Skatebolt Breeze 2 Review (Updated 2023)

Skatebolt breeze 2 is one of Amazon’s bestsellers and customers’ favorite products. This electric skateboard is a recent addition to the skatebolt breeze series that features all the elements a skater craves for. For instance, it has four different speed modes, allowing you to cruise at as slow as 7.5 mph and as fast as 28 mph. Not only this but this skateboard is also exceptional when it comes to distance range as it can cover fifteen miles on a single charge.

Besides mileage, a rider can climb tracks of 30° inclination using this electric board which means it’s perfect for people living in hilly areas. And the brakes are quite responsive and fast-to-act which makes this device safe to use in overloaded traffic.

Speaking of its look then it offers a great visual appeal with its electric and modern design. The whole deck is made up of bamboo and fiberglass that delivers both lifelong durability and resistance against environmental and water damage. The premium quality grip tape allows the riders to perform all the professional-level tricks perfectly, without tipping over.

All in all, this customer’s choice skatebolt e-board is a brilliant combo of torque, power, performance, comfort, and visuals. But, is it really that flawless? Keep reading the article to know since we’ve tested this skateboard via several tests and penned down our skatebolt breeze 2 reviews here, along with all the pros and cons.


Skatebolt Breeze


From deck to wheel and battery to motor, everything about this skateboard is made to last and to serve for years. For instance, the deck of this e-board is made up of bamboo wood which is further coated with two layers of fiberglass. If you’ve used other e-boards, you must get a deck of maple wood that is not as durable as bamboo.

So one thing that’s ascertained about this deck is that it can endure the weight of heavier riders quite easily. One might think of this little monster as an e-board for children but that’s not the case. All the full grown-up adults (including males and females) can ride over it smoothly. Two fibreglass layers make this board resistant to water damage and humidity so you can cruise over it confidently, without freaking about road pits, on rainy and sunny days.

Its 100mm rubber wheels deliver enough traction so you can drive over the bumpiest roads and steeps without losing your balance. And if these wheels would get damaged by constant use, there’s nothing to worry about as a pair of 90mm wheels are also provided. Another thing that makes this breeze 2 skateboard superior to the rest is its aluminum battery case which is not only tough but also keeps the overall weight of the device light. Whereas with other skateboards, you mostly get the brittle plastic covers.


First and foremost, this Skatebolt board features a high-tech, Samsung battery with a huge capacity of 6000 mAh. This battery is not only lasting but also helps a lot while cruising over the sloped and rough terrain. The battery also delivers power to the remote-controlled braking system of this little monster.

Speaking of the braking system, then based on your style of riding and cruising, you can choose one of the four braking strengths, ranging from soft and slow brakes to strong and fast brakes. To adjust the strength level, you are given a remote control. Besides the braking system, other things that you can control with this remote control are the direction, speed, and lights. To ride over this skateboard at night or through dark areas, highly penetrating, warning lights are added to the design to ensure safety.

There’s also a digital display that informs you about the battery percentage. Besides this, the device contains a swappable, 350W motor that makes sure you could move up and down the hill with fabulous speed, 30% climbing capacity, and impeccable control. Since the motor is replaceable, you don’t have to replace the entire skateboard when damage occurs.


I like how powerful yet quiet this motor is! You don’t feel any sorts of vibrations while standing on this skateboard nor does the sky-shattering noise emerges from its system, ruining the entire romance of your journey. Whenever you brake, the built-in lights of this board flash. However, the thing which I liked the most is its remote control.

Since I use skateboarding as my everyday-transport vehicle, I prefer to cruise at a steady and same speed. The LED panel of the remote controls gives the perk of adjusting the speed of the cruise and maintaining the ride at the current speed. This not only gives a more comfortable ride but also helps you manage battery life more wisely.

You don’t have to push this e-board to start it. Just stand over it, maintain your stance, and press the start button. However, besides pressing the button, you can also ignite the motor by sliding. Before trying this skateboard, I’ve heard much about its exceptional braking system and after trying it out, I’ve found all the appreciations correct.

The brake system is actually very responsive and imparts you enough freedom to change your cruising style as per your mood, in seconds. The thing that surprised me a lot was that these brakes are not only efficient but also regenerating. When you brake while coming down the steep hill, the battery begins to recharge. In this way, you can extend the battery life a little.

Speaking of its speed then I guess it’s the fastest electric skateboard I’ve tried yet. According to the manufacturer, the fastest speed one can achieve with this device is 28mph but I found that wrong. I think this skateboard can run at a speed of 30 mph easily. However, at the fastest speed mode, the battery also drains fast. Thus, if you want to cover 10-11 miles least, it’s better to cruise at a moderate speed. Similarly, to travel up to 15 miles, opt for the slow speed modes.

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