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Being a bit heavy cannot stop you from enjoying the surfing experience. All you need is passion for surfing and a good surfboard which can carry your weight. Good skills also come in count to do so.


Our Top Picks


THURSO SURF Lightning 42

THURSO SURF Lightning 42
  • Material: Rigid PE Core
  • Stringers: 2 (FRP)
  • Weight Limit: Upto 200 lbs

Formula Fun – Shortboard Fish 5’3″

Formula Fun “ Shortboard Fish 53
  • Brand: Formula Fun
  • Color: Smiley Face
  • LxWxH: 21 x 4 x 63 inches

Paragon Surfboards Performance Mini Log

Paragon Surfboards Performance Mini Log
  • Brand: Paragon Surfboards
  • Fins: 8 center
  • Top: 6oz

Riding through the waves is a fun sport. This sport keeps both body and mind refreshed. Body shape and weight does not affect this amazing sport. There are no official restrictions for weight limits in the sport of surfing. Only buy a big surfboard according to your weight.

In case of a heavy surfer who cannot do any other trick but can have fun shapes ride. Fun shapes are a special kind of ride for the heavy people. Fun shape surfing works for both short and long waves. A heavy rider can enjoy any type of ride with the right skill and a correct surfboard.

Best Surfboard For Big Guys 2023

To solve all of your surfing problems here are a few pro surfboard suggestions for heavy riders.

1. Rock-It 8′ Big Softy Surfboard

Rock- it is a well known company for the production of sports goods. The main perspective of the company is to give their best in quality production. The above given brand has created a pro quality surfboard specifically for heavy guys.

Rock-It 8' Big Softy Surfboard
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Rock-It
  • Safety Fins: 3
  • Color: Blue

The rock- it surfboard is a pro quality soft top surfboard. It comes in a dimension of 9.7″ x 3.3″ 6″ x 22 inches. It can take a resistance of almost 81 liters. The skateboard is good for all kinds of surfers.

Any kind of surfer either heavy weighted, experienced or inexperienced can use this surfboard easily. The upper surface of the surfboard is soft and foamy hence no wax is specifically required. The foam used in the manufacturing process is epoxy foam.

This foam is of good quality and water resistant as well as ray resistant. You can easily use it without waxing but it is better to wax to get a good grip. Inner part of the pro surfboard has stringers. These stringers make it capable of taking on weight.

These stringers are polished with epoxy solution to make it water resistant. Three safety fins are attached at the lower part. These fins help in protecting you and have a safe smooth surf. The lower surface of the surfboard is lined with zebra striping. The zebra pattern keeps the sharks away.

  • The surfboard is safe
  • It is an inexpensive surfboard
  • The surfboard comes with fins
  • The surfboard is water resistant
  • It is suitable for everyone, kids or adults
  • The surfboard’s upper foam may get damaged after many uses

2. Formula Fun – Shortboard Fish 5’3″

Formula Fun would not be a bad choice. It comes with all the features of a pro shortboard and is quite capable for heavy surfboards. The company plays a special part in the safety of nature.

Formula Fun - Shortboard Fish 5'3
9.8/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Formula Fun
  • Color: Smiley Face
  • LxWxH: 21 x 4 x 63 inches

All the materials used in their foam board are recyclable and not harmful for the environment. This fish foam surfboard comes in a special contoured shape. This shape helps to give an easy surfing experience. It only weighs about 42 litres. The total dimension of the package is 63″ x 21.5″ x 3″ inches.

The upper surface of the deck is covered with EVA traction pad. EVA traction has small grooves in it. These grooves help to have a stable grip on the surfboard. This traction pad saves your time by reducing the need for wax. Small grooves act as wax.

The foamie deck surfboard saves your time. The whole surfboard is constructed with stiff foam and is constructed in one piece. This stiffness provides the surfboard with the strength to take more weight.

The inner surfboard is composed of a stringer system which makes it waterproof. These stringers provide durability to the surfboard and make it waterproof. A pair of smart technology fins are attached to the surfboard for a smooth glide.

  • The surfboard has a prominent yellow pattern on it.
  • The surfboard is made up with ocean friendly material to maintain the environment.
  • The foam used in the manufacture of surfboards is ultimately traditional.
  • Stiff stringers are used in it to make it a stable surfboard.
  • The pro quality surfboard is durable.
  • The surfboard is a little bit more foamie than requirements


KONA surf co is a company famous for foremost surfboard’s manufacturing. The company uses quality wood for surfboard’s manufacturing. The package comes in a  5′ 5″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ inches and has a weight of about 45 liters. 

9.5/10 Our Score
  • Brand: KONA SURF CO.
  • Size: 5ft 5
  • Weight: 10 Pounds

This weight is considered to be light as a feather. Its lightweight formula makes it easy to carry and handle. This weight provides speed to the surfboard. The package includes the main surfboard, a safety leash and fins with safety rubber edges.

The surfboard is sturdy enough to carry a weight of 190 lbs. The surfboard is made with a sturdy shape to make it glide through the heavy waves. The shape of the surfboard is a mix of fishtail and typical surfboard. As having a dual shape the quality of glide also increases.

The outer line of the surfboard is like a fish tail surfboard while the inner width gives it a typical surfboard look. The sleek pointed nose design increases the speed of the surfboard. This shape makes the surfboard good for both kids and adults with heavyweight.

The whole surface of the surfboard is covered with a vacuum lamination helping it to prevent water damage. It also makes the surface of the deck scratch resistant. The inner part of the surfboard has two special wooden stringers installed. These stringers provide strength to the surfboard and make it able to carry weight.

The lower part of the surfboard has a diamond weave bottom. These diamond shaped shapes help the surfboard to have a sleek look. This sleek designed surfboard develops a friendly relationship between the rider and the waves. The sleek design also helps to increase the speed.

The whole surfboard’s sides are covered with the rubber protection. This protector helps the surfboard from being demodified. The lower part of the surfboard is embellished with extra fins. These fins come in a set of three. Detachable fins can be attached in case of need. When installed these fins increase the gliding speed.

  • The surfboard has a good look
  • It is an inexpensive surfboard
  • The surfboard comes with all the pro qualities
  • It is protected with special lamination
  • The surfboard comes with extra accessories
  • The surfboard needs to be waxed before use

4. Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer

Wave Bandit is a brand famous for the making of stiff surfboards specially for heavy people. The product comes in a packaging of  66.5 x 23.8 x 4.5 inches. It weighs almost 11.51 pounds. The surfboard is made under high pressure to make it stiff. 

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Wave Bandit
  • Material: PE foam
  • Fin Set: 4.5 Inches

The surfboard comes in fish and rocker shape which provides it speed and stability. The surfboard deck has funky patterns giving it special attraction. The surfboard is embellished with a high density slick bottom providing it with stability and strength.

The inner part of the surfboard has dual wooden stringers. These stringers give weight and durability to the surfboard. The surfboard is designed to give maximum fun to the surfer with a special safety leash attached.

  • This surfboard is good for beginners
  • It is light weight hence gives good speed to surf
  • The surfboard comes with extra fins attached to the bottom
  • The surfboard is durable
  • The surfboard is easy to carry
  • Wax needs to be applied to attain grip

5. Wavestorm -Soft Top Foam 5’6″

The Wavestorm is one of the foremost companies in the manufacturing of surfboards. These surfboards are specially designed for heavy surfers. The Wavestorm is a quite big surfboard made big enough for bulky riders. 

Wavestorm -Soft Top Foam 5'6
9.3/10 Our Score
  • Material: Foam
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: 56

The surfboard package comes in a dimension of 68 x 21.75 x 4.5 inches and weighs about 11.9 inches. All the manufacturing process is kept clean from toxins and is made environmentally friendly.

The main deck of the pro surfboard is made with high quality material with protective skin underneath. This protective skin comes with good graphic design on it. The barrier skin makes it waterproof and UV resistant.

The core of this surfboard has a specific triple stringer technology to increase its strength. Triple stringer technology provides rigidity and durability of the surfboard. These stringers run from nose to tail providing support to the surfboard.

The bottom of the surfboard is made with a dense high slick bottom. This high slick bottom provides rigidity to the surfboard and gives it the ability of good gliding with support.

The surfboard has three Bolt Thru Fin Set attached to it. Each fin is 4.5 inches long. Stable wings give a sturdy turning process to the surfboard. For the purpose of safety an ankle safety leash is attached to the board. This leash saves the surfer in case of slipping.

  • The surfboard has good protective features
  • High quality fins are attached to the surfboards
  • The specific nose gives the surfboard a good speed
  • The surfboard is made with good quality material
  • The inner surfboard has sturdy hard foam
  • The surfboard is a little too expensive

6. Paragon Surfboards Performance Mini Log

Wavestorm is good for beginners. If you are not a beginner still Wavestorm is one of the pro choices for you. You can easily get a grip on it and face the waves. The board does not come alone. It comes with accessories. 

Paragon Surfboards Performance Mini Log
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Paragon Surfboards
  • Fins: 8 center
  • Top: 6oz

The Paragon surfboard is a good looking sleek designed surfboard. This surfboard is most of the time used and liked by the professionals. This foremost surf comes in a packaging of 7’6″ x 21 3/4″ x 2 7/8″ inches. It is light as a feather and weighs about 54.5 L.

This surfboard specifically helps to learn gliding through the waves. The surfboard is shaped by the combination of long and shortboard. The delicate combination of these shapes give high speed and maneuverability to the surfboard.

The deck of the surfboard is composed of epoxy material. This epoxy material makes the surfboard lightweight, stronger and buyonant. This material also provides good strength and durability to the surfboard. This surfboard can take weight upto 250 lbs and is suitable for everyone such as kids or adults.

  • The surfboard is referred to as a mini log as it has features of both longboards and shortboards.
  • The surfboard is composed of good quality material.
  • It can take a good amount of weight hence suitable for bulky people.
  • The surfboard can be used by adults and kids both.
  • The surfboard is easy to carry.
  • The surfboard is very expensive

7. THURSO SURF Lightning 42

Thurso Surf is a company which is famous for its good quality products. It has gained a name in the world of surfing by supplying pro products. Thurso Surf comes in a package of  42” Long x 21.5” Wide x 2 1/8” Thick. 

THURSO SURF Lightning 42
9.9/10 Our Score
  • Material: Rigid PE Core
  • Stringers: 2 (FRP)
  • Weight Limit: Upto 200 lbs

It has a capability to take 200lbs. This lightweight surfboard has stability and easy glide surfing. The deck comes with channels. These channels divide the weight of the rider equally to the board giving it stability.

The inner board is cushioned and the lower part of the board has protective lamination. The slick makes the bottom of the surfboard hard and protected against water damage. The surfboard comes with a bag and safety leash to protect surfers from slipping.

  • The surfboard is referred to as a mini log as it has features of both longboards and shortboards
  • The surfboard is composed of good quality material
  • It can take a good amount of weight hence suitable for bulky people
  • The surfboard can be used by adults and kids both
  • The surfboard is easy to carry
  • The surfboard is very expensive

Best Surfboard For Big Guys-Buying Guide

In terms of shape size and modifications, big guy surfboards are a bit different from normal surfboards. Most of the fun shaped surfboards are referred to as big guy surfboards. The big guy surfboards are not openly found in the markets. They are a bit rare. These surfboards are a bit more strong and thick so that they are able to take the weight of a big guy.

It is very important to do a complete research work before buying a surfboard. Although it is better to choose one according to your surfing style, skill level and weather conditions. In case to find a correct pro surfboard for a heavy guy a lot of research work is required.

Watch the video of pro surfers and notice their surfboards keenly. Notice the brand, shape and size of the surfboard. It is also better to try a few surfboards before buying to choose the right one. Above all, here are a few points to keep in mind before buying a surfboard if you are a heavy guy.

Surfer’s Weight

Weight is the most counted feature while buying a surfboard. If you are jumping for the first time in water and do not want to sink in it, buy the perfect surfboard. The heavier you are the bigger the surfboard you need to surf through the waves.

Each surfboard has its own weight requirements in different sizes. Finding a correct surfboard can become a difficult task. Although experience and good guidance will make it easy for you.

Depth Of Water

According to the Archimedes principle of mass and displacement you are more likely to sink in shallow waters than that of deep waters. The risk of sinking increases with the heavy weight.

The right choice of surfboard should be appropriate according to the depth of water. Buy a heavy surfboard to take your weight .

Type Of Surfboards

There are different types of surfboards available in the market. The types are made on the basis of material used and shape. Each surfboard type has its own result.

The characteristics which distinguish between the different kinds of surfboards are their tail, nose and fins. Length and width of the surfboard are also a big factor affecting the performance of the surfboard.

The shape of the surfboard has a great impact on the speed of surfing. It also has an effect on wave resistance. A wide surfboard can offer more buoyancy than that of a narrow surfboard. A board with less rocker is more stable.

Experience Level

The skill level is the most counted thing. In surfing expertise level is divided in three stages. These three stages are beginners, intermediate and a pro surfer. Variety of surfboards suit an experty level. It is highly recommended to choose a surfboard according to your skill level.

Just for example if you are a beginner, use a wider and longer surfboard which can easily provide the correct amount of buoyancy. This surfboard would  help you facing the waves.

Customized Surfboard

If you are bulky enough that could not find the correct surfboard matching your weight do not get dishearted, you cam buy a surfboard made according to your requirements.

Frequently Ask Questions

A surfboard can hold weight according to its size. If you are a little bulky you should buy a surfboard which is bigger in size.

Yes, you can easily surf at a weight of 300 pounds with the right choice of surfboard.

In some cases yes,  bigger surfboards can be a better option. Every Professional has his own favorite surfboard. Most of them recommend bigger surfboards to fight big waves.

Surfing is good for all kinds of people. Bulky people carry out fun movements in waves in a very good way. All they need is a good suitable surfboard.

Surfing includes all kinds of body movements. It keeps both the body and mind fresh. It also plays a role in fat burning resulting in weight loss.


After trying a lot of brands I have found some of the pro surfboards made to the point of perfection for heavy riders.

Rock-It 8′ Big Softy Surfboard: is considered to be one of the foremost surfboards due to its awesome features. The deck is made precisely and gas good quality foam on it to maintain grip over the board. This surfboard is not that expensive and is worth buying.

Paragon Surfboards Performance Mini Log: is counted in some of the premium surfboards. This surfboard is able to carry about 200 lbs easily. The surfboard is shaped to excellence hence, it gives a fast, smooth and comfortable glide Leaving this pro surfboard for heavy people as an option would not be a good decision. Buy it now!

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer: is also included in the line of quality surfboards for heavy people. These surfboards are versatile as they can easily carry children and adults as well.

The surfboard has extra safety leash and fins with zero cost in the package. Leaving free accessories would definitely be bad. Go fast, put your hands up. Hope you have learnt a lot more about surfing. Have a safe ride washing all the worries away.

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