How To Ride An Electric Skateboard | Complete Guide 2023

Riding electric skateboards has now become a trend. Most of the people are now seen with their electric skateboards on the road. People of every age are attracted to it. Everyone now wants to go on with this new cool invention.

Taking your first step on these electric boards can be a problem for the first time. You may feel confused or scared. Here are a few tips and tricks for riding a skateboard to pop your confidence and talent out. You will be able to give your best if you carefully follow the instructions.

Riding your new electric skateboard is not as difficult as you think. All you have to do is be confident, follow tips and do a lot of practice to become a pro.


Tips To Learn Skateboard Riding

Following are some tips which might help you to ride a skateboard like a master.

  • Wear The Proper Equipment .
  • Find your footing.
  • Balance yourself .
  • Compose the crave.
  • Use of auto cruise.
  • Smooth take off and braking.
  • Practice

Use Of Equipment

Safety comes first. Riding skateboards can be dangerous at times. It is always important to be safe before starting riding.Wearing the proper equipment will be a wise move.

Start with wearing a helmet. A helmet acts as a life saver. If you ever fall from skateboarding the first thing coming to your mind will be saving your head from getting injured. In this case the helmet will help you and save your life.

Most critical injuries recorded while riding a skateboard are head injuries which can even be fatal. Even if you survive the kind of injuries you will face can be very scary.

A brain hemorrhage or a blood clot in your brain can be a cause of putting you in a coma leaving you on your bed and helpless for a long period or whole life.

Gloves are also included in the safety equipment. Wear those before riding. Padded gloves will save your hands and fingers from injury and fractures. Knee, elbow and shoulder padding are also a very important safety feature. In case of falling they might help you to avoid injuries.

Another pro tip for enjoying a skateboard is to choose good shoes. Wearing shoes like sandals, slippers or being barefooted can be very dangerous. They should totally be abandoned while riding. A good closed shoe with a smooth surface will help to increase grip over the board.

Find Stance

You might have heard about handedness, footedness is the same scenario but with feet. Finding out footing is very easy. Same as the person using more right or left hand is referred with right or left handed.

To find out if you have a regular stance or a goofy pose, try putting your foot on the skateboard unintentionally. The foot you put first will be the point of referral.

  • Regular stance is when you put your left foot on the nose of the board.
  • Goofy stance is when you use your right foot first.

Carefully,put your first foot on the skateboard. The one by which you are more comfortable. This foot will help you to control the skateboard such as turning.

Learn To Balance

Learning how to balance the skateboard is the most important part of the answer to the question of how to ride a skateboard. The whole ride depends upon how well you balance yourself.It is only a board with speed you have to give the board speed and direction on your own.

Keep your front foot at a 70 degree angle. Put all of your weight on the front foot. Front foot will basically control all your exercises. Place the other foot on the back of the board.

Do not overstress your body. That would directly put pressure on the skateboard making it wobble.

You will find out that you can skate very well with a relaxed mind and body.

The stance matters a lot. Choosing the right stance gives you comfort and freedom to ride.

After you have practiced your stance try the other stance too. It would not be as comfortable as your stance but can totally be fun while riding. Try accepting tricky challenges after knowing the basic skill.

The right posture to balance your body will be standing with a responsive slight forward bend.That would keep your body active and ready to react for any kind of situation.

Always keep your arms relaxed and out. Never keep your body stiff. Relax your mind and you will learn things with time.

Compose The Crave

Craving basically is a specific term used for the movement of skateboards. In skateboards craving is in a definite “S” shape but back and forth.

You can also move towards fun craving doing the type of movement you want. Once you learn how to crave it would be much easier for you to show tips and tricks and make your signature style.

Craving demands your whole body to be attentive. Don’t assume that only your feet are giving directions to your board. Your whole body is doing the work.

Make sure to use your shoulders, knees and arms while taking turns to perform your best. The shoulders must be the most focused part of the body and the whole body will be directed by itself.

The three key points of riding a skateboard with a correct posture is to keep the knees bent, hands out and head up. Same posture is used to correct your cravings.

Bent knees and arms out is obvious, the point to focus would be the head.

Keeping your head not only works on skating but also on cycling, driving etc.

The point of keeping the head upwards is to maintain the balance and have more fluid, stylized cravings while skating.

An old myth also says your body follows your eyes.

To ride and crave, bend a little on the side of your toes. Half of your body will be facing the front direction. Turn your front shoulder comparatively more than that of the other shoulder to the side of commencement. To change your side, move your torso to turn. This would help in a toe side craving.

It is never wise to take your feet from the board even if you want to decrease the pressure. Still if you want to compensate for the pressure try pressurizing your front foot.

If the heel side is a big challenge for you try putting the pressure on the back toe. Using the up given conditions in your favor can give you a perfect crave.

Auto Cruise

Auto cruise is still not available in many of the electric skateboards. But if it is available you should use it.

It is just a simple button on your remote control to maintain the speed.

After you turn on the auto cruise feature the only point to focus would be giving directions and avoiding obstacles.

But if you are on a long ride just put the button again to turn it off otherwise it can be tiresome.

These kinds of skateboards can be a little expensive but will surely pay off.


You might have heard of the phrase practice makes a man perfect. Trying again and again until you succeed is the formula. If you put hard work in something it shall definitely pay back.

At first you might fail but leaving your heart would not be the thing. Noticing the mistakes and working on their correction is the solution.

At the very beginning, it is very difficult to take the first step. Try again and again. Put your stance foot on first. Recall all the tips in your mind. Stand with correct posture. Don’t stress. Keep your mind and body relaxed as it affects your riding quality. Never ever forget to put on the safety equipment before taking your first step, as safety comes first.

You might fall once, twice or thrice but will succeed at last. Fall stand and do it again. Believe in yourself, Tell yourself that you can do it.

Once you will learn the basics and have a grip on the board that’s the point when you are ready to go. Now you can enjoy an adventurous fun-filled ride. You will be able to do whatever tricks you want. You will have a perfect balance with the best cravings. That would be the movement for you where your hard work will be paid off.

Riding a skateboard has now become a fashion. Every Kid, Teenager or old loves to ride it. It surely defeats walking. It is a point of sheer happiness and enjoyment to become a pro at this skill. Learn from mistakes and do practice when you are ready to go.

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