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Nothing can be more comfortable to ride to a beach with your quality surfboard on a bicycle. Bicycles are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to travel. It is an environmentally friendly transport and even a way to keep your body and mind fit. Besides this, riding a bike and hopping through the traffic is also fun.


Our Top Picks


Ho Stevie! Scooter/Moped Surfboard Rack

Ho Stevie! Scooter/Moped Surfboard Rack
  • Brand: Ho Stevie!
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Service Type: Scooter

must-haveSikawai Surfboard Bike Rack Surf Bicycle Mount Holder

Sikawai Surfboard Bike Rack Surf Bicycle Mount Holder
  • Brand: Sikawai
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black

Yaegoo Surfboard Bike Rack Wakeboard Bicycle Surfing Carrier Mount

Yaegoo Surfboard Bike Rack Wakeboard Bicycle Surfing Carrier Mount
  • Brand: Yaegoo
  • Service Type: Bicycle
  • Fit Surfboards: up to 8 Inch

If you are planning to ride on a bike with your surfboard it is going to be a difficult task. A must have accessory in such a condition is a good surfboard bike rack. Riding without one can be dangerous for both you and your precious surfboard.

Carrying a surfboard while riding may cause imbalance and you might fall. Other than that, the surfboard may also slip from your hand and fall into pieces. Keeping a view of all these conditions, a surfboard bike rack can also be referred to as a piece of safety equipment.

A surfboard bike rack is an equipment that can be attached to your bike to carry the surfboard without disturbing the balance. A safe and comfortable place for your board to rest on your bike will give you a comfortable ride. A surfboard bike rack is specifically designed to keep in view the point of giving enough space to paddle to the rider.

Surfboard bike racks are designed to carry any kind of surfboard with any weight or shape easily. All these comforts make your way to the beach comfier.

Best Surfboard Bike Rack 2023

To make your buying easy, here are a few pro racks you must buy to ride to your beach. All of these are trusted and tested.

1. Ho Stevie! Scooter/Moped Surfboard Rack

Ho Stevie is a company which is famous for the manufacture of pro-quality bike racks. It comes in 16.5 x 9 x 4.5 inches size and has a small weight of 5.5 pounds. Ho Stevie moped rack is an easy and comfortable way to take your surfboard with you while riding a two Wheeler. 

Ho Stevie! Scooter/Moped Surfboard Rack
9.9/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Ho Stevie!
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Service Type: Scooter

It gives a feeling of safety to expensive surfboards. This model of the pro company can be attached to all kinds of scooters and bikes. The point of attachment for this pro surfboard rack is the rear cargo rack. Your only job is to fix it tightly with a cargo rack so it does not detach on a heavy load, keeping the surfboard safe.

The rack is made with aluminum. Aluminum makes the rack durable and also saves it from cracking. It also keeps the rack lightweight. The aluminum would not let the rack corrode. Paint from the rack would not undergo decolorization as it is done by the ionization method. By this method, the paint sticks to the rack.

The arms are covered with good-quality foam to protect the surfboard from scratches. Foldable career arms are stretchable too. They can easily stretch according to the size of surfboards, giving them ease and a scratchless ride.

  • Career arms can easily be adjusted according to your surfboard
  • You can take the surfboard without a bag or sock
  • Foam covered arms protect the surfboard from any kind of dings or scratches
  • Arms are foldable so you can fold them if not being used to reduce obstruction
  • Comes with free bungee cords
  • The rubber coated bottom does not work well

2. Sikawai Surfboard Bike Rack Surf Bicycle Mount Holder

Sikawai is a pro one of the foremost companies. It is famous for its topmost quality bike racks. The rack comes in a Ž 16.81 x 8.58 x 3.03 inches package and has a small weight of about 3.17 pounds.

must-haveSikawai Surfboard Bike Rack Surf Bicycle Mount Holder
9.8/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Sikawai
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black

This rack is suitable for all kinds of biwheelers such as Road bikes, Mountain bikes, BMX etc. This surfboard rack brings many ease to the life of the surfer. Living near to a beach is a fortune. If nature has made you fortunate enough then you should pay it back by showing care for it.

Riding a bike keeps nature safe. Take your bike with a Sikawai rack on it and paddle freely to the beach. Sikwai keeps a focus on the quality of their racks. Their racks are made up of aluminum hence are lightweight.

Using aluminium metal makes it lightweight and non-corrosive.The arms of the rack are protected by a specific kind of foam. This foam saves the surfboard’s deck from any kind of scratch.

The process to install the rack is very easy. Just press down the spring lock and mount it to the seat post of the bike. Insert the arm and find the best location. Fix it with elastic rope.

  • The quality of the product is great
  • It comes with all the bolts
  • It has all the accessories such as bolts with it
  • It comes with a warranty
  • The rack comes with an installation guide
  • If it is not assembled correctly it may slip

3. Onefeng Sports Surfboard Scooter Moped Bike Rack

Onefeng is one of the foremost companies which carries out the development of sports. The company has earned its name by not only using quality material in their products but also for their developed designs and making.

Onefeng Sports Surfboard Scooter Moped Bike Rack
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Onefeng Sports
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Service Type: Scooter

The surfboard rack comes in 21.25 x 3.54 x 9.84 inches dimension. the weight of the rack is 5 pounds and can take a load up to 45 pounds. Almost a surfboard of 8 feet can be kept in it. The rack works with most bikes, motorbikes, and scooters. The rack mounts to the rear cargo of your two-wheeler. It is very easy to install. You just have to clamp it.

The carrier is made up of aluminum and is very lightweight as well as durable. It comes only in black color.  The rack works for years without getting damaged. The pro surfboard bike rack is easy to install and can be handled easily. Being lightweight makes it easy to use by anyone.

Carriers arms are designed to keep a view of all the safety measures. The arms are adjustable hence suitable for any kind of surfboard.

These arms are covered with quality foam to save the board from any kind of scratches. Bungee cords are attached to keep the surfboard safe as a baby. In case when you are not using the rack, you can easily fold it for ease.

  • The rack is very inexpensive
  • It comes in good quality
  • Extra Bungee cords are attached to the back to keep the surfboard safe
  • It can take a good weight
  • The arms of the rack are adjustable
  • Screws should be tightened otherwise they may wear out

4. ENZZONE Longboard Surfboard Bike Rack

Ennzone manufactures its racks, keeping the whole scenario of riding safely towards the surf spot in view. The rack comes in a dimension of 17.2 x 11.38 x 2.87 inches and weighs about 4.45 pounds.

ENZZONE Longboard Surfboard Bike Rack
9.3/10 Our Score
  • Brand: ENZZONE
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black

Their pro racks are made with aluminum which keeps them lightweight and still gives strength to carry up to a 9 feet longboard. These racks are good for all kinds of bikes such as electric bikes. These racks are even adjustable to the bicycles.

These racks carry your surfboard easily to the beach and are safe to handle. Being safe is not the only quality, they are also easy to Install. The rack is one side rack that has one arm covered with foam. These foams save your surfboard from rubbing which results in scratches.

  • Comes in multiple fitting options
  • It has easy to install hardware
  • It gives an easy cruise feel while riding with a surfboard
  • The rack comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Good quality foam is attached to the rack’s arm
  • The rack is a bit expensive

5. Cenipar Surfboard Bike Rack

Cenipar is one of the famous industries in making surfboard bike racks. These bike racks are of pro-quality as the company pays special attention to the formulation and design. The rack comes in a size of Ž 16.77 x 8.46 x 3.07 inches and weighs about 3.2 pounds. 

Cenipar Surfboard Bike Rack
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Sikawai
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Service Type: Bicycle

It can transport a surfboard of 8 feet. The surfboard is made up of aluminum and foam. Aluminum sustains the ability to avoid corrosion. By using aluminum the weight of the product is reduced and it also gives durability to the rack. Both arms are composed of aluminum and covered with foam.

Foam coverage saves the surfboard from any kind of scratches. Arms are adjustable according to the size of the surfboard. The rack is suitable for all kinds of bikes. There are two bungee wires attached to the rack. These bungee wires give extra support to the surfboard.

  • The rack is easy to Install.
  • It gives support to a vast range of bikes.
  • The rack is very inexpensive.
  • The rack is covered with good-quality foam.
  • Extra wires provide safety to the surfboard.
  • There is no set of instructions in the package

6. Newcod Surfboard Bike Rack

Newcod develops good quality bike racks. The main motto of the company is to save your money from the gas expenditure. The diameter of the package is 17.3*18.3*4.3 inches. The packaged weight is about 3.97 lbs. 

Newcod Surfboard Bike Rack
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Newcod
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Fit Sufboard:  8 feet long

The package comes with a surfboard bicycle rack, 1 Fix mount, 2 wrenches,8 screws, and one manual. The product is suitable for every kind of bike. You can use it with a simple bike or a mountain bike. The product comes in black color and is made up of aluminum. Aluminum keeps the product lightweight and stable.

On the other hand, it also provides strength to the rack. The carrier arms are adjustable and covered with foam. Foam is a shield between the aluminum rack and the surfboard. It stops the arms from rubbing and scratching the surfboard. The arms have bungee cords attached to them. These cords give them special support.

  • The board rack comes in good quality.
  • The surfboard rack has good quality aluminum used in it.
  • It gives a good grip on the surfboard.
  • The surfboard does not cost more.
  • The bungee cords are of good quality.
  • The arms do not get enough tightness

7. Yaegoo Surfboard Bike Rack Wakeboard Bicycle Surfing Carrier Mount

Yaegoo manufacturers some of the foremost bike racks. These bicycle surfboard carriers are quite good at carrying surfboards to their destination. These racks are designed to fit most of the bicycles. Not all but it can carry most of the surfboards. 

Yaegoo Surfboard Bike Rack Wakeboard Bicycle Surfing Carrier Mount
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Yaegoo
  • Service Type: Bicycle
  • Fit Surfboards: up to 8 Inch

These racks can easily take a surfboard up to eight feet. These racks make the bicycle stable by giving it strength and width. These racks are made with a clever design so that the surfboard and bike do not rub with each other.

The jet black aluminum composition is covered with foam resulting in a perfect surfboard rack. These racks are capable of providing a safe ride to the surfboard without even a scratch.

  • The surfboard bike rack is lightweight
  • Its jet black color makes it attractive
  • The rack is pocket-friendly
  • Upper foam protects the surfboard
  • These surfboard racks are easy to install
  • Mount holes are big and need to be filled with PVC pipes

Best Surfboard Bike Rack-Buying Guide

Before searching for the most suitable bike rack it is very important to keep a few factors in view. These factors will surely affect your ride to and from the sea.

Following are the important factors to keep notice of.

Material And Construction

Environmental factors should be kept in view before buying anything. In the case of surfing equipment, most of them are used in coastal areas. Racks made with steel are more likely to get rusty. In such cases, aluminum racks would be the best option.

Lightweight racks should be preferred that of heavy racks. Heavy racks make the riding experience ridiculous. So, keep an eye on the material of the product you are buying.

Style Of Racks

Surfboard’s bike racks can come in different styles. Each of them have different functions. You should choose the one fulfilling your preferences.

Here are a few types of surfboard racks.

1)Side Mount Rack

These are the most commonly found and used surfboard bike racks. These racks are attached to one side of the bicycle. These racks can be installed easily on one side and can carry both long and short surfboards.

Most of these come with bungee wires and adjustable arms. These racks are best to use but the only flaw is that it takes a bit more space hence cannot be done in small areas.

2)Rear Mount Rack

These racks are installed at the backside of the bicycle. Being on the back of the cycle, it resolves all the issues such as balancing and space-taking. These racks can be used for all types of surfboards and do not get affected by windy weather.

Using these racks you can easily move from tight areas. In these racks the board is kept a little higher, hence putting it up and taking it down can be an issue.

Surfboard Bike Trailer

These are small carts attached to the bicycles. These racks are designed differently for shortboards and longboards. You can use it more easily but it is not that much safe.


Some of the bike racks come with accessories such as the bungee cords, hooks, dog leash, or arm foam padding. Some of these can be very important for you. Buying these accessories would make more money than that of getting them for free.

Arm foam padding and bungee cords are very important accessories. Arm padding saves the surfboard from scratching and bungee cords save it from falling down.

Surfboard Size

It is very important to keep a note on the size of surfboards before buying a new rack. Some of the boards racks are specifically designed as the long board racks while the others are referred to as shortboard racks.

You should always buy a rack with the specifications matching your surfboard. Keep a note of your board’s lengths and width. Choosing the right board will give the required safety to your surfboard.

If you want to carry any of the other surfing accessories with your surfboard such as a bodyboard, you should also consider this fact before buying.


Before buying it is good to know how to install your surfboard rack, handle it or remove it. It is very important to properly install the rack for the safety of the board.

Every bike rack will have attachment points. Make sure to hook up the rack tightly to the bike so it may not fall and damage the surfboard. Mountain clamps should have quick release to save time.

There are three ways of transportation of surfboards on a bike rack. Side-mounted, rear-mounted, and upright-mounted. The most popular way is a side-mounted rack. This rack will make your bike and you will not face any wind issues.

Yes, it is safe to use a surfboard bike rack. It sticks to the bike and gives a feel of security to your precious surfboard.

There are a total of three types of bike racks. Side-mounted, rear-mounted, and upright-mounted. In all of these side mounts are the most used ones.

Yes, in a few cases it is very easy to install a surfboard’s bike rack. The surfboards bike rack comes with all of its accessories. It also comes with a guide which makes it easy to install with a bike.

The side-mounted bike rack is mostly used to carry the surfboard.


After some research on all the racks. Here are a few of my personal top favorites.

Cenipar Surfboard Bike Rack: is one of the most famous bike racks. It is not that expensive and still has great quality. These racks are lightweight so do not disturb the balance while riding a bike.

Onefeng Sports Surfboard Scooter Moped Bike Rack: is the foremost surfboard rack. It can be an easy carrier for the surfboard. This rack is famous as it can take a high load. The foam used is of great quality and resists scratching the surfboard.

Ho Stevie! Scooter/Moped Surfboard Rack: is a good quality surfing board rack at a very low price. It is the foremost and most selling brand. It has strong carrier arms and is adjustable. These adjustable arms have bungee wires attached to them. These bungee wires provide a special grip and save the surfboard from falling from the bike.

I hope now you know enough to make your buying experience excellent and give you a pro-safe must-have bike riding experience with a surfboard to the beach.

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