Blitzart Huracane Review (July 2022)

Cheap electric skateboards don’t mean a product with the average build quality, short lifespan, and below-average performance. And this has been proved fabulously by this blitzart huracane electric skateboard. It’s a longboard with premium construction quality, dual riding modes, impeccable speed, and a powerful, well-protected motor which, in turn, ensures that the customers get the best skateboarding experience at a reasonable price. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the main features, pros, and cons of this one of the best e-boards, in detail, in this blitzart huracane review.

Blitzart huracane


Whenever it comes to buying cheaper skateboards, one person may have so many concerns regarding durability and performance down the road. You might think that to keep the price lower, manufacturers must have used low-grade material or installed poor batteries which lose their efficiency over time. However, with this blitzart huracane skateboard, you don’t have to worry about such things.

This electric skateboard delivers a good speed and range. And the best part is, this speed and power don’t decrease even after months of consistent use. Similarly, it features a very sturdy and durable deck and a decent pair of wheels that adds to the overall lifespan of this longboard. Not only this but the motor is also installed inside the rear trucks which means the road bumps and speed breakers won’t damage it. Still, you should keep in mind that your weight, preferred speed, and riding style determine your overall experience with this product.

Since it’s an electric skateboard, you need to protect it from water exposure. The blitzart huracane skateboard comes completely assembled and all you need to do is to tighten the wheels and bolts a bit and you are ready to go. The four-year warranty is sufficient to trust the premium quality and performance of this board.

Design and Built

On seeing the built quality of this blitzart huracane electric skateboard, no one can say that this product is being offered at such a decent price. The 38″ deck is made up of seven layers of maple wood which are further sandwiched between two bamboo layers. In this way, the deck is made flexible enough to endure a weight of about 250 lbs easily. Also, the deck is a little concave from the front side and the grip tape is also of superior quality which ensures that the skater gets utmost traction.

The adequate thickness of the deck also contributes a lot to absorbing the impacts and shocks from bumpy and rough terrain so you won’t have to suffer from painful heel injuries. Speaking of wheels then they are made up of polyurethane material and are 90mm in diameter. Like other longboards, the wheels are not air-filled which ensures the smoothest ride and fewer replacements even on a messy pavement, where there are so many pebbles or glass pieces.

Furthermore, these wheels are swappable. In this way, you can go for bright colors wheels or the traditional rough n tough sort of tires, there’s wide room for customization. The best part is, that these wheels are supported by two aluminium-made trucks – a metal that’s not only corrosion proof and durable but lightweight so you can perform all the complex skateboarding skills easily.

Besides, all the electronic parts including the battery and motor, are firmly attached to the deck and are properly covered so you won’t have to worry about falling or damaging any components mid-journey. And the thing which I found quite impressive is the handle present at the one end of the board. This hole allows you to carry the board easily, when not riding it, and control it while riding over it as a newbie.


The brand is famous for manufacturing the most powerful and efficient electric skateboards and for this purpose, this manufacturer keeps on adding new types of motors, engines, and batteries to the device for innovation. This blitzart hurricane skateboard is equipped with a 350W hub motor that not only delivers enough power for the smoothest cruise but also offers the feature of a regenerative braking system.

In this way, whenever you brake, the motor recharges the battery a bit, increasing the overall distance coverage. On the other hand, this skateboard has a 4Ah, 36V, swappable, Li-Ion battery that takes around 2.5-3.5 hours to charge fully (a huge downside of this board).

However, when charged completely, the battery can make your skateboard run at a speed of 17mph to cover 10-12 miles. However, by riding this e-board on slow or medium speed settings, you can increase the distance coverage even further. And if you run out of battery along your way, you can use the board as a regular one, with your muscle power – thanks to the hub motor.


The blitzart hurricane skateboard completes the expensive models when it comes to its performance, distance coverage, and speed. As stated before, it can cover a distance of about 10-12 miles at a speed of 17mph. You can also use this skateboard to ride over steep pathways and uphills but the coverage gets highly affected in this case. The reason is simply that it’s not a board made to cruise over steep paths. Other than the reduction in distance coverage, you won’t have any issues while riding uphills with this skateboard.

Since it’s only the front side that’s powdered, you might feel it wobble a little while riding but if you are a good skater who knows how to control a skateboard, wobble won’t be a major issue for you. Plus, wobbling is more prominent when you are sliding downhill. To address this problem, you can tighten the trucks a bit – a trick which I found effective to prevent wobbling.

To enhance user experience and control, this e-board comes with a wrist remote having buttons for navigation and brakes. Not only does this board go forward but it also slides in the reverse direction. Using the same remote, you can switch between two riding modes; beginner mode and advanced mode. Last but not least, to inform you about the battery’s percentage, an LED indicator is also there on the remote, which you can switch off if you want to.

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