How To Clean Skateboard Bearings?

Bearings are an integral part of a wheel in any gear you want. They are available in every size to fit the versatile form of wheels. Skateboards also have bearings in the wheels. These bearings vary in type. For example, some bearings come with a rubber shield while some have a steel shield, and some do not have any kind of shield. Some bearings have steel balls, while others come with ceramic balls.

It is very important to keep the bearings clean, whatever material is used. Clean, dirt-free bearings are a sign of speed and quality riding on skateboards. Even a small amount of dust in the bearings can affect the performance of your skateboard. This factor urges the need to keep the skateboard bearings clean. But the question here is how to clean the skateboard bearings?


Method TO Clean The Skateboard Bearings

Do not worry; we are here to help you deal with the problem. It is very easy to maintain your bearings regularly. All you have to do is to follow the proper instructions. Skateboard bearings are the same as the longboard bearings, hence the method to clean both is also the same.

List Of Material Required To Keep The Bearings Clean

Here is a list of things you might need to clean your bearings and get an enhanced speed.

  • A wrench or a specific tool
  • Brush
  • Safety Pin
  • Hardware Tray
  • Solvent
  • Bearing Lubricant
  • Bowl

Steps To Clean The Bearings

Here are the steps you should follow to keep your bearings working as new.

Step 1
Remove Wheels

As we all know, the be, thee a part of the wheels so to, clean, soimportant to remove the wheels. Remove the to clean bearings wheels by using the skate tool or by using an axle. Place the skate tool or axle just in the middle of the wheel and open the nuts carefully so there is no chance that you lose any small part.

Step 2
Separate The Bearings From Wheels

This might look like the hardest part of the procedure, but it is the easiest part you can do in the whole procedure if you know the trick. The trick is that you have to move the wheel to the middle of the truck’s axle. Once you reach the middle point, it is now time to wind the wheel out of the bearings. Twist pull the wheel out of the axle in the bearings.

Step 3
Remove The Shield

Now when you have bearings in your hand it is the time to remove the bearing from the shield. Take a sharp edge thing like a blade and put it between the blade and the bearing. Put a little pressure on the blade. The bearing will pop out of the shield. Be very careful while doing this procedure as a little mistake can demorph your bearing and make it useless. Be very careful if there are bearing spacers between the shield and bearing. Keep it safe for re-assembling.

Step 4
Dip In Solvent

Wear gloves and put good acetone or isopropyl solvent in a bowl. Put the bearings in the wide-open mouth bowl. Let them soak for a while and swirl occasionally. Take each bearing out of the bowl and clean the bearings with a brush. Scrub them properly, so no trace of mud is left inside the bearing. Once you scrub the bearings, shake them in the cleaner again for better results.

Step 5
Dry The Bearings

Once you are done cleaning the solution, it is now the time to dry the bearings. Use a paper towel and pat the bearings with it. Shake and pat again, so there is no solution inside the bearings.

Step 6
Lubricate The Bearings

The bearings are dry. It is time to lubricate them for proper usage. Use a drop nozzle lubrication oil and precisely put one drop in the bearings. Spin the bearing, so the oil is distributed equally in all portions of the bearings.

Step 7
Replace The Shields

Once you are done with the lubrication process, it is time to put the bearings back in the shields. Do not forget to put the separators in the bearings and shields if there are any.

Step 8
Mount The Bearing In Wheels

Your new bearings are ready to go. Now add the bearings back to the wheel. Use the axle and fit the wheels tightly, so there is no chance of any danger. Here you go with the brand new bearings.

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