Is Skateboarding A Good Workout?

Everyone nowadays is seen skating. It is a part of style statements nowadays. Many people think it is just for fun, but you will be astonished that skating is a complete aerobic exercise that involves the whole body. Yes, you heard right, skating is a fun exercise that is also considered a cardio exercise. That means it strengthens your heart and causes peace of mind.

Studies have shown that skating burns calories and keep you fit. When you are skating, you perform different tricks. These tricks involve the movement of muscles and cause sweating resulting in the loss of calories. Continuous body movement works to increase the flexibility of the skater’s body.

It develops your abs as they coordinate with your spine to keep the body well-positioned for a perfect skating experience. Even if you are not performing any trick, just going straight on the skateboard helps reduce weight and is an exercise as you still work to keep your body positioned.


How Skateboarding Effects Your Body

Now, when we know that skateboarding is an exercise and has some effects on our body, let’s see how it works on different body parts and its consequences.

Weight Loss

Being overweight is one of the top health issues nowadays. Many people keep on finding ways to get rid of their extra weight, but they do not know that skating can help you do the job. Although it is not as good as running, it is fun to do and hence is an easier way than running and other exercises.

A good cruising session can help you burn 500 calories. These calories depend upon how much you cruise and move your body to show some tricks. While you are skating, every part of your body is under pressure. This pressure helps you sweat and lose calories. Losing calories leads to weight loss.

Strengthens Muscles

Skating requires a lot of power. Your hold body is in action while you perform different tricks. You have to work hard to maintain the balance and keep your body forward. Keeping your body in a certain position, you still turn, jump, cruise and do stunts. All these affect your legs and other body muscles resulting in increased strength.

Firms The Arm Muscles

If you love skateboarding and want to lose some arm weight? Do not worry, skating can do the job for you. When you skate, you normally propel with your feet, but if you learn to push with your arms, that might help you to reduce the arm fat. Once the arm fat is reduced, the muscles will become firm.

Improved Flexibility For An Increased Blood Circulation

Cold muscles cause less blood circulation, leading to many diseases. Skating is the sport to help you tackle the problem. Your muscles will gradually become flexible with improved blood circulation if you add skating to your routine. At first, it might be hard for you to learn skating as your muscles are not relaxed, but once you do the job and add a little exercise to your daily routine, you will get more control over your body, and the muscles will tend to be flexible with time.

Leg Muscle Firming

When we talk about skating, there are two parts of the legs which are keenly involved in skating:

 Hamstrings: While crouching, hamstrings are the muscles which allow your legs to bend. You have to keep both your legs active while skating to maintain a balance between both muscles.

Lower Legs: While skating, the lower legs are working on transferring the energy to your feet and giving the right direction to your feet.

Steps To Keep Your Body Fit With Skateboarding

If you are still confused about how you will maintain your exercise schedule and keep your body fit, here you go with a few guidelines.

  • Mark 150 minutes of your week to invest in skateboarding. Once you fit this schedule, increase the time, which will help you lead a healthy life.
  • Learn and try to perform more tricks which involve high movement of your body. The more you invest in moving your body, the more your body will get fit.
  • Once you learn to skate, try to skate on rough terrain. Rough terrain requires more energy and more continuous movements, increasing your body exercise level.
  • Skate virgousley. This might put more strain on your body and mind and result in a healthy body.

How Much Does Skateboarding Cost?

When we go to a gym, we pay a lot for exercise. But if we think of skateboarding as an alternative, that is much more economical. Skateboarding is a one-time investment. All you have to do is buy a skateboard. Skateboards are available at a versatile range of prices. You can choose one according to your budget. Once you have done buying a skateboard, now all you have to invest in is your skill. Your skill needs practicing and takes time. Once you master the art, you are ready to move on the path of fitness for free.

Last Thought

We got the answers to the burning question Is Skateboarding A Good Workout? Skating is fun to do and a fitness game simultaneously. You should start to find the right skateboard for you from now and initiate your first step towards the free fitness sport by doing a lot of practice and learning to maintain the balance and give directions.

Tip: Although skateboarding is fun, you still need to master the skill before stepping into the game. It is very important to learn so you may remain safe while doing the exercise.

See you again with some more fun fitness information. If you still want to ask about something, leave a comment.

Happy Fitness!

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