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When you are a new surfer you may most probably forget about the surfboard wax. That is not a big issue. Forgetting small things is a sign of being a beginner. Don’t get disheartened. Practice will make you perfect one day.

The most asked question is wax is very important. Yes, it is. It performs the most important part in surfing which is having a grip on the board. Without wax, it can be the most difficult job to surf.

Without waxing a surfboard, playing with waves can be hazardous. It is very important to follow the steps of waxing before jumping into waves.


Our Top Picks


Sticky Bumps Cool/Cold Water Surfboard Wax

Sticky Bumps Cool/Cold Water Surfboard Wax
  • Brand: Sticky Bumps
  • Bars: 
  • Have a mild scent

Demon Hyper X Universal 1 LB. Big Block Wax

Demon Hyper X Universal 1 LB. Big Block Wax
  • Brand: Demon
  • 1 LB Big Block Universal Wax
  • Demons 4.OZ Citrus Base

EHOMEA2Z Surf Wax Cool Cold High Performance All Natural

EHOMEA2Z Surf Wax Cool Cold High Performance All Natural
  • Brand: EHOMEA2Z
  • Bars: 3
  • Traction: 69°F or 20°C

Premium Wax For Surfboard

The first thing you need to learn is about the perfect wax for your surfboard. Choosing the right wax can be tricky at times. Different pro wax manufacturers make different kinds of waxes according to the surfboards and especially the climate.

Here are a few companies I have tested and tried by myself and are famous for manufacturing good-quality wax.

Best Surfboard Wax 2023

1. Demon Hyper X Universal 1 LB. Big Block Wax

Demon hyper universal surfboard wax can be considered to be one of the foremost wax used for surfing. The Demon wax comes in a packaging of 12*8*6 packages and weighs about two pounds. The wax has a good texture to touch.

Demon Hyper X Universal 1 LB. Big Block Wax
9.8/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Demon
  • 1 LB Big Block Universal Wax
  • Demons 4.OZ Citrus Base

And a refreshing smell to make your surfing experience soothing and relaxing. The two pounds of wax are divided into four bars so that no wastage of product occurs. No product wastage means no waste of money. These wax bars can last almost a month of regular surfing with a good deal of waxing.

The wax is soft so preferably be used in cold climates. It melts like butter on the bread. It can also be used as a pro top coat. The whole waxing process gives off a good attractive smell. Being soft it takes no time to wax your surfboard.

The wax gives incredible stability on the board and lasts as usable with the same response for many days. The surfboard wax comes as a duo including a citrus wax cleaner which can be used to take off the wax easily.

  • The wax is very inexpensive
  • It can last for a longer time on the board
  • It has a refreshing smell
  • It saves time as it spreads fastly on the boards
  • Comes in a duo to save your money
  • The wax does not perform well in hot climates

2. mountainFLOW eco-wax Skin Wax (Rub-On)

Mountain flow company is well known for its eco-friendly products. Normally wax is made up of petroleum, which is a remnant of oil. Mountain flow wax is made with plant material but still performs as a normal petroleum wax. 

mountainFLOW eco-wax Skin Wax (Rub-On)
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Size: 2 OZ
  • Plant-Based
  • Biodegradable Skin Wax

They have produced wax after long research of two years which is biodegradable and can easily mix up with the environment without giving any harm to the water and marine life. It comes in a tin packaging of 3.74 x 2.4 x 0.87 inches. The package is 0.08 kg heavy.

The wax is specifically designed for cold weather. It hardens when applied but does not get sticky on the skin of the surfboard. The wax has a good application on the surfboards. It easily spreads over, leaving a good smell as it is made with plants.

The wax coverage lasts for a whole surfing day to five to six days. As it is a soft wax, it can easily be used on the topcoat. Being soft and drying fast it provides a good glade in the waves. The material used is non-toxic and has no fluorocarbons.

  • The wax is biodegradable
  • It gives a fast-speed glade
  • It spreads evenly on the surfboards
  • The wax does not stay sticky
  • It does not harm the surfboard’s skin
  • The wax is good but comes in very less quantity

3. EHOMEA2Z Surf Wax Cool Cold High Performance All Natural

EhoneA2Z is famous for its good quality wax. The company produces foremost surfboard’s wax to take your surfing experience at a peak. This company also produces environmentally friendly wax with no petroleum in it. It dissolves safely in nature.

EHOMEA2Z Surf Wax Cool Cold High Performance All Natural
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Brand: EHOMEA2Z
  • Bars: 3
  • Traction: 69°F or 20°C

The wax comes in different packaging sizes. It depends how much you order. I got mine with the fruity smell of grapefruit refreshing the mind and the body. Its weight is about 0.32 kilograms and divided into three bars.

Cool wax is preferably made for the top coat and as being soft, covers all the cool temperature ranges. The wax is soft and gains hardness when the temperature decreases. It is distributed in the form of bars. One bar can work for almost a month.

It spreads evenly on the board, filling all the ridges and giving you a smooth wave riding. The one application may last 4-5 days of surfing. This wax is also available in hard forms working for the hotter climates and to cover the basecoat.

  • The wax is non-toxic
  • It is biodegradable so it mixes in nature without harming it
  • The wax comes in good quantities
  • It is able to work even at a temperature of 69° F
  • This wax has a good smell
  • It is a little hard to save the wax from melting if it’s hot outside

4. OCEANHUG Surf Wax Pure Natural

Oceanhug is a famous company determined to produce premium quality surfboard wax. It produces good quality of both cool and hot wax covering all the temperature ranges. The wax comes in a size of Ž4.65 x 2.32 x 1.61 inches and weights almost 0.25 kilograms.

OCEANHUG Surf Wax Pure Natural
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Brand: OCEANHUG
  • Bars: 4
  • Size: 2oz (each bar)

It comes in a pack with bars in it. The four bars package has ech bar weighing 0.2 OZ. The wax is tropical in color and has a beautiful mouth watering coconut scent. The refreshing scent enables freshness during the waxing process and a good joyful surfing experience.

The company’s main slogan is to save nature and love nature. It strongly condemns the use of toxic material in any of its products. The wax is completely biodegradable and can be used in cold waters. It is a soft wax and hence can give a strong coverage to the top coat.

The wax melts easily on the surface of the surfboard but hardens as it is taken out in good cold waves. The combination of soft wax with cold water is a cherry on top for your surfing experience. The whole natural wax gives proper traction and good grip in water. It can easily last on your board for 4-5 heavy surfing days.

  • The wax comes in good quantities
  • It is an environmentally friendly product
  • The wax increases the grip on the surfboards
  • It has a good coconut scent
  • The wax can be smoothly spread on the board
  • The wax starts to make patches on the surfboard making its surface rough

5. ZUMWAX Surfing Skimboard Fly-by Wax

Zumwax is a company known for its pro products. The manufacturers work a lot and test about a million times around the globe before the launch of their product and its supply in the market. The Fly-By-Wax from Zuwax is a different form of wax. 

ZUMWAX Surfing Skimboard Fly-by Wax
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Brand: ZUMWAX
  • Color: White
  • Size: 1.5 fl. oz. PAIR

It is present in a different form than the traditional wax bars. Non-Fluro version has gained a lot of hype due to its work and image in the market. It comes as a fluid form. The fluid comes in a 6.65 x 4.13 x 2.17 inches bottle and weighs almost 0.12 kilograms.

The main benefit is that it can be used as both hard and soft wax hence can work in all kinds of climates. The procedure of application is as simple as the normal daily wax. Just apply it on the surfboard and leave it for two minutes until it dries out. Here you are ready to have the ultimate surfing experience.

The wax can be used to get good speed with stability while riding the surfboard, flowing through the waves, and showing tricks. This wax is also helpful to protect surfboard material such as its skin. It can work for 6-7 days on your board.

  • The wax is easy to carry while traveling
  • The wax gives out an awesome performance
  • It is available in a pocket-size version
  • The wax is made with good material
  • It is easy to apply
  • The fluid may flow more and cause wastage if not taken care of

6. Sticky Bumps Cool/Cold Water Surfboard Wax

Sticky bumps is a famous wax-producing company. The company has the honor of the production of the foremost wax of all types. The wax comes in a Ž3.2 x 3 x 1.9 inches package and weighs around 0.21 Kg.

Sticky Bumps Cool/Cold Water Surfboard Wax
9.9/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Sticky Bumps
  • Bars: 
  • Have a mild scent

The item comes in a blue color wrapping. This wax is created by the manufacturers after a lot of testing and trials. It has been tested in high to low waves. You can easily surf through a big wave with this pro wax on your surfboard. Sticky bumps are available in all flavors but the one bought is cool wax.

Cool wax is applicable on the topcoat. It is soft and melts quickly. Surfing through the cold water the wax gives a great grip. It is now a piece of cake to surf through the waves and show some cool tricks.

The company uses a special secret addition in their products known as the Sand And Grab Technology. This technology helps to create small bumps with an even spread on the board. These bumps are helpful to increase the grip.

This wax fulfills the demand of the environment to keep it clean. Hence no toxins are added so that when it mixes in water it doesn’t harm marine life.

Wax manufacturing involves the surfer’s mind, hence fulfilling the surfer’s demands completely. Its fragrant scent keeps on coming to you all day. The wax can remain on your board for a couple of days.

  • The wax is non-slides topcoat wax
  • This wax is quite inexpensive hence pocket friendly
  • Works on every type of board such as a costa foam
  • The wax creates good bumps on the board
  • It has an amazing fragrance
  • Do not ever use a cool wax in hot waters, always choose a hard one

7. Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax

Mr. Zogs is a very old company of wax production. But as it is said old is gold , the wax comes out to be of the foremost quality. Being a well known brand, the products are a bit expensive but still are one of the most sold articles.

Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax
9.3/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Sexwax
  • Ideal for base or top coat
  • Used for surfing, drums

Zogs is an original wax without any addition to it. It can be called the foremost traditional wax. The Zogs tropical temperature wax comes in a package of Ž 2.8 x 2.7 x 2.3 inches and weighs about 0.35 ounces wrapped simply in plastic. People buy this wax as hot cakes due to its good quality.

The quality of the wax is very consistent. It is specifically designed for tropical waters. The wax is hard, meeting with the hot water provides it with the perfect grip. It is a great option for the top coat. The wax spreads evenly leaving small bumps on the board to maintain the grip.

  • The wax is original
  • It has no additional flavor or scent
  • The wax is best for a top coat
  • Can be used by both water surfers, tropical or cold
  • Lasts longer than normal waxes
  • It is a bit more expensive than the other surfboard waxes

Best Surfboard Wax-Buying Guide

Before buying a surfboard wax it is very important to find out which one would be suitable for you. To help you find out the correct wax here are some points to be noted.

All the wax which comes in the market are luckily the least expensive in surfboard accessories. The most expensive wax coming in pairs can hardly cost $10.As the surfboard wax are not expensive you should buy the foremost one. A well known brand may work better for you.

There are still a few things you need to know about the surfboard wax.

Base Coat Vs Top Coat

Base coat is the first layer of wax that adheres to the board. One application of the good base coat can support you for a cool whole day ride.

It is preferred to use a hard and less sticky wax to the base coat. If you apply a good base coat it will automatically support the top layer.The base coat layer may take longer than that of the top coat.

Top coat is the upper layer of the surfboard’s wax. Normally it should be applied with a less sticky and softer wax. The top layer should be thin, hence not hard to apply.

The Right Temperature Wax

It is very important to choose the right temperature wax. If you get it wrong the whole experience will be destroyed. Surf Waxes for every temperature are available.

Waxes are categorized by the following temperature ranges.

  • Tropical water is above 75° F.
  • Warm water is between 64°F to 74°F.
  • Cool water is between 58-68°F.
  • Cool water is under 60° F.

By the above given temperature you can relate the correct wax for your surfboard by knowing the water temperature.

Every wax has a different composition hence has different melting points.

Toxic Or Non-Toxic Wax

Earth is our home. It is our moral duty to keep safe from any kind of toxins. Some of the ill reputed brands use a lot of low quality chemicals in their manufacturing process. These chemicals when dissolved in water produce poisonous material which are harmful for the marine life and environment too.

On the other hand, a few very reputed companies use organic material in the manufacturing of their waxes. These waxes are free of toxins and are mostly made of plants. We should always look for a wax with no toxins to protect the environment.

Types Of Wax

Basically, there are two types of wax in the market. Sticky wax and the traditional wax. Both the waxes work but have a few differences.

  • Sticky wax is more processed and is normally soft. It definitely provides good grip but at the end will stick up to your feet making you feel uncomfortable.
  • Traditional wax is not sticky. It is hard. It leaves a few bumps on the board when applied. These bumps increase your grip on the board.

Both are good but I prefer traditional wax.

Frequently Ask Questions

All of the pro surfers have their own favourite brand of wax. They precisely choose their wax according to their favourite surfboards and the weather conditions.

After applying the top coat leave your surfboard for a few minutes. In a blink of an eye , pro surfboard wax will dry out and will make the surfboard ready to use. Putting in more amounts of wax will take more time to dry out and will make surfing harder.

Surfboard wax itself never expires but can expire after some time when applied on the surfboard. It may start to get green and patchy. In such conditions clean the old wax from the board and apply new one.

Surfers wax the top of their feet to get good traction to finally make up for the lineup.

Basically, you don’t have to wax a foam board but for better results i will recommend you to wax it resulting in an increased grip and an efficient surf.


All the above-given brands are good at their work and have made their name in the industry. I prefer to try them all to find your favourite.

Here are some of my favourites.

Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax: is an old  original wax which comes in a good packaging and form. It is very stable on the surfboard. This wax is a must buy as it lasts more time on the surfboard. You should not wait or it may get out of stock.

mountainFLOW eco-wax: is an environmentally friendly wax. This incredibly increased the speed of surfing and gave good grip. If you love nature you should definitely buy it .

OCEANHUG Surf Wax: The oceanhug surfboard’s wax is famous for its pro quality. It evenly spreads on the surfboard giving it an incredibly refreshing scent all the time. This tropical wax should not be left. You  should definitely put your hands on this wax if you want to increase your surfing experience with tricks to show off.

Getting the correct surfboard wax would not be a difficult task for you after reading this. Hope you got what is right for you to get a smooth surfing experience.

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