bag has a 10mm lining of danier poly and foam. This covering makes the bag become heavy-duty and water resistant to some extent. Making the bag durable adds up the feature of shock absorbance to keep the boards safe from any kind of external pressure.

The inner side of the board bag has special rubbers to protect the nose and tail of the surfboards. These don’t even allow a scratch to come on the board. Separate small packing bags are also present inside to keep the boards safe. The vent is kept in the bag to allow airflow. Continuous airflow will keep the board cool.

Premium quality zippers are used to lock the pockets. These zippers are non-corrosive hence easy to open. The surfboard bag has multiple fin pockets increasing the storage. These pockets are installed to keep small board accessories such as surfboards wax remover, comb, and scraper.

A specialized pocket is present in the bag to store wax. This key pocket is almost temperature resistant. Besides the wax pocket, a large exterior pocket is also added to keep things like surfing clothes, etc. Exterior side pockets are also present to tie down the extra straps making the bag less messy.

Despite having wheels the board also has shoulder straps in case you need to carry the bag. These straps have an efficient velcro closure system. The hook-to-hook closure package makes it safer. Other straps like hanging and side straps to carry it sideways are also available on the board.

  • The bag has good security features
  • Pro-quality material is used in the bag
  • Good quality wheels are installed for a smooth pull
  • The bag has a large space to keep the boards
  • The bag can easily fold in thirds if empty
  • The bag itself is a little heavy

2. OCEANBROAD Surfboard Longboard Bag

Oceanboard is one of the pre-eminent companies in making surfboard accessories. Their bags are designed to protect the surfboards from sun rays and scratches especially while traveling. The board is categorized as a shoulder strap bag. 

OCEANBROAD Surfboard Longboard Bag
9.9/10 Our Score
  • Size: 60 x 22
  • Sport Type: Surfing

It has good quality shoulder stripes soft enough that dont feel harsh on the shoulders. The buckle on the straps gives a pro feel of safety while carrying. The detachable strap can be removed if you want to carry the bag by hand.

The bag comes in a size of  60 x 22, to  61 x 23; a pointed head and a tail. It will  suit all the boards with the same shape condition. In case your board comes with fins it has special space to adjust the fins out of the bag.

Coming to the material the bags upper surface layer is made with reflective shells which make the bag waterproof and also does not allow the sun rays to reach the board. The inner layer is padded with 5mm foam for shock absorbance and to save the surfboards from scratch.

An extra 8mm foam is provided at the points of the head and tail to keep these sensitive parts protected. Except for the use of good material it also has great box-stitched patches saving the board from dings.

Zinc zippers are used to cover the pockets. These zippers are attached with a 4cm padded flap. This flap saves the rubbing between the board and zippers. One inner pocket and an outer pocket are attached to keep extra space.

  • The bag is lightweight
  • It is foldable
  • The bag has extra space for fins
  • The bag can easily reflect sun rays
  • The bag is quite comfortable
  • The space to keep the accessories is very little

3. Pro-Lite Session Surfboard

The Pro-Lite session is designed especially for daily use. It is specifically made for the recession series. The bag is available for any kind and shape of the board. 420d super light ripstop nylon is used to make the upper layer of cover. 

Pro-Lite Session Surfboard
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Pro-Lite
  • Size: 66
  • Sport Type: Sport

The gubbins are favorable to provide strength and make the bag waterproof. It can also resist rays to a point saving the surfboards from heat. The whole surfboard bag is lined with 5mm foam from the inner side giving the board protection and safety. The most amazing feature is that the bag has a secret stance pocket in the front. The pocket is not seen hence can be used as a secret space.

The board has a flip-flop opening in the nose area so that you can easily slide the board inside the bag. The zippers are of great quality and non-corrosive. These marine-grade slippers keep the zipper movement smooth.

The paddle shoulder strap system comes with a comforter to save you from sour shoulders. The connection system is detachable so that you may keep it in pockets if not being used. The bag comes with a good ventilation system to keep the board safe. The bag features a session comfortable handle in case you need to carry it.

  • The bag has a good decent amount of padding
  • The bag is durable
  • It is thick enough to carry daily
  • The bag fits the board like a glove on the hand
  • The quality of the bag is great
  • The bag is a little expensive

4. UCEDER Pool spa Part Lightweight Board Bag

Uceder Pool Spa part is a lightweight surfboard bag giving protection to surfboards. The bag is categorized as a sock bag. It is quite a simple bag with good quality at less expense. The surfboard bag is available in every size and color.

UCEDER Pool spa Part Lightweight Board Bag
9.8/10 Our Score
  • Brand: UCEDER
  • Size: 60
  • Color: Black and White

It can be suitable for any kind of surfboard such as fish, funboard, or longboards. The bag is made with sock material providing surfboard protection while traveling from home to the surf area.

The nose area of the bag is covered with special stretch fabric to keep the nose of the pro surfboard safe from sun rays and scratches.

The inner side of the surfboard bag has a pocket at the bottom to keep all the stuff like wax and comb. The mouth of the bag is closed with the rope lock to keep the bag safe.

  • The surfboard bag is very lightweight
  • It is good for transportation of the board at small distances
  • The surfboard’s bag is inexpensive
  • The surfboard bag gives good protection to the board
  • There is a secret pocket inside the inner surface of the bag to give good space to keep your stance
  • The surfboard bag is not good for traveling long distances

5. Wave Tribe Surfboard Bag

The wave tribe surfboard bag comes in a good attractive design with a surfboard-specific skull graphics feature on it. The surfboard bag has good features at a lower price. The wave soak is designed after well-done research.

Wave Tribe Surfboard Bag
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Material: Recycled PET,Hemp
  • Size: 56 Mini
  • Color: Black and White

Ten years of research were done to develop and create the surfboard soak. The board was launched in the market after being tested by many surfers worldwide. Except for a good design the surfboard sock bag comes with quality features. It can easily keep sand away from your worthy surfboards.

The sock is available in every size and shape. You can order it for any kind of surfboard. Just keep in mind about the size and shape of the nose if it is pointed, round or hybrid. The sock is stylish, protective yet eco-friendly. All the material is biodegradable. It is used keeping in view the safety of the environment.

Quality good graded material is used in the manufacturing of the sock. This material helps the bag to make it protective against uv rays. It also acts as a shock absorber. The material helps to keep the board safe from the scratches.

A specific 5mm padding material is used to protect the nose of the surfboard. The fabric is stretchable to precisely fit the surfboards. The outer mouth of the surfboard is closed with the help of a drawstring. The drawstring gives a tight fit to the surfboard.

  • The surfboard bag is made up of tough material
  • The bag fits a wide range of surfboards
  • The surfboard bag is lightweight
  • Quality material saves it from damage and scratches
  • The board bag comes in a good price range
  • The board sock has only the ability to carry one board

6. DORSAL Board Bag Travel Day Surfboard Cover

The Dorsal board bag is well known for its pro features. It has a lot of features in one. It has a lot of features in one sturdy package. The bag is good, lightweight, and attractive. At an attractive price, the bag gives good protection to your surfboard.

DORSAL Board Bag Travel Day Surfboard Cover
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Brand: DORSAL
  • Size: 8²
  • Color: Black/Gray

You can use it to walk with your board on the road or travel through small distances within the city. The surfboard bags are available in various sizes. It can be used for any form of skateboards such as fishtail etc.

The lining used to compose the internal structure of the bag is UV resistant. It saves the board from any kind of ultraviolet radiation. It acts as a protective coating against sunlight. The sidewall of the surfboards is made up of the expanding material to give space to the corners to adjust.

The internal structure of the surfboard has a tail divider with a specific kind of material to save the board from scratches. 600 D polyester is enforced on the nose cone and gives resistance from UV rays scratches, and saves the board in case of any kind of pressure.

The inner pocket composed for the wax has specific material with thermal resistant features protecting the wax from melting. The bags come with two carrying options. One is a pro-quality shoulder strip with specific padding to give comfort to the shoulder while carrying.

The other is a neoprene padded handle used to carry the bag in hand. Neoprene the synthetic rubber helps in making the bag lightweight and is durable enough to bear all the weather conditions.

  • The board is inexpensive
  • It supports the fins
  • Has good internal linings inside the surfboard
  • It provides a better fit for every kind of surfboard
  • The surfboard is lightweight
  • The validity of the usage of bags is to very small extents. It can be used in, lightweight only little road traveling

7. Dakine Recon Surf Thruster Travel Bag – Carbon

The Dakine surfboard comes in a carbon color and at one size. These surfboards can be used for one board to travel long distances. The bag has the ability to keep two surfboards at a time. Placing the second surfboard hides the first surfboard.

Dakine Recon Surf Thruster Travel Bag - Carbon
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Sport Type: Sport
  • Color: Carbon

The board is composed of mixed materials. It contains 65% Polyester, 14% Neoprene, 13% Nylon, 7% Spandex, 1% Polyurethane. Polyester helps to make the bag wrinkle-resistant and stain resistant making it easy to clean. Neoprene makes the bag able to support heavy items. It is water-resistant and can survive every weather condition.

Nylon makes the bag tensile and avoids friction. Spandex helps to increase elasticity and durability. Polyurethane makes it cut resistance and oil resistance. These all materials combine to make the surfboard bag highly stable and durable. 600D diamond is a pro fabric used in the composition of bags to make it lightweight and more durable.

Closed cell foams are installed so that the board might be kept safe from heat and UV rays. High graded non corrosive zippers are used with internal rail protection making it easy to open and close without catching the fabric in it. A side strip is used to carry the bag along with its whole weight.

  • It can manage to fit three boards
  • The quality of the bag is great at this price
  • The bag has a good amount of padding in it
  • The bag is stitched neatly with good craftsmanship
  • It works perfectly during international travel
  • The capacity is less three boards fit too close

Best Surfboard Bag-Buying Guide

You might have been saving for your surfboard for a long time. Now it is the time to spend all your savings. It would be very important for you to spend your hard earned money in the right place and keep it safe too.

Going on road trips or traveling by air with your surfboard can be difficult. It is very important to keep your surfboard safe. For this purpose it is very important to buy a surfboard bag. You surely need to buy a bag if you don’t want to get your surfboard in two pieces.

Surfboard bags come in different shapes and types such as surfboards. It is very important to get the right bag for a surfboard.

To help you get the right surfboard I have compiled a few facts that you must know before buying in order to buy the best.

Size Of Bag

Surfboard’s bags are available in a huge range. It is very important to choose the right bag for your surfboard. You have to choose a surfboard bag coordinating  with your surfboard. It is very important to choose the right size of the surfboard bag as in order to keep protection the board should precisely fit the bag.

Most of the companies manufacture their bags according to the size of surfboards. You should choose one in which fins can fit into spaces made for them. If it is hard to put your board in a bag it is too small. According to the thumbs law always buy a bag one thumb more in length than that of your board.

Shape Of Bag

The bag should have a good shape like your surfboard. If you have a fishtail surfboard you should look for a bag supporting fishtail surfboards. If you have a small surfboard you need a mini bag. You should buy a big bag for long surfboards.

Choosing The Right Type

In Virtue to find the right board for you, focus on your lifestyle. Your lifestyle will clearly determine your preferences for surfboard’s bag.

Surfboard Socks Cover

are good for buying as they are less expensive. You can buy them if you travel very less or while keeping your surfboard at home. It is lightweight yet protective.

Day Bags

These are made up of thick material but are very light weight. You can keep them at home or to travel by road. They have the capacity of one surfboard mostly.

Travel surfboard’s bag

It is normally more protective and varies in padding. Number of boards depends upon the size of bag you buy. Except these Coffin Bags are also available in the market with more protective features and space. They are easier to carry due to wheels.

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, it is very important to keep your surfboard protected with the help of a surfboard bag. Many companies nowadays design their surfboard bags related to the size of the surfboard.

A small or tight surfboard bag can damage your surfboard or it can become difficult to adjust the surfboards in the bag. The rule of buying a surfboard bag always says to buy a little longer and wider from the original surfboard.

Yes, you can. But still don’t forget to put wet towels on your board to keep it cold and protect it from sun rays.

Whenever you are traveling you can put your surfboard, extra fins, and wax in the bag.

A surfboard bag should be almost 10 mm thick giving space for air to travel. It should have a lot of padding to keep the board safe.


All the boards come in a good quality but here are a few handpicked surfboard’s bag for you.

Dakine Recon Surf Thruster Travel Bag: is a pro surfboard bag. It is not that expensive but still has good features. Go grab it now.

Pro-Lite Wheeled Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag: is an ultra pro surfboard bag with extra protection and can easily be carried due to wheels. If  you mostly travel by air buy it, this is made for you.

Wave Tribe Surfboard Bag: It is a different bag from others and is shaped like a sock. You should buy it surely if you travel less.

I hope you have learned a lot about surfboard bags. Grab your favourite now before the stocks run away.

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