How Much Does An Electric Skateboard Cost?

Electric skateboards are becoming more popular day by day. They are now a style statement. Every sweet sixteen has now made it a mandatory thing in their style. Most of the people have bought it and some still are making plans.

The biggest question raised is how much do we have to pay for them. It is a big concern for some people and some are questioning about the major price difference in normal skateboards and electric skateboards.

Normal skateboards are simple but electric skateboards are more complex and loaded with features. So, the concern about major price difference is baseless. A simple skateboard is only made of a few parts, a deck, trucks and wheels. Compared to simple skateboards, electric skateboards are more equipped.

They have motors, batteries of different kinds and other necessary materials attached to them. The price range may also vary in electric skateboards. Some may come in a low range and others might be expensive. The whole scenario depends upon brands, features and quality material.

If we put our hands on a board with a simple medium quality motor and battery attached to a deck, it may cost less. For the same equipment but with a good quality may bring an increase in price.

A skateboard with an additional feature of remote-control and sensors will have an updated increased price. Different types of sensors also matter to justify the cost. The sensors can come with different features.

A less expensive one will only take signals from remote but more precise sensors attached to detect gravity, and direction of motion making skateboard riding a piece of cake may be a little heavy on the pocket.

The companies which are aware of the marketing strategies and relatively give out good quality products create an influence on the audience and are more likely to sell their products at a good price. The buyers trust the name of the brand. This phenomenon directly affects the cost of products.

As the electric skateboards are quite expensive many of the customers demand to have a warranty for their purchase. For this purpose companies have to employ extra staff to provide them services. Extra staff means extra expenses. To meet the expense, companies bring an increase in prices.


Average Price OF Skateboard Parts

The trend of electric skateboards has caught a good hype. The market is flooded with thousands of brands. Such a huge variety overwhelms each and every single person.

 The brands are working in a competition. Each and every brand is focusing on good quality. Installation of good quality parts in a skateboard is the main concern for companies to meet the demand of quality product.

Due to an increase in demand the skateboard parts are becoming expensive and directly affecting the price of skateboards.


Trucks are an important part of skateboards .They are responsible for the conversion of weight from deck to wheel. A good skateboard truck may cost $10 -$90


Some of the good companies install lights in a electric skateboard. They provide vision and a comfy ride while driving. Some pro skateboarding lights may cost $30 to $100.


A good quality deck is very important. It refers to the whole skateboard quality. The deck is responsible for taking the whole weight. It is preferably made with good material. The whole machine is attached to the lower part of deck. A deck may cost $100 to $400.


It is very important to install good motors. A pro motor gives a fine ride. The efficiency of the motor affects the speed of your electric skateboard. The fact to have a jerk free ride also depends upon the motor. A motor for a good quality skateboard may cost $50 to $100.


The more good quality battery you have the more miles your skateboard will travel. A expensive battery is also referred to as a safer one. Choosing a low quality skateboard battery might mean to put yourself in danger as batteries can explode. A good battery might cost $80-$350.


Remote and sensors are a key feature of electric skateboards. They make the ride much easier and convenient. An electric skateboard’s remote control may cost $30 to $150.

Variation Of Prices

Here is a detailed review on the different companies with their various price ranges of skateboards. All of these companies provide good quality skateboards.

High Range Brands

Some of the brands which are paid the most for good quality products are listed below.

The Golden Skateboard

The Golden skateboard is one of the most expensive skateboards. It costs about $15,000.However it is not available now. It is only available by trading with people who already own it.

The name directly refers to the appearance of the skateboard. Most of its parts are golden in color. Very few touch ups of black are added.

69 Inboard M1

69 inboard M1 is also listed to be one of the most expensive skateboards. They have a pro speed and mileage. These skateboards can travel to a distance of about 10 miles. The brand name is well-known and has built a relationship of trust between the customers and audience.


Baja board is referred to as the one of the most expensive brands of skateboard. The skateboard costs around $3549. The skateboard comes with pro features to justify the price. It can work up to a 25-30 miles.

Mid Range Skateboards

After having a look at some of the most expensive skateboards, there is a brief description about a few skateboards with good features but comparatively with a lower price range than the up given brands.

Exway Flex Riot

Exway Flex Riot is a famous brand for production of good quality skateboards. It almost costs about $750.The price can be considered to be quite reasonable for a good quality skateboard. The board weight is 14lbs. It can work at a speed of 23mph and cover a distance of 13 miles.

Backfire G2 Black

This company offers boards in jet black color in the price range of about $430.The board totally pays off for its price by giving a comfortable ride. The board comes with pre installed lights so that the vision problem can be solved easily. The board also has a good speed. It goes at 24mph. The range of the board is almost 12.5 miles.

Meepo V3

Meepo v3 comes with back and front lights installed. It also gives a comfortable ride at a mileage of 11 miles. The average speed is about 28mph. All these features come at a cost of $470 only.

Low Range Skateboards

A few companies offer very good quality skateboards at a very reasonable price Some of the few are discussed below.

Blitzart Mini Flash E-Skateboard

Blitzart mini flash electric skateboards come at a very affordable price. It costs about $190. The features installed at this price are unbelievable. The skateboard comes with all the updated features such as a good hub motor, battery and remote control.

The material used in the composition of the deck is made by the combination of bamboo and maple giving it strength to take weight of about 250 pounds .

Ownboard W1S

The brand is well known for the manufacturing of pro quality skateboards for beginners. The skateboard might bring you an average cost of about $350. It comes with all the pro features such as remote control, lights and good brakes. The board has a mileage of about 25 km. It can take weight up to 120 pounds.

Hiboy S11

Hiboy S11 is one of the pro skateboarding materials for beginners. They can give a safe ride for fun. The powerful hub motors are installed with secure batteries to work at a speed of 124m per hour. The battery can work for many hours.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, electric skateboards are a bit more expensive than the normal skateboards. But they might pay off for your money with their performance. An average skateboard may start from $30 and can go up to a price of about $3000.

Golden skateboard is one of the most expensive skateboards. It costs about $15000.The supreme mundi is also a good skateboard company. These skateboards have a good image in the market and hence have an increased price.

According to research, skateboards cost around $50 in 1990.

The biggest skateboard brand in the world is Santa Cruz Skateboards. It was founded in 1970.Powell Peralta and Girl Skateboards are also some of the very famous brands.

NHS, Osta Enterprise and Bravo sports are one of the biggest skateboard manufacturing companies and have comparatively more prices.

The Globe Concrete Dreams Breeze 7.625″ Complete Skateboard is one of the best and most reasonable skateboard companies making skateboards for the beginner.


Spending on a good quality electric skateboard is always like buying security for yourself. Still you can focus on your budget and needs while spending money.

Sometimes less costly things can be proved to be very costly.

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