How To Clean Skateboard Wheels?

A good skateboard always consists of quality material used in its structure. Skateboard wheels are an integral part of the skateboards. Both the electric and traditional skateboards rely on wheels. Good quality wheels enable an effortless smooth skateboard ride.


Cleaning The Wheels

Skateboard wheels are the ones that can give you a stable ride and even play a role in helping you learn it. If you feel that your skateboard wheel is a bit sticky and less fluent, it is time to clean it. Some debris might be stuck in the wheels, acting as a barrier to your smooth gliding. Continuous lubrication in such cases would not do the job; it is the time to clean them. Is the question right now in your mind how to clean the wheels? You are at the right place to get the answer.

Procedure To Clean The Wheels

It might sound difficult to clean the wheels as they are small and precise. But do not worry; it is not as hard as it sounds; all you have to do is follow the right procedure. Here is the detailed procedure to help you clean and bring your wheels to shine.

Material For Cleaning

Before you start cleaning, it is better to keep all the required material with you for added convenience. Here is a list of things you should keep before initiating the wheel cleaning process.

  • A T-Tool or a Screw Driver
  • Lubricant
  • Cleaning Solution
  • Equipment Tray
  • Brush
  • Rag or cloth
  • Wide Mouth Bowl
  • Gloves
Removing The Wheels

The first thing you have to do is remove the wheels from the skateboard. Use a wrench or a T-Tool to do the job. Place the twist in the middle of the wheel. Twist it until you take the screws out of the wheels. Place the small screws in the equipment tray to not get misplaced.

Do not forget the bearings are still on the wheels. You have to remove them. Removing the bearings is not a tough job. You can do it easily. Push the wheels in the middle of the wheel. Once you push it in the middle, pull the wheels back, so the bearings remain stuck in the shaft, and the wheels are separated conveniently.

Cloth Cleaning

Take a cloth and clean the wheels thoroughly. Remove all the dirt and debris from the wheels. If any part of the wheel is too tight, open it with the finger and loosen the part to clean it with a cloth. If the wheel does not shine, do not worry; it is just the first step.

Solution Cleaning

When you are done cleaning with the cloth, it is time to use a cleaning solution for deep cleaning. Wear gloves before starting to clean with the solution, as it can have more basic or acidic features that can be harmful to your hands. Dip the wheels in the solution for ten minutes. Shake timely, so the solution reaches every point of the well.


Once you have dipped the wheels in the solution, it is time to rub the wheels with a brush. It is necessary to rub the brush on every part of the wheel. Brushing removes every part of dust from the wheels. Wipe the wheel from the outer and inner sides for the best results. After this step, your wheels will start to sparkle as new.

Dry Cleaning Of Wheels

It is mandatory to dry the wheels before putting them back in place. Use a dry and neat cloth to pat clean the wheels. Do not forget that the inner part of the wheels will be closed, so clean it properly, for a sleek fit. Use your little finger to clean small places.


Once you are done cleaning your wheels and dry properly, it is time to put them back in place. For this purpose, put the bearings in place and check if they fit the wheels properly. Once you are done with the bearings, it is time to attach the wheels to the skateboard. To secure the wheels put the skateboard in the correct position and connect it with the help of a screw. Tight the screws using the T-Tool. Check again to see if you have done the job right.

Good job! You learned to keep your skateboard well-maintained for better usage. Keep on reading for further fun gear assistance.

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