Can you ride an electric skateboard in the rain? | Is it Waterproof?

Your electric skateboard will not be waterproof, so riding in the rain is not a good idea. Apart from all the fun, having an electric skateboard can be a down point during rainy days, as a wet surface can destroy the electrical components attached.

We understand this can be annoying at such times, but the real question is, do you have other options available to make it waterproof?


Are all electric skateboards water resistance proof in the rain?

That is up to which model your electric skateboard comes under. Is your wet weatherboard rated? If not, water may cause interior rooms to deteriorate, grip tape might lose cohesiveness and begin to deuterate, hardwood decks could split and break up, vehicle bolt rust, and electronics could get corroded, and sometimes stops it from functioning. 

This can happen, especially if your electric board is completely new or you rely on your board to do groceries. In truth, many electric skateboards on the shelf are not entirely waterproof but partly waterproof.

Let’s go into more detail.

Electric Skateboard Water-resistant IP Ratings

IP rating codes classify the ability of a product to withstand dust and liquids. The working of IP rating is as follow:

The first number indicates how dust-resistant an electric skateboard is to 0 to 6. 0 is the lowest, and 6 is the highest level of resistance to powder.

The second number evaluates the resistance to fluids by an electric skateboard on a 0-6 scale. The same goes for this, 0 is the lowest, and 6 is the most waterproof.

So before you go out skateboarding in the rain with your electric skateboard, check the IP rating of your model. This is mentioned in the instruction manual or on the product covering.

For instance,

An IP rating of IP50 means protection against dust penetration is limited while water, liquids, and humidity have little protection.

An IP rating of IP66  means complete protection against dust penetration with high protection from all angles by high-pressure water jets.

As convenient as this rating system is, many producers of electric skateboards do not use it. This can be a little annoying when acquiring a new board. Just so you know, there are no actual IP68-rated electric skateboards available. That is, there are no boards that can endure prolonged submersion in water.

Is there a waterproof Electric board?

As previously stated, there are no completely waterproof electric skateboards. However, certain electric skateboards are water-resistant to different extents.

Water-resistant skateboards essentially prevent water from penetrating essential places like the battery or ESC compartment, although they are not totally waterproof. As a result, they may be ridden in light rain, on slightly damp terrain, or through tiny puddles, but it is not recommended because of the risk of drowning.

IP65-rated electric skateboards, on the other hand, are almost impervious to water; their component compartments are intended to tolerate all sorts of moisture, and exposed components such as the trucks, deck, and wheels are constructed to reject water, preventing corrosion, warping, and seizing.

That is, they are most likely capable of being ridden in small puddles, but heavy rain or beach riding are not their strong suits.

Ways to maintain my electric skateboard after riding dirty (or wet)

Standing water in your electric skateboard is equivalent to drowning it into the water, so prop your board vertically, remove the battery, and thoroughly dry all surfaces, paying particular attention to the battery plug and jack before re-inserting. Store your board in a cool, dry location.

If you have a wooden deck, exercise caution since water can enter via the truck’s mounting holes, dents, and scratches. Due to the fact that skate bearings are not IP65 rated, they are not covered by any guarantee. They are frequently and quickly damaged by water seepage and should be carefully maintained.

What should I do if my electric skateboard becomes immersed accidentally?

Putting your electric skateboard in a large bag of rice is neither practical nor effective. Rather than that, immediately remove the battery pack (if it’s removable), dry all the sides of the board with a cloth, and allow it to stand for at least a week in a dry and warm location.

Do Avoid disassembling or opening any component of the Drive, as this may void your warranty and jeopardise the watertight seals. Additionally, as previously indicated, your bearings are not completely sealed and should be handled as such.

What can we do to keep bearings in good condition if they aren’t waterproof?

The first thing is to save the bearings from rust, which is done by putting grease on the outside of bearings. The outer 608-size bearing’s waterproofing should be changed only with sealed grease-filled versions with protective shields on both sides.

How To Protect Your Electric Skateboard From Rain

Seal the gaps

There are various techniques to boost your electric skateboard’s waterproofness. The ideal method is to use a high-quality waterproof silicone or sealant to fill up any gaps, fissures, or other areas where water can enter your board’s sensitive electronic components.

Another possibility is to utilize neoprene foam. Neoprene foam is completely waterproof, making it the ideal material for preventing water from getting into your battery or ESC compartments.

Slow down the speed of E-board

On a wet surface, a tiny amount of water may significantly affect the grip of your board’s wheels. The sensation, on the other hand, is entirely different; the friction level decreases, and your wheels become more prone to slip and slide in unanticipated ways. This may make riding your board in the rain fairly risky, and it’s prudent to monitor your speed, carving, and turning in these conditions.

Reduce your speed and the angle of your curves and twists. At the very least until you develop acclimatisation to the new moist surface.

Deep water holes

Puddles may be quite unpleasant on electric skateboards, especially if they are deeper than expected or, worse if you are unaware of them.

Not only do puddles dump a boatload of water into the most vulnerable regions of your electric skateboard, but they also immediately halt any forward motion you may be carrying when riding through them. This can result in your body’s momentum picking up speed and changes of destroying your skateboard.

In conclusion, your electric skateboard all depends on how you maintain and keep it away from water when necessary; after all, it is a pricy product.

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