Hiboy S11 Review | Top Rated E-Skateboard in 2023

Is it true that you are searching for something that would not hurt your legs or feet? Is it true that you are worn out on continually rowing your bike? All things considered, you have come to the perfect place where you can track down the best electronic skateboard for yourself. Support yourselves in as there is a ton of data to process down underneath. Lock in and join the excursion where we track down the ideal electronic skateboard for you.

Prior to diving into the subtleties, one should have sufficient information on what a basic skateboard truly is. It is a vehicle rather than an athletic gear that an individual can ride either while in a standing position or a hunkering position. By pushing one foot against the ground, you can ride this hardware easily.

Presently, take close by a basic skateboard. Toss in certain batteries, an engine, and a controller. Think about what you’re left with? An Electronic Skateboard! It offers you the chance to hover over the mists, ride as quick as possible, be anyplace whenever and partake in the excursion close by it. The speed is typically controlled with a remote and you can re-energize the batteries whenever you need. Simple and very fun, right?

Electric Skateboards are more proficient and way more fun if you see them thusly. These are amazingly compact and simple to utilize. Not at all like basic skateboards which will hurt your feet and legs in the event that you ride them for additional time, these electric skateboards will take you all over the place and you wouldn’t feel a thing!

Given underneath are the subtleties, particulars, and kinds of probably one of the best electronic skateboards. This has been rattled off after tremendous examination. This one was with the best audits and appraisals. You can go through the subtleties and look for yourself.


Hiboy S11

  • Four riding modes
  • Four brake mode
  • Solid Built quality
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast charging
  • Super strong
  • Not good at hills
  • Slow acceleration
  • Lacks off-road functionality


One is never too old to even consider having a good time, correct? In case you are searching for a pleasant skateboard, this one is entirely reasonable for you. This is intended for the two grown-ups and youngsters so why fooling around? Get up and pick yourself a Hiboy S11 as this is one of the most mind-blowing electronic skateboards accessibly available. Allow me to legitimize my focuses for certain details of this item.

Speed and Performance

However, it goes to a maximum velocity of 12.4 miles each hour which isn’t altogether awful. It accompanies a solitary 350-watt HUB engine which can assist it with increasing to 20 kilometers each hour. On a solitary charge, it can accept you to the extent of 10 kilometers.


Weighing just 3.6 kg (7.94 lbs), it can uphold weight up to multiple times its weight!!! The base it can uphold is 18 kilos (40 lbs) and the most extreme it can uphold is 81 kilos (180 pounds)


With its 2.2 ah/25.2 V battery, it gives a quick charging of 1.5 hours. The battery is comprised of lithium-particle material henceforth the quick charging. The battery will endure up to a lot of time too.

Outer Look

Its firm and lightweight barricade which is made of maple wood makes it an extremely smooth ride when taken on uneven streets and spots. The length of the leading body of 29.9 inches which would make you face some trouble in case you are a fledgling yet when you get hold of yourself and figure out how to adjust on it, it will then, at that point, be an ideal fit for you.


Like any remaining electronic skateboards, Hiboy S11 likewise accompanies a remote battery-powered regulator or remote. This has a few choices for the rider to browse. For example, it has a power on and off button. You can speed up, switch, really take a look at its battery and furthermore apply brakes with it.

Purchasing Guide

So much to look over? Is it befuddling you? Need the ideal and best electronic skateboard for yourself? You really want not to stress as we have you covered. We will let you know a definitive purchasing guide with the goal that you effectively pick the best electronic skateboard. We will listen for a minute to search for and what not to search for.

Provide us with your few minutes, contribute a smidgen of your time here, and select the best electronic skateboard for yourself. On the off chance that you read this purchasing guide, we can guarantee you that choosing one from our suggestions will try not to give you hurt, leg torments, lower leg torments and will even keep your arm from breakage.

It doesn’t make any difference in case you are a fledgling or an expert, purchasing guide is intended for everyone so you get to pick precisely the thing you are searching for which satisfies its measures in regards to necessities and prerequisites.

The following are a few focuses that would help you in purchasing the best electronic skateboard for you.


The premier and the main thing to search for while purchasing an electronic skateboard is its reach. In any case, there is one inquiry that you really want to pose to yourself. That question is whether you will utilize this electronic skateboard for work purposes or for the sake of entertainment?

The explanation being said is that electronic skateboards offer an alternate reach for various purposes. The normal scope of such electronic skateboards is anyplace between 12 to 20 miles.

Spare Parts and Support

One more significant thing to bring into thought while purchasing an electronic skateboard is to actually look at the accessibility of extra parts and a guarantee. You really want to ensure those client administrations given by the vendors are the first rate. You should ensure that extra parts are accessible close to where you reside in light of the fact that you clearly wouldn’t have any desire to spend a fortune while searching for spare parts.


In case you are searching for a skateboard that will stay with you for longer timeframes, you should ensure that you pick a skateboard with great and compelling wattage. Lower wattage brings about lower power, prompting less effectiveness, low speed, low force, and low slope usefulness. A superior decision for you, in the event that you live in an uneven region, would be a skateboard comprising of 1500-watt engines.


Is it true that you are putting your cash in a decent electronic skateboard? You should put a ton of thought while purchasing an electronic skateboard for yourself since you have to go through a huge load of cash while purchasing it, it should be cash spent well. You should realize that lithium-particle skateboards are significantly more costly than lead-corrosive electronic skateboards.

Have you at any point known about the expression, ‘You get what you pay for.’? It sits in this setting impeccably. You will get however much cash you spend on it. Therefore, you should ensure that the value suits you. On the off chance that it does and if you can bear the cost of it, gift yourself with the best electronic skateboard out there on the lookout.

2 Motors VS 1 Motor

Assuming you need a productive, amazing, and best electronic skateboard, definitely, you ought to go for the 2 engines one. These two engines will give you more noteworthy effectiveness as opposed to the single engine one.

Lately, edited brushless engines have taken the top position in light of the way that they furnish additional grasp and better execution with the assistance of two driven wheels. Nonetheless, I should say that the key here is most certainly in the plan of the electronic skateboard as an entirety.

Engine Type

You want to ensure whether your engine is a HUB engine or a belt-driven engine on the grounds that these engines add up to gigantic contrasts in an electronic skateboard’s presentation. Assuming you need to settle on adaptability you can go for belt-driven engines however the new best thing these days is the HUB engine as it is more effective and more impressive than belt-driven engines.

Deck Materials

Electronic skateboards are normally made by fusing two distinct materials for example Bamboo as well as carbon fiber/fiberglass. A rider should know the contrast between two materials. The bamboo one would be more adaptable, it would have a stretch to it while the fiberglass one would be all the more firm and solid.


One should always remember the component of solace while purchasing the best electronic skateboard for yourself. The deck’s flexibility, the wheels, and the deck’s estimations assume a vital part in encountering generally solace while riding this thing. Longer decks give more equilibrium and steadiness.

While more limited decks enable you to make sharp turns. Everything boils down to individual decisions and inclination. Furthermore, yes not to neglect; the wheels – the bigger, the better. One disadvantage of little wheels is that they neglect to deal with unpleasant scenes easily.


Another significant component you should search for while purchasing an electronic skateboard is its speed. This speed is the principal part that will take you flying across the town. In the event that we see the normal, the electronic skateboard can cover a distance of 18 miles to 30 miles each hour.

Some of them even go as quick as 45 miles each hour however those aren’t really for novices. Allow me to give you an expert tip: if an electronic skateboard has recorded its speed as 9-16 miles each hour, chances are it will go just as quick as 9 miles each hour. You should consistently remember the low rate while purchasing an electronic skateboard.

Thumb or Trigger Remote Control

Despite the fact that the advantageous method for moving this electronic skateboard is by utilizing your forefinger yet thumb additionally works fine and dandy once in a while. The thumb control probably won’t feel as good as the last one, yet it without a doubt does the work right. Accordingly, one should remember each and everything expressed above to settle on the best choice for yourself.

Is Hiboy A Good Skateboard Brand?

Absolutely yes! With its four riding modes, four brake modes, having a solid built quality, being extremely cost-effective, being equipped with fast charging, and being super strong, we can definitely say that Hiboy is one of the best skateboard brands we have ever seen.

Is The Hiboy S11 Waterproof?

Yes. Hiboy S11 is waterproof but it is recommended not to use this skateboard while it is raining as we have seen that water is not beneficial for the electric batteries. In order to avoid any sort of issues, it is suggested not to use this skateboard in water. But yes, this equipment is fully waterproof and the motors are sealed in such a way to provide you with the best travel letting you ride the skateboard in almost all sorts of weathers.


With everything said above, we have clarified everything and each particular in minute detail. Along these lines, presently everything relies upon you whether this skateboard best accommodates your necessity.

The item referenced above is amazingly pocket-accommodating. Regardless of whether you track down what suits you best, you can in any case go through our purchasing guide. This purchasing guide will help you in settling on a superior choice for yourself. I trust this article has borne some productive outcomes for you!

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