How Does an Electric Skateboard Works? (2023 Guide)

A new addition to the list of inventions is always fascinating and blows your mind.Seeing the electric skateboards is fascinating. There is a lot of work behind a new invention. Speed normally fascinates a person.

In the line of speed gadgets skateboards have an important rack especially for their style and look. Some of the brands offer different models ranging at different prices. You can choose the one convenient for you.

 Watching an electric skateboard or riding one can raise a lot of questions in your mind about its mechanism .It is also important to learn the mechanism and a little bit of repairing before riding a skateboard.

Electric skateboards are more like normal skateboards in appearance and working too. The main difference comes In the energy supply. In normal skateboards energy supply is given by humans but in electric skateboards energy is achieved from a specific motor.

The motor provides energy to the wheels. There is a fitted battery to run the motor. Different companies come with different features. Some of them have good batteries while some have good wheels or batteries.

An electric skateboard is much more convenient than that of a normal skateboard. Rider just moves and gives directions. The board moves on its own.

The best part is that they come with remote-control. You can change the speed or apply brakes conveniently with the help of remote-control. Remote control sends signals to the board. Receptors on the board (ESC) receive the signal and forward the command.

The signals to increase speed reaching the board give more power to the motor from the battery increasing the rolling of wheels affecting the speed. When you press the button to brake the speed reduces and the motor stops eventually.


Working Of Electric Skateboards

To know how an electric skateboard works it is very important to understand what it is. Basically, it is a transport device which resembles much to a normal skateboard. But it is a little advanced and more convenient.

If you have learned to ride a normal skateboard it would be a piece of cake for you to ride an electric one.

Important Parts Of Electric Skateboards

A skateboard can be rather referred to as a complex machine. It is made up of many parts. Each part plays an important role of its own. Before buying it is very important to focus on each and every part helping you to attain an adventurous, playful and fun filled ride.

Some of the important parts are listed below:

  • Motor
  • Wheels
  • Brakes
  • Trucks
  • Deck
  • Batteries
  • Remote Control


There are basically two types of motors used in skateboards.

  • Hub motor
  • Belt motor

A hub motor is directly connected to the wheels of the skateboards. This motor provides energy to the wheels directly . It is most beneficial in the case when you run out of battery while riding.

The motor will directly provide energy to the wheels and the skateboard will keep on working. It will work easily by kick start method. This type of motor produces less sound and gives a smoother ride.

A belt motor is different from the hub motor. It is installed under the deck and is attached to the wheels with the help of belts. It gives out more power then that of a hub motor. In case your battery sinks it is difficult to carry on kick start with a belt motor installed.


Wheels are one of the most important parts of skateboarding. Choosing wheels wisely would be the trick for your good ride.

Starting with the size of wheels, bigger one work better than those of smaller ones. They go very well on the road by absorbing shocks and giving smooth rides.

The skateboard wheels are basically made up of two types of material.

  • Rubber
  • Polyurethane

According to the path of riding both the wheels have their importance. Polyurethane wheels are more effective sometimes. They can work on paths like concrete, wood and other smooth surfaces. They will give a good speed on these surfaces.

The other type rubber wheels are air filled and tend to be pneumatic. They work very well on rough surfaces like gravel, granite etc. The air present inside them may absorb most of the shocks coming to them.


Brakes are referred as the most critical part of the skateboards. Maintenance of brakes is very important to have a continuous ride without any hazardous incident.

In electric skateboards two types of brakes are used.

  • Friction Brakes
  • Dynamic Brakes

Both of the brakes work very well.

Dynamic breaks are less used than friction brakes. Dynamic brakes work by directly stopping the motor. They create a magnetic field to stop the motor. Sometimes an instant stop of the motor might cause it to stop with a jerk.

Friction brakes are the most used brakes. This brake works on the wheels. The clamping of wheels slowly decreases and friction stops the wheels from further movement. This one is a very smooth method to stop the board.


Trucks are an essential part of your skateboard. They might decide what kind of ride you are going to have. Most of the trucks are made of aluminum material.

The basic function of trucks is to convert the weights from the deck to the wheels. The trucks come with tiny parts such as bushings, kingpins, etc.


The most visible part of the skateboard is the deck. It is mostly made up of materials such as maple, bamboo, fiberglass, and plywood. The stronger material used in the decks will make the skateboard able to take more load.

Deck has many material layers. The first one is most of the time grip tape. It is used to keep the rider stuck to the board. A good deck can enable you to do tricks.


Batteries are considered to be the vital part of a skateboard. These batteries keep the charge and provide energy to the motor to have a smooth ride. The material used in the batteries of skateboards is lithium-ion.

Batteries can be waterproof. Still you have to take good care as some of the components can get damaged. A good battery would be the one which stores more power and works for more time.


Remote Control is a device which has made the skating experience more fun. It has automized the whole skating experience. The only thing you have to do is give directions.

Remote-control optimizes speed for you , apply brakes and give you a smooth ride. Some of the skateboards come with a remote control. A few do not have a remote control.

Coordination Of All Parts

We have learned about the basic functions of a skateboard parts. A detailed explanation of the coordination of all parts will be very helpful. The whole game starts with the remote control.

Press the acceleration button on remote it will send the signals to board allowing the motor to work giving the power to wheels. Here you go you board has started to work.

Battery attached to the motor provides energy continuously to the motor and acts as the power source.

After that changing directions is a piece of cake for skilled people. Just bend a little on the side and bingo you are on the right path.

Applying brakes is more easy with the help of remote-control. Just push the button and your board will Slow down and  eventually stop.

Deck is present to give you space and hold all of your weight.Trucks attach the wheel to the deck and give a smooth ride. Trucks also play role in turning while moving .

Pros Of Electric skateboards

Electric skateboards have a lot of benefits. Some of them are listed below.

  • The whole board is made with keen view and sheer determination. It is made keeping your safety in view.  We can use it by following the instructions and than we are safe.
  • It gives a faster speed due to motor installed in it. Motor can work very fast without the usage of human resource.
  • Like other means of transportation, these skateboards do not burn fuel. No burning of fuel means a safe environment. Hence,electric skateboards can be considered to be environment friendly .
  • These skateboards consume a very small amount of energy hence are also listed as budget friendly items.

If you ever wanted to learn about electric skateboards. Your curiosity might be over now. You can now easily answer the question that how does a skateboard works. You would now be able to drive and have a adventurous, funfilled ride on skateboards with the confidence of knowing its parts and their mechanism of working.

 Still if any question is left in your mind ,you are free to ask. Have a safe fun ride!

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