Is it legal to Ride an Electric Skateboard on the Road?

Almost everywhere in the globe, electric skateboards are illegal to ride on public roads. These skateboards may only be used on private land. Most people have never heard of these cars. This means that letting them roam the streets is entirely unregulated.

There is more work to be done on the legislation. Electric skateboards are still in their initial for regulation to be effective. However, the authorities are unlikely to issue you a citation or an acceptable fee for your actions. Electric skateboards are a new technology; therefore, charges are often quite tolerant of their use.


Why are E-boards not legal to ride on the road?

Electric skateboards are a new kind of transportation that is becoming increasingly popular. Since they are relatively new to the market, they are seen as an unusual mode of transport by some. Now, there are no (or just a few) rules in place that govern the usage of electric skateboards in public areas.

As a result, the use of electronic boards has grown in popularity over the last few years. However, only in the previous few years have we begun to see electric skateboards on the streets of big cities and capital cities. Therefore, the police and legislators are gradually starting to pay more attention to these electric modes of mobility.

Legislation in California

California has enacted legislation prohibiting the use of e-skateboards or motorized skateboards on public roads and highways. However, many Californians are unaware that riding an electric skateboard in public is against the law.

A source of consternation is the state’s definition of “motorized board.” The previous motorized skateboard regulation was updated two years ago to include the electric board.

The new legislation makes it permissible to ride electric skateboards on public roads for the first time. Regrettably, certain types of electric boards are not permitted on certain highways, roads, and trails.

There are only a few precise rules that riders must adhere to avoid running afoul of the law. If you possess an electric skateboard, you should be aware of the following special restrictions of the law.

Motor Skateboard vs Electric Skateboard

The two boards aren’t interchangeable in California because of state legislation. An “electrically powered skateboard” is what you have if you have one of the following.

  • Portable, wheeled equipment not exceeding 60 inches deep and 18 inches broad in the floorboard.
  • It just has enough room for one person to stand at a time.
  • Only around 1,000 watts are available in the electric propulsion system.
  • A 20-mph top speed is all that the electric motor can muster without the rider’s input.

Which Areas Allow “Electrically Motorized Skateboards”

Even if the legislation allows for the use of an electric skateboard, you cannot ride it almost everywhere in public. Electric boards are only permitted on highways with a speed restriction of fewer than 35 miles per hour.

This implies that you cannot ride it on roads or expressways; it is against the law. However, you may ride the electric board on Class II or Class IV bikeways.

“Electrically Motorized Skateboards” Maximum Speed Permitted

At times, the law may be amusing. Electric skateboards are only permitted on roadways with a speed restriction of fewer than 35 miles per hour. However, the electric board is not allowed to exceed a speed of 15 mph. The police may cite motorcyclists for public endangerment even if their board travels less than 15 miles per hour.

Protective Gear and Equipment

Additionally, the law bans the use of an electric skateboard in public without the appropriate safety gear and equipment. So, before venturing out, make sure to

  • Put on a helmet.
  • Have a bright enough white headlight to see where you’re going at night. Your lights should also be visible to approaching cars from a minimum of 300 feet away. Additionally, you might outfit your helmet with a white light visible from a distance of 300 feet.
  • Install yellow or white reflectors on both sides of the electrical panel that are visible from a minimum of 300 feet away.
  • At the back of your electric skateboard, attach a red reflector. Vehicles in the rear should see the glass from a distance of at least 500 feet.

Additionally, the Electric Skateboard is governed by legal provisions.

Before riding your electric board in public, you should familiarize yourself with numerous sections of the “electrically propelled skateboard” statute.

1. The electric skateboard is not permitted to be ridden in public by anybody under the age of 16

2. If you are under the influence of alcohol, never ride the electric board in public or at all.

3. Taking a ride on an electric board while intoxicated is also illegal for obvious reasons.

Additional Concerns

The present state legislation expressly prohibits fans from boosting or otherwise altering their electric skateboards to exceed a top speed of 20 miles per hour. While the speedier electric boards are not permitted on public roads, owners may ride them on private land.


Electric skateboard usage will likely stay restricted until they become more widely available. As more individuals switch to electric skateboards as a primary means of transportation, the regulations may become more lenient.

Aside from being aware of your surroundings and other road users, riding an electric skateboard should be a breeze. Using an electric skateboard in public places should also be done with prudence.

California permits the use of electric skateboards on public roadways if they meet the requirements of the law. However, it is recommended that you get expert guidance on this. Power Board Expert may give further information on this, so contact them.

Owners must wear protective clothing and outfit their boards with safety devices, particularly while going at night. Individuals who are intoxicated, under the influence of narcotics, or under 18 are also not permitted. Violators face a hefty fine of around $250 or more.

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