How to Get Over the Fear of Skateboarding?

No one can become an expert skater overnight as it takes tens of failed attempts, falls, and sometimes, severe injuries. When you fall for the very first time while skating and get hurt, it’s rational to develop fears of falling again. Remember that fears are good because they make you stay more cautious and alert for the next time but you should never let your panics hold you back.

One day or another, you have to get over these fears and stand on the skateboard again. Chances are you might fall again but after trying over and over again, a time will come when you are no longer scared of failing and falling. All you need is courage, consistency, and confidence that you can do it.

Also, you need to evaluate your mistakes; why are you failing? Do you need to invest more effort to learn a skill? Is there any problem with your skateboard or stance? This, in turn, will boost your confidence and help you get better at skateboarding. To help you out further, here are some tips for how to get over the fear of skateboarding.


1. Start On The Grass

If you are up to learning the basics of skateboarding like how to maintain balance or the stationary moves, it’s the best trick to get over your fears. The grass or a carpet will save you from painful wounds and when you know that your landing is soft and comfy, you will no longer be scared of falling over. However, you should also remember that the impact of a fall on a concrete road will be much stronger than that on grass.

Also, you can’t learn moving skateboarding tricks on grass. Even though you have learned how to maintain your balance on grass, you’d still need to practice on concrete for controlling the board there. In a nutshell, you should use this trick only for the first few days of skateboarding and should switch to concrete tracks later on.

2. Evaluate Your Fears

As mentioned before, fears are your best friends when it comes to skateboarding because they tell you whether you are ready for a trick or not. Therefore, experts suggest that you should never ignore your concerns. For instance, if you have performed a dangerous skateboarding trick for the first time but are still not sure whether you could do that again or not, you should pay some attention to this thought.

Practice as much as possible before trying this trick in public so you are ascertained about your success. Your friends might push you by saying that you are ready or you are an expert but never let them over-encourage you. Instead, validate your instincts, and ask yourself whether you are actually ready? If the answer is yes, go for it! And if the answer is no, spend some more time practicing.

3. Learn The Art Of Falling

Yes! We call it the art of falling over! But it’s really not a joke. Keep in mind that if you don’t know how to fall, you’ll always end up with road rashes and scratches which, in turn, fuel your fears. To learn the correct way of falling, practice falling on a soft surface beforehand, for example, on a carpet, grass, or a mattress.

And what’s the right way of falling over? It’s simple since all you have to do is to shape your body into a ball and rollover. Also, try to keep your arms near your chest and never put them behind your back to prevent sprains and scratches. And most importantly, always wear the safety gear, including the knee and elbow pads. If you slide or tip over while wearing these gears, try to fall on your knees and elbows.

4. Let Motivational Elements Help You

Motivation is always much stronger than negative concerns and fears and that’s why motivational elements can help you a lot in getting over them. What are the things that motivate you? Is it the cheering from your friends? Or is it the hugs and care from your parents? Or are these some motivational quotes or songs? Whatever it is, try to keep it nearby while practicing a skateboard trick.

The best element that can keep you motivated is music because when a person listens to music, his body gets filled with positive energies, enabling him to try difficult tasks. That’s the main reason why most people jog and work out while wearing headphones. However, you should also keep in mind that negative or sad music won’t help. Also, when you are up to performing a difficult trick, you should never let the music or any other thing distract you.

5. Stop Overthinking

Overthinking is a sort of problem faced by almost every person of this generation. Whether we are going to get into a new relationship or do the basic home chores, this habit of overthinking never lets us stay at peace for some minutes. You might be surprised to know but many scholars and researchers have confirmed that your negative thoughts can actually turn into reality if you keep fueling them.

For example, if you overthink that you’ll fall while practicing or you can’t do a certain trick, your muscles will react accordingly, turning what into your head, into a real-time incident of your life. Yes! We said before that you should listen to your instincts but know that there’s a subtle difference between instincts and overthinking. If you pay a little extra attention, you’d figure out whether it’s your instincts’ call or the gibberish of your mind.

6. Don’t give importance to others’ opinions

Mostly the skaters fear skateboarding in public because they think what if they fall in front of hundreds of strangers? What if those strangers would think of him as a failure or naive? If such sorts of fears are also holding you back, you should stop paying attention to them.

Remember that even try most professional skaters had to fall oftentimes before becoming a pro. If someone is commenting on your poor skills, ignore him and if there are so many people to bother you, try to practice in less crowded places.

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